Pot debate

What a disappointment to read Tommy Kapai Wilson's support for decriminalisation of cannabis. Tommy says education is the answer, and he's right.... Read More

Pay attention to China

In reply to letters by Mr Dolden. It is extremely important China’s internal and global expansionist activities remain under the spotlight of continuous,... Read More

New winter holiday

Crown Maori Relations Minister Kelvin Davis is pushing for swapping Queens Birthday public holiday for Matariki (Maori New Year). I would like to suggest... Read More

A caring society

It is concerning that the Abortion Liberalisation Bill was passed in Parliament mainly during the Covid lockdown period with little publicity in the mainstream... Read More

Use the footpath

Several weeks ago your publication carried an article featuring Dawn Kiddie, Steve Morris and Iain Bibby riding bicycles between the traffic on Totara... Read More

Biased referendum pamphlets

Have you read the Government funded cannabis legislation and control referendum information pamphlet that has been arriving in our letter boxes? The initial... Read More

China attitudes ‘unfair’

Secession, subversion, terrorism, and collusion with foreign forces, we have legislation and laws to deal with these issues, in fact most if not all developed... Read More

Ratepayers take notice

WBOP Tauranga ratepayers you have a crisis regarding a portion of land on Matakana Island called Pane Pane Pt which was originally purchased under the... Read More

Mayor feeling threatened

It was unsurprising, although hardly edifying to read the letter from A Bourne (The Weekend Sun, July 24, page 20) regarding the Mayor’s reaction... Read More

Where is the money going?

‘Cash up the trust fund’ The above was said by C. Evison last week in The Weekend Sun (July 24, page 21). The TECT situation, who can make... Read More

The taste of one’s own toes

I’m finding it hard to take J Rudd’s letter ‘Standing up for Israel’ (The Weekend Sun, July 24, page 21) seriously. It’s... Read More

Makes you think

In his letter (The Weekend Sun, July 24, page 21), J Rudd, in responding to P Dolden’s earlier letter, claims that: “Israel is the natural... Read More

A good job by the hospital

It’s not uncommon to hear all sorts of anecdotes about the experiences of patients in the New Zealand public health system. Since September last... Read More

Taxpayer dollars going up in smoke

Have you read the Government-funded cannabis legislation and control referendum information pamphlet that has been arriving in our letterboxes? The initial... Read More

A local fairytale

Once upon a time, King Lange and his Court arranged a marriage between a maiden called Mount Manganui Borough Council to a forever debt ridden suitor,... Read More