You would be wise to face any suspicions head on. An interest in renovating picks up. This is an excellent time to make restorations.
If thinking about a promotion, don't come on to strong.


Your wit crackles, but watch that sarcastic streak. Saturday - Sunday are intuitive days, so follow your heart. This a good week for team sports, as a participant or spectator.


This is a turning point kind of week. It may be time to think about making an important career and/or domestic decision. The emphasis is on communicating. Make overdue calls, letters or emails.


Variation characterises the week. You will discover a change is far more entertaining than a rest. The weekend includes some misunderstandings, reunions, and surprise guests.


You enjoy a good argument this week - the key is to keep debates on an intellectual level. You have a knack for playing the matchmaker but remember, your thoughts may not be the same as others.


This is a good week for strengthening family ties. Write or email overseas relatives or host an impromptu reunion. Be extra alert to your own good ideas and follow them up before someone else has a chance.


Some great ideas are developing and you can begin putting some to use. Concern over older relatives eases. Onward and upward moves are accented and at least one forgotten favour is generously returned.


Grooming is critical. It's a must that you look your best, so don't begrudge the time or expense involved. You are a wonderfully creative cook or decorator - earning a round of oohs and ahhs.


Be alert to your moods and the moods of others. A perceptive
Sagittarius can make major gains now. Keeping secrets proves a mighty challenge. For singles, great possibilities loom all weekend.


You seem to have a hand in everyone's work, bringing good results whether volunteering or not. Anything off the record can be taken seriously. Put your great imagination to work, it could work out well for you.


Feuding friends ask you to play referee - proceed at your own risk. Postponements are a way of life, but worry not - a lot of behind-the-scenes activity is happening now and good news awaits.


This week there is a possible leaning toward the excess. You come on too strong with loved ones and get carried away with entertainment expenses. It's important that you appreciate life's lighter side - particularly during the weekend.

Your birthday this week

Financial security is among your chief goals so you have the rest of this year to achieve it. Try being less impulsive and think twice before purchasing that much needed article. Romance takes on a new dimension, provided you don't insist on having everything yesterday.