Candlelight and wine suit the mood of this romantic nostalgic week. At work, the friction does not go away and this may be the right time to take positive action.


A friend's intentions may be more earnest than you initially believe. An overdue payment arrives, and surprise expenses may prove unavoidable. Financial tensions begin to ease.


Travel plans may require a review. Be prepared for changing conditions. Some advice from a younger relative could prove benificial. Your romantic slump is temporary. Job tensions ease.


A financial breakthrough may take place provided you remain alert to trends. A partner's argumentative streak may surface toward the weekend but your offbeat sense of humour saves the day.


A small but welcome financial windfall may arrive after the weekend. If sharing expenses or dividing labour, be sure all terms are understood in advance. Advertising ventures prove rewarding.


Prepare to agree to disagree with a romantic partner or business associate. Work out a realistic health and fitness programme which should commence this week.


This is the week for receiving surprise invitations. Career expectations may prove unrealistic. Use the week to sort priorities and outline goals. Don't take romantic situations for granted.


Travel is highlighted. The week sees you taking a jaunt to an unusual destination.You might be a little gullible - take all rumours with more than a grain of salt


ou do more than your share of entertaining, partly because friends from faraway may pay you a surprise visit. The romantic road is less rocky, thanks to you commonsense philosophy.


A wounded friendship shows signs of recovery, but don't rush the healing process. Relatives count on your good humour to end a squabble. A dull job brightens dramatically


Friendship is the theme of the week as oldtimers return and new relationships are forged. Watch a tendency to overextend yourself. You may be promising more than you want to deliver.


nds are tied up quickly, then it's on to a new challenge. People from abroad enter the scene. Be certain that colleagues understand your expectations.

Your birthday this week

You are a born romantic and a natural leader and you thrive in the limelight. This year sees you sharing centre stage and benefiting as a result. Spontaneity is important as you enter a key romantic cycle. In money matters, watch a tendency to take unnecessary risks.