A money making opportunity may open up by the end of the week, but be mindful of people telling you how to spend the funds.


This is a good time to strengthen family ties, host a party
for a cousin or correspond with out of town relatives. A recent romantic mystery is solved. A career dispute could come to a head.


Your workmates may be uncommonly stubborn, making
it harder, but more important, to complete a major project on schedule. A loved one enjoys the limelight throughout the week.


Romantic involvements require more solo analysis - you can't afford to shrug off problems. Older relatives provide stimulating company. Your moneybelt can be loosened.


Recent financial difficulties can be resolved by Friday. The accent here is on commonsense, not imagination. This could be a very romantic week if you play your cards right.


You are more adept at creative jobs than at technical tasks. Leave mechanical chores to the pros. You could excel in sport-related competitions held this week.


The week is filled with activity, from a family gathering to involvement in an all new hobby. A work mate takes a big risk for you. Your partner demonstrates his/her loyalty.


This is a wonderful time for enrolling in psychology, astrology or gourmet cooking classes. Travel is also favoured, but romantic reunions may not be as much fun as you first thought.


 If looking for a new source of income, be wary of get rich schemes and concentrate on what you know best. A conservative approach begins to work wonders in romance.


If decorating your home, bold and exciting colours reflect your present emotional state. Romancewise, setbacks are reversed after the weekend. In money matters, it's time to review your budget.


Life is sweet, in fact it couldn't be better right now. You feel you could conquer the world and you feel nothing is impossible. This is a great time to take on that task you felt that was impossible before.


You are feeling more positive thanks to the upbeat individual who enters the scene.  A weekend cancellation may be for the best. Domestic obligations become less costly.

Your birthday this week

You are noted for your burst of enthusiasm, your versatility, your curiosity, your good luck and especially for your independence. The rest of this year sees you becoming more serious in your career choices and more inclined towards making healthy compromises.

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