Live: Farmers take to the streets in mass protest

An array of supporters on the streets of Katikati. Photos and video by Kerri Wheeler.

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A convoy of utes and tractors headed along State Highway 2 in Katikati as people took part in the Groundswell protests.

The Katikati protest was lead by a Hilux leading coming from the south side of town, with another convoy coming from the Kauri Point northern end of town.

After proceeding slowly along Main Street Katikati, the two convoys converged on Moore Park.

Following a short speech from Groundswell there will be a ‘dog’s howl’.

Groups in more than 50 towns and cities across New Zealand, from Invercargill to Kaitaia, took part in the planned demonstrations aimed at sending a message to the government.  

Their grievances are clear, with a rural groundswell focused on standing up for farmers, food producers, contractors, tradies and councils against what they say are unworkable rules and unjustified costs being thrust on them.

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Posted on 17-07-2021 17:44 | By This Guy

Farmers before the weekend: WAH GOVERNMENT BAD... CINDY’S A COMMUNIST! Farmers after the weekend: Please government, I need a bailout now because my farm was destroyed by flooding and the extreme weather...

Lost faith

Posted on 16-07-2021 19:23 | By RJP

The greens and Forrest and bird have done some great work over the years, but now I think they have crossed the line of what they were originally set out as, They have now lost there identity and will have lost a massive amount of support as a result of interference and there actions over the last couple of years. The problem is some people actually listen to these dumb ideas without offering an alternative.

Agenda 2030

Posted on 16-07-2021 19:07 | By oceans

Wait there’s more. Who voted this party in again?


Posted on 16-07-2021 14:53 | By WSTAKL

I wonder what the reaction would be if the a group of Maori went for a hikoi on a state highway protesting about crown injustice?


Posted on 16-07-2021 12:31 | By Avman

Finally, the real team of 5 millions rises up to speak out against tyranny!

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