Stopping the bus

On Friday, January 10, I went and sat in the bus stop near Melrose Village to catch a bus to Cameron Rd. After a couple of minutes one appeared at the... Read More

Drain the TCC swamp

Harington Street carpark debacle has been unfolding/unravelling since 2005/6. At the outset I maintained the planned TCC Carpark, (estimated at $5million)... Read More


I have been wondering why councillors had suddenly decided to gift the land in Mission Street over to Maori despite the fact Tauranga ratepayers had paid... Read More

The favoured few

Against all evidence and public opinion Tauranga City Council has voted to give 11 Mission street to Otamataha Trust, which in my opinion is totally irresponsible. Legally... Read More

A planet-overwhelming decade

The $40million Main Freight hub at Te Maunga (BOP Times headline 30 Dec 2019) is heralded as a boom for business and profits but is it really such a good... Read More

Up the gum tree

Daniel Hutchinson (The Weekend Sun, January 10, page2) has obviously bought into and swallowed the hysteria and fashionable new age phenomenon labelled... Read More

What were they doing there?

Let me state first that our thoughts go out to the victims and families of the terrible tragedy of the death and agony of many of those caught up in the... Read More

Are we playing follow the leader?

The leader of the Western world is (like it or not) the United States of America. This once admirable country is now being run by a megalomaniac, I say... Read More

Rubbishing the bins

Five bins. Sorry, we have de-cluttered. Pity the poor people that are trying to practise waste minimisation. They won’t need all these bins that... Read More

Travel safe

I studied with interest Travel Safe’s full page ad in this The Weekend Sun (December 27) with all its sound advice. I particularly noted the advice... Read More

Mauao base track

Whilst applauding, at last, the re-opening of the repaired Mauao base track, more than two years after cyclone Debbie damaged it, I believe that questions... Read More

BOP transport and global heating

Hooray for J Nagels (The Weekend Sun, December 27, page27) with his accurate and blunt assessment of outmoded roading models. In this age of undeniable... Read More

We should know better

Today I saved plastic bottles, soft and hard containers, cans and other rubbish from travelling out to sea via the culverts and drains to the Wairoa River... Read More

Road to nowhere

On the 28th of December 2019 at 2.30pm the queue of cars, nose-to-tail, stretched from Cambridge Rd intersection with Highway 29 at Tauriko back to Ruahihi... Read More

Hollow promises

In July it was reported that the NZTA were about to demolish the pedestrian tunnel under the road connecting Owen Place and Bayfair. There was to be no... Read More