Residents to have say on how councillors elected

The survey runs until August 13/ File photo.

Tauranga City Council is calling for residents’ views on how the city’s future councillors are elected.

Under the Local Electoral Act, councils must review their representation arrangements at least every six years.

Commission Chair Anne Tolley says the time is right for the Tauranga community to help shape how democracy is restored to the city.

“Our current representation arrangements have been in place since 2010,” Anne says.

“We need to ensure we’re prepared for the next local election with a model that provides fair and effective representation for all individuals and communities.”

The council is currently seeking community feedback through an online survey which runs until August 13.

It asks for residents’ preferences from the following four broad options for electing council representatives:

-Mixed model (wards and at large) with 10 councillors

-Two wards model with 10 councillors

-Seven wards model with 12 councillors

-Single member wards model with 12 councillors

Democracy services manager Coral Hair says although the issue is complex, the survey aims to keep things simple.

“To begin with, we are looking to understand people’s views on how many councillors Tauranga needs and whether our residents want to vote based on wards or a mixture of wards and at large (city-wide),” she says.

“We are also asking for views about the boundaries of wards, and if there is interest in establishing community boards in our city.”

The commissioners will consider the preferences expressed by the community before developing their formal proposal, which will then be open for public submission.

Commission chair Anne Tolley, Photo: John Borren/SunLive,

“What our communities say now will have an impact on how they are represented in future,” Anne says.

“We encourage all residents to take a few minutes to share their views.”

Community information sessions will be held at Greerton Library, Papamoa Library and the council’s Willow Street premises.

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Tom Ranger

Posted on 21-07-2021 12:37 | By Tom Ranger

More prudent to put a de-election process in place for when Cameron Road starts getting torn up. There should be a way for us to veto the decisions of council by evidencing discontent of the ratepayers. Any proposals reach say 50%(To be fair) of TGA people against. Proposal declined. Nice and simple. Early planning stages would be best to let us have our say and get the 50% but if it reaches the threshold after that. Still gets canned. No more surveys etc which do not have any option to show no support. Make it well known and understood by all that rate-payers are the bosses, and we do have a say. Let us trust you guys again! Because we don’t. We must Truly we will be listened to if we get the 50%. The proposed goes. Likewise...if we reach 50% on any councilor or member of council. They g


Posted on 20-07-2021 09:51 | By Equality

Options that include 10 or 12 ’at large’ - independent councillors should have been included.


Posted on 19-07-2021 14:09 | By Let's get real

A personal opinion... Scrap all wards and elect twelve councillors at large that are thought to have the best skills, experience and knowledge. The best person for the job, to represent ALL sectors of the community without fear or favour.

Gosh, this is novel

Posted on 19-07-2021 13:52 | By nerak

So, the ’benevolent’ ratepayer’s beneficiary has decided her employers should be asked for their opinion. Take a look at the questions, once again, slanted options. What a waste of time Anne, and no doubt more of our money to set up/respond. We already know how much we get listened to. I suggested long ago a clear out of council staff is urgent, the commissioners are being hoodwinked by mealy mouths.


Posted on 19-07-2021 13:44 | By Kancho

Whatever configuration it should be only elected persons on merit not by any appointments, nor preferences. True democracy fought for that all candidates are equal. Hopefully people with good business head on their shoulders who can work collaboratively not pushing their own agenda but for the good of all with no favour. All elected

Window dressing?

Posted on 19-07-2021 12:15 | By CliftonGuy

Why do I get the feeling that, after we all have given our opinion, the Commissioners will just go ahead and do what they intended all along? That is what has happened with other public feedback.

Totally Undemocratic

Posted on 19-07-2021 11:08 | By Bruja

As usual, all the older folk who don’t have computer skills will be disregarded. NOT OK!!!!!! :(

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