A few gaps in the grey to be had this week

A misty morning in Tauranga. Photo: Richard Allan.

A bout of wet weather moved across Aotearoa on Monday, and MetService are forecasting an improvement for today – although in general the week will be cloudy with occasional rain.

On the flip side it will be warm, and even muggy at times. 

The first week of school holidays will be a sequence of grey days, punctuated with occasional rain and even a few thunderstorms.

The reason for this is a succession of low pressure systems from the north and west, leading to an increase of warm, wet, northeasterly winds.

Although there is not a lot of severe weather on the horizon, with a number of fronts and a smattering of thunderstorms there is always the risk of some localised heavy rain. 

MetService Meteorologist Tom Adams says Tuesday still sees a few showers around, but by checking the forecasts there should be plenty of opportunity to get the kids outside.

On Wednesday, winds turn northwest ahead of another set of lows and fronts that affect Aotearoa through Thursday and into the weekend.

Fog sitting over Mount Maunganui as the sun rises this morning. Photo: Dan Sheridan.

Once again these bring warm, but cloudy and occasionally rainy conditions.

“Although the opportunities to see the sun are there, the key will be staying up to date with the latest forecasts and keeping a raincoat or umbrella handy.”

Image: MetService.

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