Corporates must pay fair share

Mobil is one of the largest shareholders in Refining NZ which owns and operates the fuel pipeline which leaked tens of thousands of litres of toxic fuel over the weekend near a precious wildlife sanctuary.  According to the latest figures available,... Read More

Battle to save Coromandel icon

Campaigners are desperately trying to rally support to prevent the closure of the iconic Opoutere Youth Hostel near Whangamata and YHA members living in The Weekend Sun circulation area could be the ones who may make the difference. The Youth Hostel Association... Read More

Excellent company

I have been listening to the recently introduced Radio NZ on FM105.4 recently and not since the free Radio Luxembourg and Caroline were created have I been so impressed. I work on my computer a lot and I find the new station excellent company,... Read More

Constitutional laws of parliament

People need to understand that all members of parliament have a responsibility to understand the principles on which the government members of parliament are governed by when they are sworn into parliament. Kennedy Graham and David Clendon did not follow... Read More

Wanna, gotta, gonna

Welcome to TVNZ's new English programme. Want to becomes wanna. Got to becomes gotta. Going to becomes gonna. Ya, well, take your pick. R McGuinness, Cherrywood. Read More

Murdering the language?

Once upon a time there was a Maori language but academics thought they knew better and set about changing it. Why? Pita Sharples had this to say on One News recently: “The Treaty is in our language and if it's in our language we can make it... Read More

Te Puke traffic woes

“A full review carried out in April, at completion of work” bleated WBOPDC deputy CEO to more than 120 disgruntled Te Pukeans during Te Puke's rape. Speakers at the meeting stated “Yes, in secret, with little input from those who... Read More

A ‘toe in water’ museum?

There is debate about the value/merit of having a Tauranga museum, be it traditional or state-of-the-art. Some desire a Te Papa replica. To date TCC has spent perhaps a $1 million annually in climate-controlled, secure locked-down storage. The true value/nature... Read More

The influence of gangs

It is true that gangs do provide, for some young Maori, the family that they so sadly lack in their own lives. But what a poor substitute for a stable home and caring, responsible parents. This scarcely constitutes a community service that some Maori... Read More

Snail mail

What is happening to our New Zealand Post? I received a birthday card yesterday, September 12. My birthday was last Friday. When checking the date it was posted (and speaking to the sender) it was posted on September 6. The sender posted... Read More

Opinion Poll

Should Tauranga businesses be allowed to trade on Easter Sunday?


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The Sun going down over the water @ Sulphur Point. Photo: Casey Fredericks.

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