DHBs look to prevent strike action

DHB spokesperson Helen Mason.

District Health Boards will do everything they can to settle this agreement and find a way to prevent industrial action following the NZNO members’ rejection of the latest DHB pay offer.

DHB spokesperson Helen Mason says DHBs will work with the NZNO to seek urgent mediation and facilitation to prevent strike action by NZNO nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants.
“Nurses, midwives and health care assistants are a highly respected and valued part of the modern team-based approach to health services and we are extremely concerned about the threat of industrial action.
“This is an excellent offer that is about much more than base pay rates.
“The offer includes a commitment to an additional 500 nurses to address workforce demands. It also includes funding to ensure the implementation of the safe staffing programme.
“In total, the offer would invest more than half a billion dollars in more staff and improving working conditions. It will also see the base pay rates of most experienced registered full time nurses go from just under $66,755 now to $77,368 by December 2019.
“I think people want to know DHBs are doing everything they can to respond to the nurses’ concerns.
“Patient safety is the DHBs’ main priority and while we’re working to reach a settlement and avoid disruption to services, we’re also working hard to ensure emergency and life preserving services are available if the industrial action goes ahead.”


Over it

Posted on 18-06-2018 20:17 | By Tgaboy

Money hungry nurses. Sick of these stories


Posted on 18-06-2018 18:48 | By Merlin

Why did it get to this stage.Because it was allowed to deterioate over a number of years and the previous administration let it get that way in the search for a surplus in the books.If you have been in hospital you will see the effects of how nurses are struggling to cope with the staffing levels they were allowed.Their pay for all the training they have to do to care for their patients is not in keeping with their training it seems.

500 more nurses

Posted on 18-06-2018 16:09 | By Seriously?

I take it that is 500 more nationwide - over all the shifts in all the hospitals in all the DHB’s - it’s not much is it. Perhaps this is what nurses are striking about and not just the money.

Pay rise.

Posted on 18-06-2018 15:24 | By Molly.

Nurses & teachers should get paid a lot more for the work they do & more $$ than they are been offered....

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