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Fishing Gossip - Courtesy of Tauranga Marine Charters

We fished down the coast to Town Pt on Monday, with less fish than had been the case, so headed outside Motiti where we picked up some good tarakihi despite a screaming Easterly current.

Took the punt on it easing with a NW wind against it, and went deeper again Tuesday. Happily, we got it right, and had some excellent fishing, both snapper and tarakihi. We had the same crew Wednesday, so did it again with a similar result.

We'd seen good sign on the way back on open ground in 50 odd metres, so we gave that a go Friday, and they went off again.

Likewise on a short day [a Stag do] on Saturday. Some of the best fishing we've had in a while, and the next few months are generally good.