It seems a race is on to complete a number of jobs. Financial schemes that seem too good to be true are just that. In romance, don't play skeptic.


If this week's events were part of a script, you would be the director - keeping activities in motion and assigning roles to actors. You could be easily deceived on the weekend. Check purchases meticulously.


Concentrate on now things - don't dwell on the past so much. By Sunday, unexpected guests seem like a way of life. Don't be shy and try to promote yourself more.


Friendship and sharing are the week's themes. There may be some anxieties over goals that seem evasive. The best course is to plod on and enjoy the successes of loved ones.


Get rid of those rose tinted glasses and face important realities as soon as possible. Find a new physical outlet and clean up outstanding debts. You could take on the role of teacher's pet.


Finding yourself doing several jobs at once, it's easy to skip eating and resting. Look after your health diligently. The week may find you the time for much reading and sending emails to friends you haven't contacted for a while.


This could be the week to make gifts for your friends. Remember it's not the cost but the thought that counts. The week ends with a big sigh of relief. If you are celebrating, take you partner out to a movie or restaurant


For the unattached, this is a marveous time to develop a relationship. Slow down a bit, friends are having trouble keeping up with you. Joint ventures are favoured.


Thoughts and projects go off on tangents making for a dizzy but amusing week. Academic pursuits are stressed from Thursday on. A financial opportunity opens up but investigate it throughly.


You are the super salesperson now, but make sure you believe in what you are selling. Don't forget special occasions and don't forget to be a little more sporty.


The weekend starts on a capricious note and is followed by a week of diligence. Be cautious and check anything you are signing - and watch out for anyone oozing too much charm.


Recent tensions relax and romance is on the upswing. Your credibility could be challenged around Friday - be prepared to back up remarks.

Your birthday this week

Intensity is your keyword. Your passionate nature spills over from romance into the spheres of work and politics. Politics and romance, both could be featured next year. Be less secretive, especially with loved ones.


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