Travel or travel planning is favoured. This weekend there could be opportunities for acquiring small treasures. Financial reviews and possible reconciliations are highlighted.


Competitions based on skill are favoured. A decision about your career may have to made this week. The week generally accents a trend towards simplifying your surroundings.


Your home life is a hub of activity, while your career environment becomes somewhat quieter. Arranging priorities is itself a high priority. You are going through a stage of self confidence and this is the time to pursue major goals.


Your determination helps you achieve a key goal ahead of schedule. New challenges are in the offering. Be careful not to overextend yourself. Your partner is in a philosophical mood.


Reunions of various sorts are accented this week. A friend may overwhelm you with his or her generosity. Avoid extremes in dieting, travelling or excercising.


Modern technology seems less intimidating and the week generally sees you upgrading your skills. Opportunities for renewing friendships are offered. Possible communication snags may slow you down.


The week is generally favourable for moves, promotions and renewing personal and professional contacts. Overdue news on a family matter may arrive after the weekend. Your self image brightens.


Behind the scenes events are occuring that may positively affect your community. A shaky relationship stabilises once you take a more objective approach.


You find yourself basking in the glory of a loved ones' accomplishments. Cultural activities should liven up your weekend. A romantic streak may surface. Don't hesitate to write a sentimental verse.


You have a knack for making requests and generally getting your way. Put this ability to wise use. A platonic friendship is highlighted. An intriguing letter or email may arrive on the weekend.


Be wary of those who make an all out effort to impress you with their knowledge. The quiet types are the ones you can count on. Innovation and experimentation are your keywords.


This is a good week for intellectual pursuits, including those combined with romance or friendship. This weekend accents detours and discoveries. There is a focus on health related activities and fitness schemes.

Your birthday this week

You establish quick rapport with people from every walk of life and you have a gift for making everyone feel welcome. It may be difficult for you to see a project through to completion. Renewing old friendships is a great possibility.

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