Diligence at the workplace, brings recognition from a prestigious corner. Your independent nature retreats temporarily and you could become involved in various joint ventures.


If ever you had to play the role of diplomat, this is the
week. Feuding and touchy family surround you. Peace returns after the weekend and romance remains cheerful.


Real estate transactions may prove favourable but don't avoid asking questions. An aloof relative becomes much more agreeable. The romantic situation requires much diplomacy and some compromise.


This weekend finds you accepting offbeat invitations. You are unexpectedly outspoken, which can lead to rewards at home and at work.


A career or academic goal is inching closer, but your dedication is vital. A loved one sees your point of view more clearly. A rival at work is willing to compromise.


Attention to detail is important, especially in your professional dealings. Adventurous side trips are highlighted. A romantic uncertainty proves unfounded. Your partner is much more open.


Renovations and repair tasks are spotlighted, but avoid short cuts and experimentation. Young relatives seek your guidance. A romantic renewal makes you feel better about yourself.


A bolder Scorpio delights friends and admirers and the week finds you surrounded by both. This is a good time to learn a new skill or brush up on a favourite hobby.


The direct approach may not add to your popularity, but it leads to answers - and subsequent solutions. A travel dream is starting to materialise. In romance, the trend is positive.


This week begins on a romantically upbeat note. Your confidence grows when your project receives approval from a respected friend. Creative writing is highlighted.


Travel plans that may have been put on hold, could be reactivated. A pet project is launched, thanks to the backing of an anonymous supporter. Public speaking earns your applause.


You enjoy hosting spontaneous gatherings and selecting your guest list proves an unexpected challenge. The week also favours laying the groundwork for a major new project.

Your birthday this week

Equality is your trademark and you fight for fairness. Watchout for that vain streak. Becoming more practical could lead to key career strides. This year sees your creativity emerging and extending.

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