Grow up and take responsibility

I was disappointed to hear the results of the referendum clearly showing people don’t want a museum. Sure, economically it will save us money as ratepayers, but long-term the cost to the community will be in other ways. Acknowledgement of our rich...... Read More

Show us economic benefits

Road Safety Week was a reminder that the vexed question of an upgrade to SH2 between Tauranga and Katikati is not disappearing. Strident calls for a referendum and the views of various central government MPs and local councillors, messrs Bridges, Muller,...... Read More

Enough is enough

It was Dr Samuel Johnson who said “Depend on it sir, when a man knows he is to be hanged it concentrates his mind wonderfully.” Substitute hanging for ‘losing seat on the council’ and it might convince Larry Baldock and his...... Read More

Maori don’t stand

Mr Dey (The Weekend Sun, May 11), once more you have let your enthusiasm interfere with the facts. You state that Maori candidates for election in councils are disadvantaged by the number of non-Maori voters. There are no Maori candidates! They do not...... Read More

Loving life in the Bay

As a recent import from Hamilton, I can only say I love living here in beautiful Papamoa. So far I’ve only met other imports like myself or imports from Auckland. We all have one thing in common – we love it here. Please don’t change....... Read More

Forget the museum

What distant, imaginary planet does Larry Baldock live on? If his views were correctly expressed in The Weekend Sun of May 11 (page 3), he should seriously consider stepping down as a councillor, as he demonstrably does not want to follow the proven wishes...... Read More

$2500 of sweet nothing

I currently pay $2500 per annum in rates to Tauranga City Council and, at my latest evaluation, I get sweet nothing, apart from the privilege of living in suburban Tauranga. It would be nice to get my weekly garbage taken away for that $2500, but no,...... Read More

Speaking with a forked tongue

The article quoting councillor Larry Baldock in The Weekend Sun of May 11, (page 3) is living proof that the saying “Lies, dammed lies, and statistics,” is being used to back a weak argument by him for rejecting the 60/40 ‘no’...... Read More

Claims lack credibility

The claims by Ryan Wood (page 19, The Weekend Sun, May 11), that Maori wards have not increased Maori participation in democracy,  that there is no need for them, and that councillors already represent all voters, lack credibility. Council participation...... Read More

Moving on

After approximately 27 years in Tauranga we have decided to move on. Three of the reasons are as follows: 1. Tauranga is too expensive and I have outlived my retirement fund. 2. Traffic here is chaotic, with a lack of courtesy from drivers who don’t...... Read More

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