Tauranga climate change network to launch

Baychange coordinator Gray Southon and Ian McLean.

A new network to assist people in working together on engaging with Bay of Plenty climate change challenges is coming to Tauranga.

The launch of Baychange, hosted and organised by the Tauranga Carbon Reduction Group, on March 4 will include a variety of significant keynote speakers.

Climate Change Commission chief commissioner Rodd Carr will be followed by Tauranga City Council’s Sam Fellows, who will be speaking on waste.

Bay Conservation Alliance CEO Michelle Elborn will address the topic of biodiversity and water, David Jensen will speak on farming, and Vitruvius managing director Neil Mason will speak on transport.

“We want to realise the potential of people in the Bay working together to make a difference on climate change,” says Baychange coordinator Gray Southon.

“People learning from each other, sharing their experiences, finding ways to cooperate, understanding and working together.”

“Climate change is a direct threat to Tauranga,” says Ian McLean.

“There’s no question in my mind. So any ambition which focuses on minimising that threat is a good thing and I’ll support it.”

The launch of Baychange comes at the start of Sustainable Backyards, which is a month of enviro events supporting sustainable living and conservation, organised by Envirohub.

The Baychange launch will be held at 7pm, Thursday, March 4, at the Wesley Centre, 13th Ave, and also online via the Baychange Facebook page.

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Posted on 26-02-2021 21:13 | By groutby

.....yet another bunch with too much time to spare telling us how bad we are...one day when the ’science is actually settled ’ and it is realised that there is actually a ’middle ground’ for most concerns, for or against, then maybe most will have time for these...people with the view of..’climate change is a direct threat to Tauranga, ( only Tauranga?) and ’there is no question’...etc....well guys and gals, there is, a very big question. Stop shouting at us and ask our opinion...I assure you that you will have more attention paid to you along with potential agreement and co-operation. Perhaps you aren’t keen on that approach though?.......


Posted on 26-02-2021 15:31 | By Andrew64

The climate change arguments put forth in NZ are absolute twaddle. NIWA data shows NZ temps generally less this summer than last. I don’t see too many people advertising that fact. NZ is a narrow north-south oriented country with prevailing westerlies to blow any nasties away. Our population density is roughly ranked 170 out of 200 countries with vast tracts of forest and bush to suck up the CO2. The notion that we can make a global difference is farcical. We’ve got barely any industry and a few farting cows make little difference as any rubbish in the air is soon out to the east of us. What a lot of old tosh.

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