Floating waterpark for The Strand

A floating water park will be operating off The Strand this summer.

UPDATED: 13/11. The country's largest water park is expected to be in operation off The Strand in Tauranga from Boxing Day, bringing a colourful floating water toy to the central city.

The initiative of Dialled Indoor at the Mount, the waterpark is an interconnected floating collection of inflatable slides, runways, jumping pillows and bouncers.

There is a great variety of different shapes, sizes and functions available.

The Tauranga Water Park will be starting off at 35 metres square, or about 900m2 says Dialled Indoor owner Kel Travers.

“With also added ability, we can extend it and add more to it on top of that. We'll start off at 35m square, but as we go on it will just get bigger and bigger.

The company is just going through the last of the consents process with the Bay of Plenty Regional Council.

Access will be by swimming, walking or by being ferried out to it in a dinghy - dependoing on how close the water park is anchored ot the shore line.


Missy doesn't know local history,

Posted on 26-11-2017 10:13 | By R. Bell

For your information there was a swimming pool located at the other end of the strand until the 1950s. In the tide, shark net the lot. Perhaps missy should lace his disparaging comments with a little more fact. Robin Bell.

coloured lights that would spotlight fish?

Posted on 25-11-2017 17:29 | By MISS ADVENTURE

hahaha, thats funny! I am absolutely sure that they looked into that, and after millions of consultants time and costs they realised a few problems would result from that. First: electricity (least issue) would be needed, water and solt water would end up beign a bad mix. Second slat water things grow on everything, so constant cleans would be needed. Third: the lights could only be a meter down as the water is so pollouted. Fourth: Pointless having other than green as that is the prevailing colour of the water. Fifth: There is heaps of sea lettuce in the water travlling back and forth on the current, the lights would find it hard to see through that. Sixth: perhaps a few fish would be attracted to the lights, if there are any normal clean non-toxic ones still there.

a bus into town?

Posted on 25-11-2017 17:22 | By MISS ADVENTURE

That is a joke, they are so unreliable and not on time, dont bother stopping at the bus stops, good luck getting soemwhere on time by that means. Then they want more wages to? Yeah, issues a plenty. Then of course the bus on Saturday stops at 4pm.

@ Scrooge

Posted on 25-11-2017 17:20 | By MISS ADVENTURE

So what you are saying is that becasue its private commercial activity being organised (even though TCC is desperately behind it to try and get "anything" to happen) that no one then can say anything? Oh WOW! What an attitude. Your previosu posts and manners, me thinks harks back more to true self of it all. A pandemic issue of anyone with a view even slightly different is "wrong", ops Oh dear, that wont get published!

@ tgacentral

Posted on 25-11-2017 17:16 | By MISS ADVENTURE

You sounds SOOOOOOOO positive about it all, must be lovely to live in such a wonderful place, two good examples of that status/place are TCC City Hall and la-la-land. Spot the difference if you can! I am sure it will all be SOOOOO wonderful, all those there will think so. However there are a few issues of concern, noted by me and others clearly also. The scale of this thing is huge and the tides will be a significant factor. The water is deep and fast moving/tidal and will be unforgiving. I would think that there is indeed good reason to be concerned about the setup, operation and safety just for starters. Of course we know TCC is deserate to try and do anything to self create, self-justify all of its creations at the cost of mega-millions tio date to try and make something out of it all.

Tidal steps

Posted on 23-11-2017 13:42 | By clingon

Talking of 'the tidal steps'- I walked past them a couple of times and couldnt figure out what all the hype about them was. Concrete steps disappearing into the water. Where is all the effect lighting? LEDs are so cheap and avialable now, why couldnt there be underwater coloured lights that would spotlight fish etc swimming over these boring concrete slabs? Like the Memorial Park fountain used to be...

Sounds great!

Posted on 20-11-2017 20:19 | By Captain Hottie

I won't be using it as I can't swim, but it sounds amazing to bring a bit of fun into the city and use the waterfront for swimming not parking cars. God what a bunch of moaners grizzling about it. The same ones who whinged about the tidal steps and predicting drowned kids by the dozen. And the people griping about parking (the Tauranga version of Godwin's law), the parking at the Mount is 10 x worse in the summer. At least people can get a bus into town. Or maybe we might have Uber by then!!

Scrooge aint got nothing on missy.

Posted on 15-11-2017 08:28 | By R. Bell

Missadventure has to be the most miserable poster ever. Here we have a private company attempting to bring entertainment to us all, and all he does is look for fault. Let them get on with it man, grow up and bite your tongue. A couple of "Banana Boats"would also improve things, the kids love them. Robin Bell.


Posted on 13-11-2017 18:21 | By overit

Looks like fun and I might give it a go if adults are allowed.

Hells bells

Posted on 13-11-2017 11:31 | By philiphallen

What a bunch of miserable souls this town is breeding........


Posted on 13-11-2017 10:03 | By tgacentral

MISS ADVENTURE you sound like you need a hug. This is being set up by a private company not TCC and will just add to the recreation opportunities in our City. It will have to be strictly managed to comply with the Health and Safety Act and you wait...I'm guessing it and the tidal steps/wharf will be a very busy place over summer.

So many questions..

Posted on 13-11-2017 09:18 | By Border Patrol

as per some of the previous comments. This is going to cover quite a large area- is it going to eventually encroach on the channel, as going by the article, it's only going to get "bigger and bigger". The tidal rip is another concern, and the water off the strand is fairly deep, I hope that has been allowed for. They are trying to use the water off the strand like it's a big swimming pool, but it's not and I hope it doesn't end badly.

Entry price?

Posted on 13-11-2017 08:16 | By nerak

I note the commercial entity mentioned speaks of 'customers', wonder if entry will be affordable to those most likely to want to use it, probably children.

How to get there?

Posted on 12-11-2017 21:34 | By MISS ADVENTURE

I would think that the bus at best is a few blocks away, no packing for miles and especially during the daytime on a week day. At best a few will manage to get there for a few hours of the week if indeed the weather and wind suits it. Normally the wind is strong, the tide rips past, the sea lettusce is everwhere and who wants a mouthful of seawater that has been via the Welcome Bay oxidant ponds?

TCC desperation unleashed?

Posted on 12-11-2017 21:30 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Looks like TCC will do "anything" to try and get someone to be seen on the concrete beach at Tauranga central. Do they not know that the real beach at the Mount is just not going to notice this wee side show event.

Life guards?

Posted on 12-11-2017 21:29 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Wonder if tehre will be any 24/7? Will it be fenced off? as it is equivalent to a pool?


Posted on 12-11-2017 19:09 | By M. Mouse

I wonder how long it takes before u got one ass saying it needs floating devices


Posted on 12-11-2017 16:58 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Has anyone considered how to anchor this thing (huge) so as secure? That would bneed to be "massive" due teh size of it, the tidal rip and so on. This could be dangerous.

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