Buses are essential

In relation to the letter ‘Buses go round and round’ [The Weekend Sun, January 15]. Yes D. Morris you did miss a few things, probably unintentionally,... Read More

A waste of money

The Red Cross gave $16million for a situation about people who had been laid off from overseas - a Government responsibility in my book. Then they [the... Read More

Maori wards are a Treaty right

Mike Lally’s objection to Maori wards [The Weekend Sun, January 15] is not rational. It is not rational because Mr Lally completely ignores the... Read More

Hop on the bus

D Morris asks if he /she is missing something with regard to the buses [The Weekend Sun, January 15]. Yes, D Morris you are. Instead of sitting in your... Read More

Unchallenged attitudes endorse predation

As our New Year begins we will still be finishing work from our past, and particularly work for the injustices enacted on some of our young women. We... Read More

Truth trumps fear

When Maori agreed to a peaceful transition of power and signed the Treaty of Waitangi they neither relinquished their racial identity nor their right to... Read More

Will we ever learn?

It is so sad to read about the increase of road accidents this year. Will people ever learn to slow down and take care even when they are in a hurry? Will... Read More

One set of rules

The Tauranga Council, Northland Regional Council, Whangarei District Council and Kaipara District Council have voted to introduce Maori wards. Clear-thinking... Read More

Full consultation needed

I’m dismayed by the autocratic ‘one-size-fits-all’ rubbish policy adopted by Tauranga City Council. It is in such contrast to what I... Read More

Buses go around and around

I hate to bring this up again, but being a responsible citizen, I can’t let it pass. Sitting in front of a bakery at the Avenues end of Cameron... Read More

Apologies for car scrape

I have commuted by motorcycle both in Auckland and Tauranga for 53 years. Throughout that time I have lane-split in order to get through the traffic congestion.... Read More

A ‘ridiculous’ decision

In business planning, the first objective is to identify the “real” problem. Once that is done, the planning process can move forward focusing... Read More

Democracy at risk

I could not agree more with D Morris [The Weekend Sun, December 18] for all reasons given, warning of Tauranga’s democracy being at risk under a... Read More

Space invaders make life tricky

Having purchased a mobile scooter lately I've discovered a particular problem in traversing my local district - cars parked across the footpaths. In... Read More

Musings for the New Year

Ken: Set the sails for today for today is the ship you are on. Yesterday’s winds are no longer around. Tomorrow’s winds are yet to be found. Action... Read More