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Fishing Gossip - Courtesy of Tauranga Marine Charters

A couple more days in this week, with the highs that have been keeping the great weather around still bringing down the N.E. swells. A small price to pay for so much blue sky, although some folk might disagree with me.

Monday was a continuation of last week, a bit of a slop initially, mellowing trough the morning, beautiful by the afternoon.

Very good fishing again, with another mix of tarakihi plus some snapper and red snapper.

Friday was our next outing, and similar conditions, but with slightly slower conditions, Bruce Love, one of our longtime regulars, got yet another legal kingy, his 5th in his last 7 or 8 trips. We do get some reasonably often, but he seems to have a lck on th legal ones. All caught on his regular bottom fishing gear too, 50lb trace, #17 longline hooks, small baits. We've had them up to 30kg [weighed not guessed] on similar gear.

Heavy gear and huge baits aren't essential for catching good sized fish, the angler still makes the difference.