1080 questions

I am an octogenarian great-grandmother. I watched on TV a 1080 protest at parliament, then a segment on The Nation, which was very scientific, but gave no answer to my questions. How many countries in the world use 1080? If none, why not? They must have...... Read More

Self-defence made simple

It is a constant amazement that we have a stream of females living in fear of being beaten by some thug or other. As a Shodan Judo black belt instructor for over 40 years the answer is very simple to avoid many attacks. An hour of self-defence provides...... Read More

Dogs in workplaces

Re ‘Pet-friendly workplaces make for happier people’ (page 23, The Weekend Sun, September 7). Dogs in the workplace is a crazy idea. It undermines the neutral place a workspace should be. It takes no account of co-workers and customers who...... Read More

Nothing but a cheese grater

Okay, fair enough people being passionate about "fixing the bloody road" (State Highway 2 between Katikati and Tauranga), but let's not make it an opportunity to bash the current government when the previous government had nine years to...... Read More

Derogatory use of ‘socialist’

R Paterson (September 14) writes regarding our government’s Residential Tenancy Act. To quote: “Labour is simply pandering to its socialist voter base to secure votes”.  Isn’t that terrible – a government actually doing...... Read More

Council must provide fair representation

B Johnson (September 14) is unreasonable in his criticism of local Mayor Garry Webber. The Mayor has to work with local Maori, and he is required by the Treaty of Waitangi partnership, which is now law, to try to give them fair representation. B Johnson...... Read More

A democratic process most of us treasure

In his latest thinly veiled attack on the integrity and basic rights of the Maori people, B Johnson (September 14) erroneously blames WBOP. Mayor Garry Webber of autocracy, and even worse, of taking a "reprehensible path" toward Maori representation. Mr...... Read More

Fix the roads first

The roads in and out of this town are a danger to all who venture forth. Every day, it seems, there are reports of serious crashes and injuries, and even deaths. It’s a combination of too many people, driving too fast, on roads not designed for...... Read More

Converting used tyres nothing new

Re ‘Used car tyres a toughie’ (The Weekend Sun, August 31). Used tyres have been used in roading for more than 20 years to my knowledge. They make cheaper, safer and quieter asphalt bitumen/rubber surface than any other material. The steel...... Read More

Fees for doggy matters only

Time perhaps for a doggy hikoi to Tauranga City Council. Dog owners, unlike other domestic pet owners, pay a significant annual fee for the luxury of owning their pet. The fee funds council’s animal control centre and deals to issues beyond dogs. I...... Read More

Opinion Poll

Who or what is to blame for all the crashes on the roads of late?

Drivers in general
The roads
A combination of the roads and drivers