Your artful approach is being admired. Some interesting letters, emails or texts are due - read between the lines. Spend more time with your partner, even if it means shifting priorities.


This is a patchwork week - lots of colour but little pattern. A minute amount of emotional tension can mushroom unless you are alert. With diet and money - restraints, please.


The keyword this week is ‘plod'. Not as dull as it sounds, it's a delightfully satisfying week. This will see a weekend of friends, and there are many of them, just dropping in.


At home you may be on the receiving line for a gag or two and at the work place you are Mr/Ms popular. Friends talk about their aches and pains. Are they telling a doctor, too?


Your sense of timing is off - you say the right thing to the wrong person. You may feel you are in a rut. Try a new form of relaxation.


It is low-key when expressing emotions - don't go overboard. There may be some absentmindedness and possible sloppiness with numbers. This week, an excellent tonic would be physical activity.


An ordinary family problem becomes complicated and a harmless remark is easily misinterpreted. Your life brightens around the weekend when you become the object of everyone's affection.


Your financial wizardry is dazzling! You may receive a surprise call and only gradually do you realise its' significance. Don't hesitate to amend a recent decision.


Exchange is the week's theme.Trade ins and pooling ideas brings results and rewards. Your Sagittarius ingenuity solves domestic hassles. Exercise is important, but don't overdo.


Your social life plays second fiddle to everything. Family matters beckon and you are working overtime. A new hobby could have you hooked. Avoid lifting heavy objects all weekend.


Patience is the key. Allow your partner to work out personal anxieties. Travel is favoured, but be wary who you travel with. Unplanned expenses may hit you by the weekend.


Good things are happening - to everyone else. You spend the week offering congratulations. The weekend offers lively entertainment.
This is a good week for job hunting.

Your birthday this week

Your are occasionally too practical and generally a loner, but you have a definite romantic streak. Financial gains are indicated.
In love, give more praise than advice.

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