Sort out the nonsense

Terry ‘Hori BOP' Leeming has started a campaign to upgrade the Maungatapu Bridge. This nearly-60-year-old structure is no longer fit for purpose. It is narrow, with an irregular deck surface due to the settling of the piles. NZTA state highway... Read More

A special year is 2017

This is a special year with a very special day! I write this as we remember 100 years of sacrifice by our Forces, The Anzacs, so we could live in freedom.On October 12, it is 100 years since the Battle of Passchendaele. New Zealand had 18,000 casualties... Read More

NZ is changing to a third world country

Interest rates will be on the rise according to the bean counters, so how many are going to be able to survive, and buy food and other essentials that we all need?It was mentioned that most people in Tauranga are unable to buy their own home because their... Read More

City hall is fit for purpose

The critics are quite correct that the existing council administration building is perfectly useable. Mayor Greg Brownless' response to criticism is basically regurgitating the propaganda and flawed assessments that already abound. The Tauranga... Read More

We should all be storm-prepared

New Zealand was hit by another disaster. Cyclones Debbie and Cook have done their best to destroy us. A lot of people in Bay of Plenty have lost everything. It will take them a long time to recover. How many had emergency provisions ready? After Cyclone... Read More

Are we a censored nation?

The average New Zealander has no recourse to obtain information on how the country is being run or to gain answers from governmental or official sources on matters that vitally affect him. To follow the suggestion to write to a minister, your member or... Read More

The obvious facts cannot be denied

Re: Farmer backlash with Mazda over TV programme it sponsors showing ‘The Price of Milk' episode. What is wrong with farmers of today? I viewed current affairs show Sunday's ‘The Price of Milk' and couldn't see anything... Read More

On a slippery, blameless slope

There is ample publicity regarding the dangers of taking or getting involved with ‘P' or any illicit drugs for that matter. The effect on health, on family, friends and others, not to mention the burden on society.There's no doubt anyone... Read More

Government of the people, by the people

Thinking ratepayers will now be aware that the Western Ward ratepayers are not against libraries. Our main theme is ‘living within our income' - and within our long-suffering ratepayers' ability to pay ever-increasing rates.Councils... Read More

Nothing iconic - yet

So the new i-SITE building will apparently be iconic. Who has decided this description fits the building before it has been built?The design might be fancy and it looks expensive. But a building in its design stage can't be iconic no matter how... Read More

Opinion Poll

Do you want to see mandatory country of origin labelling for all fruit and vegetables sold in NZ?

I thought this mandatory country of origin labelling was already in place in NZ.
Don’t care

Bay Today

Beauty after the storm. Photo: Tracy Hardy. Send us your photos from around the Bay of Plenty.