Measles epidemic: Calls for urgent action

New Zealand is on the brink of a measles epidemic because of falling immunisation rates, immunity gaps, and an increasing risk of imported cases, according to... Read More

Diabetes: Researchers score $1.4M funding

University of Waikato health researchers have scored additional funding to advance their commitment to reducing inequities in the treatment and care of Māori... Read More

Breast cancer screening: what about the blokes?

The Prostate Cancer Foundation is congratulating the coalition Government on delivering its promised extension of free breast screening, the most common cancer... Read More

Will welfare crackdown impact vulnerable youth?

The government's crackdown on welfare recipients will directly affect young people experiencing homelessness, a youth development advocate says. The Ministry... Read More

Fatality prompts construction industry warning

Serious injuries and worker fatalities have prompted a call from one of New Zealand's largest energy distributors for the construction industry to follow the... Read More

Pseudoephedrine expected back in pharmacies 2025

Medicines containing pseudoephedrine are expected to be available over the counter again next year, ACT leader David Seymour says. David, appointed Associate... Read More

Vaccinators feel under threat after data leak

Vaccinators whose names were published on a US website after a Te Whatu Ora data leak are feeling nervous and under threat, says a nurses' union. Te Whatu... Read More

Children warned to stay away from adult skincare

Dermatologists are alarmed that 'Sephora kids' - an offshore trend of very young children using adult skincare products - appears to be happening here... Read More

Many NZ nurses register to work in Australia

More than 9000 New Zealand nurses have registered to work in Australia in the past 10 month - about 12 per cent of the active workforce. The rate of nurses... Read More

New Zealand's birth rate falls to lowest since WW2

New Zealand has experienced its lowest natural increase in population in 80 years. Statistics released this morning showed there were 19,071 more births than... Read More

Government's plan to drop Therapeutic Products Act

Scrapping the new Therapeutic Products Act will leave thousands of New Zealanders exposed to ongoing harm from dodgy medical devices, warn patient safety advocates... Read More

St John pulls ambulances off the road

St John Ambulance is pulling some ambulances off the road to rein in costs when staff go on leave or call in sick. In a bulletin on Friday, management advised... Read More