Stand together

I am amazed at the division and hate in this country by the letters written and published, as well as attitudes in everyday outings. We are so one sided... Read More

Trees have their place

The Honourable Shane Jones seems hell bent on planting pines on large areas of good pasture land. Carbon credits and incentives need sensible outcomes;... Read More

Road madness

I am urging the council not to proceed with (what they call) the planned road "improvements" on 15th Ave. This is going to be months of utter... Read More

Fossil fuel reliance

You find the decision makers are “driving us crazy” (July 12, page 2). That’s not surprising when the people of Tauranga are so wedded... Read More

Climate change message

Neil Harvey (The Weekend Sun, July 12) is correct in just one respect: yes, of course I believe in what I wrote the week before. I have absolutely no ulterior... Read More

More views needed

Recently WBOPDC ratepayers were asked to submit their thoughts regards future waste collection. There were three plans offered for submission with number... Read More

Tale of two cities

Take two cities, both with numerous empty shops in the CBD. People are not going to either city for shopping, movies or meals. They both have car park... Read More

Tie breaker

With both teams equal on scores logic says that the team that lost the fewer wickets should be the winner. Bryan Johnson, Omokoroa.... Read More

Climate science

Peter Otway (The Weekend Sun, July 5) states: "Having such a poor grasp of science he like so many sceptics of climate science…" Climate... Read More

Climate con

The only thing confusing and laughable about Peter Otway’s letter last week, is the fact he actually believed what he wrote. Climate change is a... Read More

A high cost

Here’s a reprint from Tauranga City Council website.   “The Mount base track was damaged in a slip in April 2017.Temporary steps are... Read More

Cheap track solution

Robust vociferous, damning criticism on the proposed remedial works spend up on Mount base track that has rocketed from about $3million to around $7million... Read More

Not impressed

Tenby Powell writes from Auckland that he hopes to come to Tauranga's rescue astride his white charger complete with carpetbag. As he flits between... Read More

Museum referendum

So councillor Baldock wants a new referendum on a Museum in Tauranga. Oh no, not again! With council's squandering of ratepayers’ money on ill-considered... Read More

Free and easy fantasies

Mr Dey’s attack on Tony Fellingham (The Weekend Sun, June 14) justifiably got robust rebuttals from Don Brash and Richard Prince (The Weekend Sun,... Read More