Don’t mind the blues

Greetings from lockdown. We're all in the same boat now... I got in early, going into self-isolation 30 hours before the entire country after picking... Read More

The big silence begins...

This is the way the world ends, not with a bang but with a slowly descending silence. Things are not going well right now. I sat down with a friend... Read More

Jazz is not dead...

“Jazz is not dead” - that's what Frank Zappa famously said; he added “It just smells funny”.  It's a good line. I... Read More

Rare instruments from EmRiver

An endless stream of new music is continuously escaping all round the world; this week I'll look at some coming from right here. But first let me... Read More

March brings more music

A new week, new gigs and a new shade of brown for what we once used to call the lawn here at The Watusi Country Club. These days it’s more a swathe... Read More

Twisting by the pool, fundraising and more

As we all look at the skies awaiting rain, music continues to pour into Tauranga. I’m sure there’s a pile of it that I miss. But I do try... Read More

A tale of three trios

There's been a lot of folk around town recently, and I mean that both ways. A bunch of tourists are still on the beaches and there have been frequent... Read More

Loving St Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air: only a short time now and we can embrace the romantic charm of St Valentine's Day. Regular readers might be surprised at a jaded... Read More

Next week’s deluge of music

So that was January was it? A twelfth of the year gone already? Now we're on to February but, good news, public holidays just keep rolling in. We... Read More

B-Side Band‘s ship of fools

It's always nice to welcome the year's first album launch. At least I assume it's the year's first. What with being January - the time... Read More

The folkies are coming

A whole bunch of people with acoustic instruments are heading towards Tauranga. It happens that way sometimes. Music here used to be very much a matter... Read More

The best music of 2019 (and earlier)

Is it too late to take one final glance in the rear-view mirror? Let’s hope not, as that’s what’s on the cards this week, a quick... Read More

A psychic start to 2020

Happy new year! Resolutions done and dusted? Ready for an exciting new decade? Once again we are outrunning various fictional attempts to imagine the... Read More

The Golden Turtle Awards

There are many traditions at this time of year. The last metaphorical grains of sand are about to slide through 2019's hourglass and increasingly... Read More

Enjoy a Christmas movie

And suddenly it's almost Christmas. It happens like that. Sometime around October shops and supermarkets start playing Christmas music and selling... Read More