Sailing Report for October 28 and December 5

The morning of October 28 saw the return of Piccaninny to the fleet and together with Konini, Diversion, Weka and Invincible a short event was planned, motoring to West 10 then start and sail back to Omokoroa Point via Te Puna channel.

The weather was fine and a light breeze from somewhere around North made it look like a fun sail as the tide was incoming.

At the start which was close to Panepane Wharf the tide was a major feature. With all sails up we were lucky to have a runabout fishing in a position to give us a start line.

The fleet was advised and we were off. Well some were more off than others! Piccaninny did a spin at the line and Invincible did a 360' to redress the keenness of skipper and Crew. Konini and Diversion were on time at the line.

Up harbour the keelers chose the Wairoa shore while Pic chose the mid tide berth, we then met Weka blasting down Channel for his own start!! He was not able to get a tow earlier.

At the turn off Te Puna Invincible was leading with Pic and Diversion close behind Weka and Konini making up ground..

The breeze had filled in and the reach to the Motuhoa mark (we paid our respects to Hugh"s mark) was brisk tacking to the finish at Omokoroa point saw Invincible 1st, Weka 2nd, Diversion 3rd Piccaninny 4th and Konini 5th a lovely summer sail.

Karewa Sunday, December 5, 2021.

The weather report indicated 5 to 15 knot NE breezes but the 2 m swell did not bode well in the entry or over the Matakana Bank.

From Panepane, the course was amended to provide for all yachts to comply with the starboard hand buoys out to B Buoy.

Harbour traffic gave one freighter entering port at about 1500 hrs.

Only the brave started. 3 staunch keelers and crews started at 11.15. They were Invincible, Diversion and Konini.

The inner harbour breeze was fresh and with the outgoing spring tide the yachts made a fine sight until we hit the tide rip in the entry.

I was in Konini and she was bucking like a Bronco!! I'm sure Pic could have made it but we would have been very wet. shaken and stirred.!! Out to B Buoy was interesting but the waves were worse as we cleared the dredged channel.

The wise went out past A , but Konini had a dream one tack run almost to the island and were round in two tacks. However., Invincible and Diversion were on their way home.

The sail back to Panepane was lumpy and despite finishing 3rd Konini had a blast sailing back to the Omokoroa Point finish at 8 to 9 knots!!

Invincible was 1st, and diversion 2nd despite flying the kite home!!!

With one race to go next Sunday briefing at 10.00, the first 3 places for the first half of summer have Invincible,Diversion and Konini in the first 3 slots. Congratulations to Brendon, Sean and Chrissy for hanging in there!!

Richard has cancelled the Mayor Island Raid until next year so it will be all on next Sunday with Andrew"s new keeler to the fore!!

Good sailing all, John.

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