Monocultural society

We do not live in a multi-cultural society. We do not live in a bi-cultural society. New Zealand is a mono-cultural society. Broadly speaking, culture... Read More

The Colonel’s Coup

The divvying up of TCC council salary fund and allocation of the committee chairs and deputy jobs is something to behold - nothing wrong with the existing... Read More

Disrupted sleep

Traditionally, the night is for restful, rejuvenating sleep, but in this artificial light, wireless stimulation, Wifi connected society that joins the... Read More

Rubbish and recycling in Tauranga

As a recently returned citizen of Tauranga, and with no evidence of having been consulted as a ratepayer as to what we would like covered by our council... Read More

On the same wavelength

It is heartening to see at last we have a councillor who can clearly express a straight-forward and carefully thought out strategy as Andrew Hollis has... Read More

Working for a better environment

On October 24 there was a farming symposium in Te Puke to discuss the new regulations set to ensure our environment is better looked after for future generations. That... Read More

Thanks for looking after me

May I please say a BIG BIG thank you to the health services following my admission to hospital recently where I was admitted to Tauranga Hospital for three... Read More

Teaching both sides

A call has been made for the land wars, that awful blot on our history, to be taught in schools, but what has been done for atonement should be told also. Included... Read More

The curiosity of a child

It is a lovely sunny morning and I am nearly home following my early morning walk. A little girl on her bicycle comes towards me riding on the footpath.... Read More

Melbourne Cup deaths

This is a message for the people protesting over six horses dying over the last six years doing what they love. How about showing the same concern for... Read More

The right mix of penalties

I thank J. Stewart, Papamoa, who posted a letter in the Weekend Sun, November 1, for me to further elaborate on the consequences needed for bad behaviour... Read More

Newly elected council

It was of much interest to hear and read of the developments within the City Council at their inaugural meeting, (which was, apparently, somewhat of a... Read More

Mauao Base Track

The stupidity of man is so great it is out of this world. $5.2 million to fix a track that only about five people a year will use, if that. Do you really... Read More

Councillors pay scales

It does not take one long to have doubts about the way the new remuneration rates for councillors were accomplished. Interesting to see the mayoral salary... Read More

Community board surprise

Western Bay of Plenty's re-elected Mayor Garry Webber has stated that he wants to restructure community boards. We don't think Mr Webber can restructure... Read More