This is your week. Any financial slowdowns could come right by the weekend. It could be your busiest weekend ever so after the weekend, take a breather.


A friend's criticism is unusually harsh, perhaps reflecting some strain he/she is under. A financially flush week, the time may be right to pamper yourself.


Yours is the role of mediator, settling disputes among family and colleagues alike. Pets can figure in the picture - you may adopt one or vice versa. Romance is upbeat through the weekend.


Spend a little more time pursuing short term goals - they can be yours by the end of the week. Rivals are using new tactics, but don't try to beat them at their own game.


Ideas not fully developed can backfire. Care and thoroughness will pay large dividends. Financial suggestions are on the right track but need further clarification.


Take advantage of your family's unanimity, which could last all through the weekend. If dealing with other people's emotions or finances, pursue a more conservative approach.


A decision involving principles dominates this week. Follow your own advice over that of well meaning friends. Financially, this is a good week and your intuition is strong.


Seeking appraisals is highlighted, but sell nothing until you have checked with several authorities. A family rift may deepen unless you are willing to make at least the first two moves.


Forecasters are not reliable as you may like to think. If in doubt, refer to past history. Ideas may come under fire - absorb the criticism  before stating your case.


Do not expect to coast on recent successes. To prosper now, inventiveness is your key word. Emotional ups and downs are settling. By the end of the week everything will be smoother sailing.


A face to face encounter with someone you have avoided could take place on the weekend. News from overseas is unexpectedly encouraging. Your financial forecast shows signs of gradual recovery.


Health concerns become a priority. Take no short cuts in this area. Travel ideas brighten. The key now is to find an appropriate companion - you don't have to look far at all.

Your birthday this week

You are a person who has splendid taste (usually expensive) and an ability to see both sides of every situation. Work on becoming more decisive - this can turn this and next year as far as career achievement is concerned. A relationship with a Taurus/Virgo will strengthen.

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