Hiking for the Waipuna Hospice

Waipuna Hospice is putting the call out to people of Tauranga, encouraging them to help raise funds for their cause by trekking the Great Wall of China.... Read More

Tauranga stores fundraising help Waipuna Hospice

Waipuna Hospice has received a donation of $24,427 following a nationwide Christmas fundraising campaign.   The Farmers Remembrance Tree Campaign... Read More

Keeping spirits up through walking

Former Edgecumbe local Kate Casey will take on Oxfam’s annual 100km trail for the third year this March. Kate says the challenge was therapeutic... Read More

Diet and “detox” teas pulled from sale

Several brands of diet and “detox” tea have been withdrawn from sale after Consumer NZ found they contained a pharmacy-only medicine. Consumer... Read More

Calls for fulltime rescue helicopter in Whitianga

    Sharon Thorpe’s life changed in an instant when a cluster of vessels in her brain ruptured causing her to need lifesaving surgery. The... Read More

Need for emergency ambulances on the incline

St John has released emergency workload statistics for 2019 confirming the number of emergency ambulance responses continues to climb. Every year the... Read More

Hundreds of Kiwis going veg for 2020

People across Aotearoa have signed up for the NZ Vegetarian Society’s 21-day plant based challenge. The popularity of the challenge has exceeded... Read More

Whooping cough bug becoming ‘smarter’

Australian researchers are warning that whooping cough is evolving, and new vaccines will be key to combat it in the future. New South Wales researchers... Read More

Rescue helicopter wait time ‘unacceptable’

Mike King spent an hour lying on the road thinking he would die waiting for a rescue helicopter after a motorcycle accident. The comedian and mental... Read More

New campaign to tackle low awareness of ACC’s role

Anyone who grows up in New Zealand, or visits from overseas, is naturally drawn to our bodies of water. Whether it's our beaches, our lakes or our... Read More

Swimming again for an anti-drug campaign

A Tauranga hospital psychiatrist is planning on swimming the Cook Straight at 8.30am today. Bronwyn Copeland, one of the psychiatrists that works in... Read More

A sunrise paddle to start the New Year and decade

It was the early hours of New Year’s Day. On the last day of the year I’d been working until well after midnight so was planning a sleep... Read More

NZ and Fiji defence forces head to Australia

The Defence Force is sending more soldiers to help the fight against Australia's deadly bushfires. The NZDF continues to support the Australian... Read More

One person has died on Mauao today

Police report that a person has suffered a medical event on Mauao today and has passed away. Police received the report at 11.30am. Emergency services... Read More

The Adventures of Benjamin Boogie

Kourtney Troon’s children’s book has arrived. Full of fun illustrations ‘The Adventures of Benjamin Boogie’ tells the interesting... Read More