Something in the drinking water

As they say “Ob-la-de,Ob-la-da, life goes on brah”… so councillor Jako Abrie, after months of posturing, has suddenly resigned citing... Read More

You can’t have both

In a speech back in November 2000, the former Labour Party Prime Minister David Lange warned that if governments attempted to accommodate the increasingly... Read More

We need to act

As an immigrated European and scientist, I feel it is 5 minutes until 12 for our community to make an outcry around the current practise by the Port of... Read More

We all get to choose

I think the only memorable feature of your letter is your complete lack of respect for the intellect and the right of others to have a political opinion... Read More

Good luck with that lot

At the 2020 Elections around 5.5 out of 10 actual voters - but only about 40 per cent of registered voters - rewarded Labour/Greens’ bungling efforts... Read More

Only a few objectors

I can recall some time ago completing a TCC questioner on kerbside rubbish/recycling collection, but cannot recollect any of the questions. I probably... Read More

There’s a better way

Having lived 25 years in Canada, I’m aghast at the disproportionately high cost of NZ housing relative to average income. With no capital gains... Read More

Rubbish subsidy please

Dear Mr Bendy Powell [sic] I am delighted that you are telling me the new Council Rubbish Plan will save many ratepayers "a lot of money" and... Read More

No cause for alarm

History shows Britain had a thriving grape and wine industry in the 14th century. Pepys diary (The Diary of Samuel Pepys) of mid-17th century tells of... Read More

Consistency needed for scooters

As a CBD resident and therefore regular pedestrian in the area, I consider both skateboards and scooters equally dangerous on the footpaths. I see that... Read More

Happy to help myself

After reading that the council has received “only a few objections from the vocal minority” recently, to their new rubbish collection system,... Read More

Google it

Google tells me that carbon dioxide, the chief culprit in global warming, is measured by its atomic weight. One atom of CO2 weighs twice as much as one... Read More

It’s our money

In regards to the new rubbish collection system for 2021. Our Marxist masters, the TCC, see us as the unimportant lumpenproletariat not to be bothered... Read More

Let’s all pull together

It seems that the mayor and councillors need reminding that NZ is a democracy and they were elected by a democratic process of the community, and not by... Read More

Leaving an unwanted legacy

So naysayers are urged to conserve their vitriol over the introduction of kerbside bins according to Tauranga's Mayor .That's rich coming from... Read More