A transition week. Upward moves are indicated and romance takes a new turn. Scientific and technical tasks are highlighted. A financial review should not be postponed.


This is a strange week, especially at the workplace - disorderly and a bit upbeat. Later in the week favours interviews and preparing resumes. Some look to you as their number one advisor.


You achieve high marks in the social arena, but in finance you might be vulnerable. Your most compatible companions now include Virgo and Scorpio.


Singles should mingle and people with partners should consider travel or making travel plans. This is a mobile week which could find you moving about on the job or being given an out of town assignment.


Family disputes and over shared finances benefit from a cooling off period. Romance accents the intellectual side of your relationship. Arranging parties and meetings is your present strength.


A gentle touch is not your best technique. Make your point clearly and loudly. Your design sense is on target.This is a splendid week for decorating a room or planning your new look.


Things run more smoothly at home than at the work place. It is not the week to speak your mind. This weekend emphasises the sentimental side of your mate's personality.


Be alert to new job options through the week. More time than planned is required for educational activities. Avoid last minute efforts. Romance is suddenly very sweet.


You win the support of your superiors, but red tape becomes more troublesome than ever. A relationship becomes more intense through the week. Public speaking is a strong point on the weekend.


Partnership arrangements improve after a solid review and perhaps an outside opinion. Your psychic gifts are sharp. Financial transactions are delayed. Don't be shy in approaching creditors.


Family aggravation could arrive on Thursday or Friday, and you are nominated to play diplomat. Group adventures are featured on the weekend. A Gemini or Leo may step into the romantic picture.


The keyword now is experimentation, whether at home, at school or at the workplace. Health needs should be a priority. This is a good time to speak your mind - you are more objective, less emotional.

Your birthday this week

You are caution personified and kindness itself. You are also quite a bit ahead of your time. Now accents academic branching out and the discovery of new talents. Financial setbacks alternate with gains and budgeting is critical through the rest of the year.

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