Vital information

The Elms Foundation’s letter of May 20, 2019, to the Tauranga City Council stated their “position was that our first preference was to have... Read More

Race relations

I was shocked and horrified to read in another local newspaper that Dame Susan Devoy was shooting off her mouth regarding race relations with regard to... Read More

Voting is a choice

The notion that young people, or for that matter anyone, should be encouraged to vote is both idealistic and illogical. It’s based on some sort of... Read More

Green’s Wacky Backy

The Green Party voted against the recently passed legislation allowing clubs and bars to have extended hours of trading to accommodate the Rugby World... Read More

Hard to digest

Proactive/Reactive. In Greerton, on a winter’s day, I’ve taken notice of vehicles for an hour and not seen a single cyclist. Motoring from... Read More

Debt figures

David Marshall says he has reduced debt by 26 per cent per household. I heard, while conversing with others, when he came into office, the non-current... Read More

Green or greenhouse?

Before we get too poetic about electric cars let’s think about the most powerful known greenhouse gas that has been leaking into Earth's atmosphere... Read More

Sea levels are different

There are still basic misunderstandings about sea level rise, as exposed by Rob Colmore, once again, and Alastair Bourne with his insults [Weekend Sun,... Read More

It’s all about the intention

As a submitter I attended the Tauranga City Council meeting [September 10] which frankly turned into a shambles. The question of 11 Mission Street, which... Read More

Bayfair ‘hospital’ pass

Dawn Picken’s opinion piece [Bay of Plenty Times, August 24] – it is all very well her ‘Citizens Underdogs’ for Bayfair Underpass... Read More

Rise and fall

Wesley Parish [The Weekend Sun, September 6] brings up relevant points regarding land rise and fall and sea level.   However, Nils Axel Morner who... Read More

Measles Epidemic 101

The recent “measles epidemic” in Auckland and other centres is being widely blamed on “anti-vaxxers”. Scapegoats also include... Read More

Wasted money

How much money should we allow the BOP Regional Council to lose on running empty busses before they are stopped? I believe the amount of losses is now... Read More

Why subsidise CBD?

Our city councillors are regularly requested to provide ratepayer funds to subsidise CBD promotional activities. The CBD business owners argue they require... Read More

Answers given

“Getting answers” [Letter in The Weekend Sun, September 6] generated this ‘LOGIMA’ update. We have considered your request in... Read More