The comedy central circus

A few years ago a drama unfolded with secret meetings, reports and fur flying ... or was it mould? The end result was a TCC admin building with just 20 years to go. Ratepayers' pockets were plundered: demolition, no evidence of anything remained. Maybe $100 million spent, the T-CCC brigade seemed happy for a while.

Last year, the T-CCC brigade returns, next target, CBD Library. It's too good to remain untouched, just 20-odd years too long. It has to go! That's another $28 million...counting, they can't get enough? That's more or less in the bag too.

Re-rolled out this year is the museum scheme, $30 million odd, if state-of-the-art then $50 million? The T-CCC brigade are in overdrive on that.

Now, last week more secret meetings/confabs, droves of consultants swooning from all directions. You guessed it; another target is up for grabs, no tenders, plans or final report. Shut down Baywave, EQ rebuild. Who really knows? But that can't be a demolition, needs to be 20, need another 10 on that one boyzzz, just a refurb for now, cost millions? T-CCC brigade have done it again, spent money and no one knows why?

Add to that: replacement Baywave, stadiums, conference centres, hotels and car-park buildings. The pattern of attack is clear, there's no respite in sight for TCC ratepayers.

I Stevenson, Tauranga. (Abridged)


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