A thorough investigation is necessary before you make a major job or social commitment. A Taurus or Scorpio may be stepping into the friendship picture. A family related decision may be overturned.


Investigation is the keyword this week. Dig deeply and secure all the facts before drawing to conclusions or making announcements. A more adventurous approach to work may yield big results.


An ambitious streak surfaces and you may find yourself concluding more than one key project. With creativity and empathy, you can solve a lingering friendship problem.


It is important to be frank so long as you are not blunt. Make a point of rehearsing your critical remarks throughout the week. Bargain hunting may be favourable through the weekend.



Romance springs forward and relationships generally thrive this week. A financial advisor may be hard to pin down. Moves, trips and correspondence may be subject to delay.



Loved ones tend to exaggerate, so take their promises with more than a grain of salt. Experimentation can lead to an important discovery. A self indulgent streak may surface on the weekend.


This a great week for business trips, family reunions and legal matters. The key in all areas is to do some advance planning. A career obstacle should be ignored.



You have a knack of expressing your thoughts through an artistic medium. An independent friend becomes less isolated and more interested in your feelings and goals.



Enjoy the limelight through much of this week, but be sure to share the prestige where appropriate. Backing your ideas arrives from an unexpected source.


An extravagant streak surfaces towards the weekend. You might decide it's time to give yourself a treat. At home or work, people listen to your ideas more closely than you think.



Education, both formal and informal is accented this week. Romance demands a more subtle approach, but in your career the focus is on promoting your skills and talents.



Yours is the voice of authority at work and in the community. This is a good time for speaking your mind. In personal relationships, however, the key is to be a good listener.


Your birthday this week

You are extremely sensitive to the feelings of loved ones. You are highly adaptable and are known to live in a private dream world. A conscious effort to become more assertive but no less charming can help you progress along the career and romantic paths.



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