Time for a train?

It’s increasingly absurd that a city the size of Tauranga does not have a commuter train service. We have the rail corridor north and south of Tauranga... Read More

Constant energy

Reading page 2 of The Weekend Sun, June 11, ‘From The Hutch’ Go nuke save the world, made me chuckle. Our government may have great plans to... Read More

Great experience

We recently visited the Baypark Covid-19 Vaccination Centre for our first ‘jab’ and came away with a really good feeling about the whole experience. The... Read More

Musings from other folks

I found an old journal left by the previous house owner and it has quotations from people around the world. WILL ROGERS 1: When it comes to staying young... Read More

Scrapping SH2 upgrades

It is a shame that the State Highway 2 upgrade has been scrapped. But I can see why they did so. We are in a climate emergency and need to encourage less... Read More

Bin issues

The recycling bins have been rolled out and for the most part are an agreeable system, but for the food scrap bin and how the council has categorised us... Read More

Thanks to volunteers

Volunteers do not seek recognition when working for many different situations. St John has many who help them, and it is more than sad to be called a... Read More

An Ode to World Pollution

We earthly creatures All live in the same Global House Every creature from the mighty elephant To the lowly mouse We all use Mother Earth’s gifts... Read More

Wasting public funds

Who was the brass bound lobotomised idiot who decided to remove the slip lane from Cameron Road into Maleme Street, and replace it with a widened concrete... Read More

The definition of democracy?

What exactly is democracy? The origin is the Greek words demos and kratos, meaning government of the people. The reality, however, is totally different. Realistically,... Read More

The other side of the story

I witnessed first-hand the events on Wednesday, May 26, at the Tauranga Ratepayers Alliance launch. What needs to be said, is the events leading up to... Read More


I find myself agreeing strongly with the mechanic on page 10 of The Weekend Sun, May 28 (Tauranga mechanic slams "bullying" NZTA inspectors). I've... Read More

Greerton name change

  Change of long-established town names can only cause confusion and resentment. A good example of this is Edinburgh in Scotland. I spent a lot... Read More


An M.P.’s aim is to do good for one and all But when Parliament meets it’s more like a rugby mall Friend and foe stand toe to toe Some will... Read More

Roading issues – again

Somebody is not doing their job and, in this case, it has to be the commissioners. Wahi Road was being ripped up on May 22. A silky-smooth road is being... Read More