Rotting from the head down

Over the past couple of weeks we have had to endure the Greens co- leader's WINZ circus, the Labour leader throwing in the towel, the Auditor General quitting, plus recently we had the National Party MP employment dispute mess with police becoming involved, not to mention the latest Greens infighting hullabaloo. The Auckland daily traffic gridlocks and infrastructure failures with massive financial implications are unbelievable political idiocy. Yes, and we still have Treaty Minister Finlayson spewing out gravy train settlements and abject fawning apologies willy-nilly while now being ridiculed along with ex PM Key for maintaining and stating there would be very few Marine & Coastal Area Act (MACA) claims. Well, sorry to say these MACA claims are coming out his ears with over 550 claims to date for the whole New Zealand coastline. Costs will be horrendous.

Then there are the continuing and increasing departmental-type money frauds, regular school funding rip offs – never of course ever overlooking the countless secret squirrel meetings to blindside the public on anything remotely contentious to cover up the balls-ups and mistruths.

What is wrong with this damn country because it looks to be rotting from the head down!


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