Base track may re-open today

The section of track that collapsed last week will take a while to repair. Supplied photo.

Most of the Mount base track is expected to re-open at 5pm today, although the section between Pilot Bay and the Tanea shelf will remain closed for the foreseeable future.

Staff are working on options to create a temporary bypass around the section of track that collapsed in a landslip last week.

The temporary bypass will create access for walkers and runners only. Longer term repair in this location will take much longer to resolve.

The slip exposes a drop of about 30m above where the track used to be.

"We don't know how long it will take to repair the slip or to restore public access to that part of the track. Previous slips of this type on Mauao have taken weeks, and sometimes months, to restore safe public access,” says parks and recreation manager Mark Smith.

"Unfortunately the base track will not be open as a complete circuit for some time. We will let everyone know as soon as we have more certainty about the potential timeline."

All summit tracks are still open. 

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With ownership comes obligations

Posted on 11-04-2017 15:34 | By kellbell

Get the owners via Mauao Trust Board to sort it out along of course with rivers and all other natural resources

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