That friendship

Recent letters suggest a friendship between Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin and US President Donald Trump would be a good thing. This is that friendship... Imagine a gnarled old crocodile sitting beside the river. On the other side is a chubby... Read More

Needed: A NZ Day for all

I came to this country from England in 1973, and throughout the last 43 years I've never understood why the focus of our National Day is almost exclusively on Maori. For a few years the name was changed to New Zealand Day, far more appropriate because... Read More

Served regardless

Re: ‘Simon's menacing cheesecutter', (The Weekend Sun, January 13). I had a similar confrontation and by chance there was man being served at another counter wearing a turban. I demanded the bank make that man remove his turban and then... Read More

To wear or not to wear?

Re: Simon Fenlon's experience at the Te Puke ANZ Bank (The Weekend Sun, January 13), I can understand his defiance and refusal to remove his ‘cap'. I'd probably have done the same thing and walked out. It's a cap for crying... Read More

Average Kiwis can’t afford hybrids

It is alright for some I guess. So Tauranga MP Simon Bridges MP thinks purchasing a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, which is RRP $59,000 when the base petrol model is $40,000 and an Audi A3 E-tron RRP $75,000 when the base petrol model is $50,000, is the bee's... Read More

Losing control of our environment?

The announcement by Bay of Plenty Regional Council that blue-green algae monitoring has begun for the season makes dismal reading. This is council speak for “we have lost control of our environment” but hey I am still being paid. Wherever... Read More

Go and blame the greedy

Re: ‘We don't want Auckland's refugees' (The Weekend Sun, December 30). In reply to Mr R Paterson's comments about the Auckland Refugees I think he needs to read his dictionary as he doesn't know the meaning of the... Read More

Ditch the ‘blinkered’ approach to life

Re: ‘We don't want Auckland's refugees' (The Weekend Sun, December 30). R Paterson's letter came across as being quite ‘unchristianly' at this time of the year. I read, and hear quite a lot of moaning and groaning... Read More

More imports has boosted services

Re: ‘We don't want Auckland's refugees' (The Weekend Sun, December 30). I take umbrage at R Paterson's letter. My husband and I are a couple of those dreadful Aucklanders that have dared to come and settle in his city. Well... Read More

Inappropriate hakas on show:

After watching the women's final of the ASB Tennis Open I was very annoyed to see a haka performed before the match. I cringed as I watched our young overseas competitors confronted by a group of half-naked men, with tongues hanging out, and eyes... Read More

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