Don't feel obligated to defend a point of view to a critical friend. The weekend accents nostalgia. A loving gesture puts you in a sentimental mood. Status at the workplace increases.


Remember those recent ventures? Well, this is the week to realize substantial gains. It's also a week that favours house hunting, expanding educational horizons and avoiding gossipy types.


This is a mystery week. Among the offerings a sullen acquaintance turns into charm personified, a missing object is found in the unlikeliest place and a trip becomes more surprising.


Every old saying has a new meaning, from beauty is in the eye of the beholder, to haste is to waste. An expected payment may be slow in coming. Healthwise, don't laugh off aches and pains.


Every rule has an exception, as you see throughout the week. Someone you love may need a health hint - issue it by Friday. A favourable financial announcement arrives when least expected.


If possible, tackle whole jobs rather than single sections. A loved one may be cynical, but don't press. Intuitive gifts are especially strong after the weekend.


Your ideas are valuable things, so guard them closely. On the other hand, express love more freely - to your romance partner and especially to youngsters. News of an upcoming visit brightens the weekend.


Work mates are inconsistent and a loved one is surprisingly dramatic. Be alert to a financial opportunity in the domestic environment. Will power is low, particularly regarding diet.


Your memory plays games with you so double check your facts. You bring a touch of class to a weekend happening. A romantic debate is settled by Friday. Selling is favoured all week.


Your taste is impeccable - but also leans to the expensive Your parties, intimate dinners or grand buffets are memorable. Spend more time encouraging loved ones to realize their potential.


Emotional strain eases up during this social week, with activities ranging from the very earthy to the glittering and glamorous. By the weekend you stumble on a solution to a domestic dilemma.


You could find yourself purchasing a new wardrobe by the end of the week, taking on the role of consultant, writer or artist. Opt for more spontaneity on the weekend. Contact out-of-town relatives, even if its not your turn.

Your birthday this week

Your approach to life and above all, to romance is one of optimism. You are rarely at a loss of words, which in your case is both a positive and negative trait. Imagination will be your best friend this year so use it to develop personal and professional relationships.

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