Rudd back in police custody

AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd is being questioned by police following an incident in Gate Pa this morning.

Rudd was seen on Cameron Road being spoken to by police officers before being placed in handcuffs and put into the back of a police car.

Phil Rudd is placed in handcuffs before being driven to Tauranga Police Station.

Photo sent to SunLive by a member of the public show Rudd speaking with police officers.

Tauranga Police Senior Sergeant Owen O’Brien says police are investigating the incident.

“No other information will be released until the investigation is complete," says Owen. “The investigation is ongoing.”

Rudd’s lawyer Paul Mabey says another lawyer is at the Tauranga Police Station with Rudd looking into the matter.

No charges have been laid.

Rudd is currently facing charges of threatening to kill, possession of methamphetamine and possession of cannabis - charges he is planning on defending at a judge alone trial next year.

Rudd arrives at Tauranga Police Station.


Well Said

Posted on 10-12-2014 20:27 | By Dr Phil

Surfsup; Sounds more like Stupid Chief, than Wise Chief, Stop smoking that stuff, it clearly clouds your judgement!!


Posted on 06-12-2014 13:10 | By surfsup

Better to Remain Silent and Be Thought a Fool than to Speak and Remove All Doubt. A well known saying that in this case is so applicable


Posted on 06-12-2014 08:03 | By Wise Chief

Obviously the many seemingly appalled commentators here do not have criminal records and for the most part are likely cops and mostly pale crew with exemplary squeaky clean lives and civil records unlike plain ole sinners of the ilk of Rudd etc. For one’s elucidation it is common practice for police via manipulation of the police, courts, justice system to fit people up for crime they have not committed on a rather mundane and regular scale which is contrary to public perception of them. Our prisons for those courageous enough to be able to take their blinkers off are also full of their victims with most because of their poverty contrary to public knowledge do not have access to the necessary resources to obtain legal representation towards a just outcome. This NZ today courtesy of pale crew foreigners from SA and Pom taking over NZ law and order industry.

If one does....

Posted on 05-12-2014 10:07 | By Jimmy Ehu

not want attention, one does not put themselves in a position to seek it!!!!, good or bad, and the press only feed the masses what they want to read/see, if you do not like it go and live in a commune, Phyll is an addict and needs help, all the money he was going to earn from the next ACDC tour has now vapourised out of his "P" pipe, the rest of the crew want nothing to do with him.


Posted on 05-12-2014 08:30 | By NZgirl

I think it’s time Mr Rudd tried a spell in rehab. He doesn’t look well at all


Posted on 04-12-2014 21:22 | By rosscoo

Sounds like wisechief is one with chip on shoulder. if not like it you don’t have to read it. end of day who cares if he guilt or not just will serve eventually

Leave him alone

Posted on 04-12-2014 19:23 | By Elba

Have the police not have any real work to do like catching thiefs at this time of year looks like it is turning into a rudd hunt. what happened to inocent until proven guilty met him once he seems like a nice decent guy go do some real work tauranga police


Posted on 04-12-2014 19:07 | By NZgirl

Great car Phil F-Type Jaguar V8 you do have great taste in cars.

Poor Phil

Posted on 04-12-2014 18:21 | By spikeredmires

Leave the guy alone for gods sake. The police have done him no favours for their inept police work. As far as saying the roads are safer without him, what planet are they on. He smoked a joint and it was head line news, you can drive on the highway and smell the stuff growing in the fields, he threatened someone and how many times have we all done that and it wasn’t headline news. His neighbour says he’s a nice bloke, so Tauranga, stop looking for news and leave the guy alone. I love ACDC much more than the Wellington Ukelele band.

Wise Chief

Posted on 04-12-2014 16:42 | By How about this view!

Those that obviously have little respect for their fellow man and the rules of law set down "For the greater good of all" eventually have to answer for their disrespectful attitude toward the community. By using the terminology "fitting him up" You indicate that you think that if you have enough money or a big enough stick, you are "Above" the law? I’m so pleased that you are not my "Wise Chief".


Posted on 04-12-2014 16:15 | By YOGI BEAR

So a "chief" in concept but just can not carry it off in the real world. The caliber of the commentary here about sums up the trash written elsewhere.

Rudd should Move

Posted on 04-12-2014 15:41 | By rageykiwi

Rudd needs help but not in tauranga.if this was a welfare person it wouldn’t make news.


Posted on 04-12-2014 15:04 | By Really

He was probably driving at 51 km/hr down cameron road.

Time for a policy review

Posted on 04-12-2014 15:02 | By Surfwatch

Newspapers should also not report on arrests, naming the persons arrested, but have a policy that they will only report on convictions. Too many innocent parties have been labelled as guilty before an outcome is known. Mud sticks.

we'll see

Posted on 04-12-2014 14:56 | By Surfwatch

I am against the media hype targeting Phill Rudd. He should be afforded all the rights as any citizen should have. That is "innocence until proven guilty" and "privacy until convicted". While I believe the police would not take unwarranted action, in most cases, their activities should remain private until someone is actually convicted of a crime. I would find it hard to imagine a fair trial, with so much publicity. No doubt his rights have been limited by him having to choose a trial before a judge only. Havent the journalists got any better professional stories to pursue.

Rudd should Move

Posted on 04-12-2014 13:46 | By rageykiwi

I think that city has overstayed his welcome .The police there are shocking.He was staying in paradise valley Rotorua not far from the track.Maybe Phil needs to get out of that snotty stuck up Tauranga and move someone else more civilized.

@ Wisechief

Posted on 04-12-2014 13:42 | By Paul Melhuish

Man, that is one super sized chip sitting on your shoulder.

...for Wisechief

Posted on 04-12-2014 13:28 | By penguin

What an utter nonsensical rant you have written. Bet you would be the first to moan if police failed to respond to any request for your protection from certain elements of society.


Posted on 04-12-2014 13:19 | By surfsup

It’s a shame that the guy is being reported on for every movement that he makes, but the comments by wisechief are so far out there that I can only assume some of the substances mr rudd is accused of having, have found there way to him/her

@Wise Chief

Posted on 04-12-2014 13:14 | By Jimmy Ehu

seek help man!!!!, the only bonus is Phill has not got a ice-cream stuck to his forehead...


Posted on 04-12-2014 12:03 | By philiphallen

Keep within the law and you will never need to see a police officer.

Wise chief!

Posted on 04-12-2014 12:03 | By monty1212

Keep taking the pills and maybe they will cure your verbal diarrhea!


Posted on 04-12-2014 11:59 | By porky

are you serious...drugs are illegal no matter who you are. also he doesn’t exactly have much of a career left - ACDC have pretty much disowned him!

Leave Him There

Posted on 04-12-2014 11:37 | By sspit62

Let him out after Christmas Tauranga will be a safer place especially on the roads!


Posted on 04-12-2014 11:37 | By Wise Chief

Here we go again with aggressive oppressive Police State wasting vast sums of taxpayers money pursing famous local figures just to make themselves boss over all society and doing this to send a message to the public they are the bosses and can do what they like when they like to destroy a known personalities life while also seeking to block him via fitting him up with a criminal record which they and media well know will destroy his career and make him another of the several hundred thousand beneficiaries. Seems police state wants to make all Kiwis beneficiaries and will spare no cost or effort to do so.

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