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Cyclists frightening elderly

I would like to commend Jim Bunny on his article (page 15, The Weekend Sun, March 9) regarding bicycle bells.  My mother and two of her mates walk every Saturday morning in different places round Tauranga. They are all elderly women who want... Read More

Not interested in rubbish games

PC stands for pedantic gone crazy. In October last year we moved from a lifestyle block in Rotorua to Papamoa and are slowly getting used to suburbia. We had a wheelie bin in Rotorua, which proved excellent, but going back to a bag on the roadside is... Read More

Bus service plans bemuse

Recent reports regarding the future of Tauranga and suburbs' public bus services, especially the proposed Bayfair Bus Interchange and Park and Ride Hub have left me somewhat bemused. Surely the two proposals are totally separate considerations,... Read More

No free parking for workers

I have just received a parking ticket and am not impressed.   After nine months out of work I got my dream job. The only problem was limited parking. I took that on board and left home early to get the free parking by Memorial Park but no matter... Read More

Not a purrfect world

I write this in the hope that it gives a chance for many to give opinions.In short, I love all animals big or small, but as a keen gardener cats seem to be hell-bent on making my gardening experience a misery, digging flowers to make way for small deposits.  I... Read More

Of mushrooms and museums

Re ‘No museum in my front yard' (page 16, The Weekend Sun, March 9). The article related to a hearing by the council on concerns by locals about the location of this cyber museum. I call it cyber because it does not exist. I thought the council... Read More

Only the fittest survive

As a former believer in the theory of evolution I read A McLeod's letter (The Weekend Sun, March 9) with interest. Evolution does not pertain to the origin of species. About the start of life it tells us nothing. For natural selection... Read More

Wish for a perfect race

This is not an attack on you K Kawerau (The Weekend Sun, March 9), just an opinion. Growing up side by side and working alongside Maori I was taught and told such things by them, such as there was no universal Maori language, rather many dialects between... Read More

Biggest benefactor is Trustpower

I am not a Trustpower subscriber but have held their shares and was a subscriber until they pushed prices to the very top of suppliers' costs. I have had experience of another electricity consumer trust where all subscribers received an annual cheque... Read More

Say no to Maori wards

After spending nearly 20 years in the USA my wife and I arrived back in New Zealand to be surprised at how much influence Maori have on New Zealand life and culture. Neither of us are racist in any way, shape or form, but in the few short years that we... Read More

Opinion Poll

What are your thoughts on the council’s proposal to increase rates 40 per cent over the next three years?

Good, it will help pay to revitilise the city
Not good, rates are high enough now
I’m ok with an increase, but maybe not such a big one

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Penumbra on Sunday. Photo: Joan King.

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