Education is fine thing

I got derailed by an unstated assumption in B Moon's letter (The Weekend Sun, May 19, 2017)) ‘Value of land owed to hard work'. To wit: ‘Once tribes realised they could live by agriculture...' They already were living by... Read More

Property investment ‘a sick joke’

The sad story about property investors is upsetting i.e. Mum and Dad investors. Most people today will have great difficulty affording one house, let alone have one as an investment. The property investor who has many properties, saying that they are... Read More

Cut the guts out of greed

In response to B Johnson's letter in last week's edition (The Weekend Sun, May 19, 2017). Maori exceeding the fishing quotas while using customary fishing licenses shown on ‘Coastwatch' has nothing to do with the post-colonial... Read More

Queen Victoria’s Royal Charter

What a bonanza the American media would have if it could be proved that Donald Trump was unaware of the Declaration of Independence. That is a fiction, but in New Zealand we have a similar scenario. It appears that the members of officialdom from Prime... Read More

Shel Silverstein a brilliant songwriter

I read the article on American songwriter Shel Silverstein and the songs he had written over the years, including ‘Sylvia's Mother', with much interest. (The Weekend Sun, page 10, May 19, 2017.) Some people who are into music may know... Read More

Titles are important

It's not Trump or English or Collins. It is Mr Trump or President Trump, Mr English or Prime Minister English, Mrs Collins or Cabinet Minister Collins. I have never voted for the right in my life so I have no interest in promoting right wing politicians,... Read More

Take opportunity to vote on referenda

I was delighted to learn that Tauranga City Council is to hold a referenda on three issues for which they would appreciate ratepayers input.The subjects are Easter trading, pokie machines and how councillors are elected. Councillors called it a ‘survey'... Read More

University plans ‘an abomination’

Here we go again - a 12-level, multi-storey, 400-bed student hostel is to be erected near the projected Waikato University cum-iwi-controlled Tauranga campus for ‘student accommodation', with no parking, and no space on site to develop further.... Read More

Fair compensation?

B. Moon (The Weekend Sun, May 19) questions that the value of land wrongfully taken from Maori by past governments is more than $30 billion. Fair compensation is very simple. It returns what was taken or enough money to buy the equivalent of what was... Read More

Low-paid achieve what rich cannot

The Mayor wonders what the ratepayers will say about the living wage. It's amazing that the question is asked - somehow the lower wage worker can achieve what the rich individual would find impossible. Our MP was going to explain how to manage on... Read More

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