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At peak times on 15th Ave, towards Welcome Bay, traffic is inching along, mainly because of cars entering from side streets. I suggest a ‘No Exit' sign at at corner of 14th Ave and Turret Rd, blocking traffic onto 15th Ave, and putting a traffic light on the corner of Burrows St and 15th Ave with phases red and green to enter 15th Ave with care.

We need another bridge at Hairini now, not in 10 years. Widen 15th Ave ASAP please council (maybe turn it back to government 29A.)

We did have a railcar service from Mount Maunganui to Auckland in the 1950s-1980s. Could it be done again (maybe on the tail of a freight train)?

Is it time to have a water taxi service from Elizabeth St East (parking building nearby) pontoons to Salisbury Wharf at Mount Maunganui?

D Breckon, Hairini (Abridged).


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Is SH2, between Katikati and Tauranga, a dangerous stretch of road?

Yes, there are too many cars on it and it’s not designed to handle that sort of traffic volume.
No, people just need to slow down and pay attention to their driving.

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