The money or the honey

On Saturday I went to the farmers’ market to get some honey and was standing outside, with a gentleman and his lady. ‘It looks like we have... Read More

Cannabis versus alcohol

Considering the cannabis referendum is slowly approaching, I thought I’d share some actual information about the substance in question versus alcohol.... Read More

Pike River is more money wasted

There was a snippet in a national newspaper in March saying that the original estimated cost of entering the tunnel of $23 million has now doubled to $47... Read More

Change is needed

The Government’s climate change response (Zero Carbon Amendment Act 2019) covers both mitigation (reducing gas emissions) and adaptation, building... Read More

Elections are coming

Any doubts that the government has a political agenda in their approach to the present Covid19 emergency have certainly been removed by recent events. The... Read More

Conspiracy Theory

Mr Bridges had that smug look on his face this morning [May 20] on TV3’s The AM show when asked if he thinks the threat to his National throne is... Read More

Time to act

Thanks, Hutch, for your discussion about the COVID lockdown, and how it might change things. We really need to do some discussion about this as there will... Read More

Tired of rates reasoning

I am getting a bit sick of the Mayor’s photo and carefully considered comments on our rates increases. His cronies back him up with glib assurances... Read More

Accident is inevitable

For the past 30 years there have been complaints about the stretch of road from the railway bridge to Kotuku Domain on Plummers Point road. Numerous suggestions... Read More

Buying local

The Mayor of Western Bay of Plenty, Garry Webber has been encouraging people to ‘Buy Local’. He thinks that given current circumstances, now... Read More

Water use figure incorrect

R Stewart (The Weekend Sun, May 8) makes wild comments that it takes 800 litres of water for a farmer to produce a litre of milk to a bottle. Let me use... Read More

Challenged by the truth

J Shakespear in his letter (The Weekend Sun, May 8) does not seem to be as aware as he might be of the spread of Coronavirus. A recent report from Michael... Read More

The effect of cannabis

With the Government having prepared the information for the proposed law reform of the use of cannabis (also named marijuana or hashish or weed) for the... Read More

Communist Party suspicions

The Chinese Communist Party is a regime known for its human rights abuses. In my opinion, the CCP was quite happy in January, after Chinese New Year,... Read More

Making sacrifices

Interesting that almost everyone else has accepted the need for a reduction in salaries and a scaling back of future plans etc apart from every council... Read More