You are in the limelight on the weekend. In friendship,follow instincts much more so than usual. On the other hand, avoid impulse buying this week.


There's a dip in self confidence early in the week, then you find yourself meeting old responsibilities with new determination. Thursday, Friday is for teaching, the weekend is for learning.


This is the week to boost your partner's sagging confidence and be alert to children's changing attitudes. It is an excellent time for presenting ideas and proposals - on the job and on the home front.


A loved one seems a little to easy to please you right now, but there's no reason to be suspect. Friends share good news around the weekend. Prepare to deal with friction among relatives.


Lots of helpful people - too many for your taste, show up during the weekend. Your best allies seem to be men and women of another generation. It's easy to misinterpret a loved one's sweetest remarks.


Luck is with you much of the week, but it also deserts you on important occasions. Challenge is your present keyword. Your vitality is inspiring and you can achieve a major goal.


Travel is indicated, but enjoyable and successful trips need more than the usual hours preparation. Family can be less than cooperative until the weekend, then everything is on the up and up.


Your life is a lost and found department, losing confidence, then gaining ground. You can be unsure of yourself but also you can be shrewd and perceptive. A cherished romantic wish may turn into reality by the weekend.


Romance wise, there are several intriguing challenges facing you now - by the end of the week you could find that the more you try to simplify life, the more entangled the situation may become. Rest is a must.


Expect to meet two quite different people after the weekend and to learn something from each one. Make caution your byword. Eliminate home hazards and most importantly, guard words carefully.


Friendship is at up-tempo, but you can't take it for granted now. Attend to the tiniest of details. Starting on Thursday, look forward to loosening the money belt.


Distractions put you behind schedule and you may find that you have to cancel weekend plans. Entertainment is the theme. Look forward to amusing encounters and cultural evenings.

Your birthday this week

You are equally famous for your judgement, your passions, your energy and your good advice to others. Meanwhile, you have also achieved prominence for being unbending, suspicious and mysterious. You are finding that there are an enormous amount of financial options - your problem lies in the choosing.