Live music is back!

The music scene at the moment reminds me of one of those David Attenborough documentaries. We've all seen them: gorgeous time-lapse photography... Read More

Live music – it’s a tricky one

As I write this we are about to end level 3; as you read this we will have just entered level 2. Things are changing. Many of us – including at... Read More

Still art in isolation

I have a strange tale for you today. It involves the notion of being an artist and, I guess, that age-old question: what is art? I find the whole “being... Read More

Don’t mind the blues

Greetings from lockdown. We're all in the same boat now... I got in early, going into self-isolation 30 hours before the entire country after picking... Read More

The big silence begins...

This is the way the world ends, not with a bang but with a slowly descending silence. Things are not going well right now. I sat down with a friend... Read More

Jazz is not dead...

“Jazz is not dead” - that's what Frank Zappa famously said; he added “It just smells funny”.  It's a good line. I... Read More

Rare instruments from EmRiver

An endless stream of new music is continuously escaping all round the world; this week I'll look at some coming from right here. But first let me... Read More

March brings more music

A new week, new gigs and a new shade of brown for what we once used to call the lawn here at The Watusi Country Club. These days it’s more a swathe... Read More

Twisting by the pool, fundraising and more

As we all look at the skies awaiting rain, music continues to pour into Tauranga. I’m sure there’s a pile of it that I miss. But I do try... Read More

A tale of three trios

There's been a lot of folk around town recently, and I mean that both ways. A bunch of tourists are still on the beaches and there have been frequent... Read More

Loving St Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air: only a short time now and we can embrace the romantic charm of St Valentine's Day. Regular readers might be surprised at a jaded... Read More

Next week’s deluge of music

So that was January was it? A twelfth of the year gone already? Now we're on to February but, good news, public holidays just keep rolling in. We... Read More

B-Side Band‘s ship of fools

It's always nice to welcome the year's first album launch. At least I assume it's the year's first. What with being January - the time... Read More

The folkies are coming

A whole bunch of people with acoustic instruments are heading towards Tauranga. It happens that way sometimes. Music here used to be very much a matter... Read More

The best music of 2019 (and earlier)

Is it too late to take one final glance in the rear-view mirror? Let’s hope not, as that’s what’s on the cards this week, a quick... Read More