A rival at the workplace may be changing tactics - don't try to beat them at their own game. Long term relationships should not be taken for granted. Make an effort to enhance this friendship.


Hobbies are accented as a diverting and perhaps profitable outlet for your energy. Weigh pros and cons objectively as you approach a career or academic crossroad.


Financial complications and romantic entanglements get the week off to a hectic start, but the trend snaps by Friday.  A financial bonanza and a romantic celebration may reverse the situation.


Children can influence your major decisions this week. Be aware of the changing moods of friends. An out of town shopping spree or travel plans proves a diverting tonic.


Don't be subtle when making requests - you can't expect anyone to be reading your mind. After a weak start, a happy new friendship is ready for takeoff. A colleague is willing to compromise.


Curiosity becomes increasingly active, and with good reason. Stay alert especially to changing trends in the neighbourhood. If seeking advice or information, visit top specialists.


You could be wearing many hats during a week that accents versatility and new responsibilities. A favour seeking acquaintance tries a new strategy. It's best to follow your instincts.


This is a great week to sharpen those rusty skills and renew old business contacts. In romance, it's your turn to make the first and second moves. Be quick to recognize your loved one's achievements.


On the homefront, tiffs seem a way of life so your special brand of diplomacy is crucial.  The accent should be on exercise and health, no matter how busy your are.


Marvellous buying and selling opportunities abound through this week. Meditation and philosophical conversations should help you formulate ideas. Insignificant issues become controversial.


The emphasis is on revision. Ideas and plans can change several times through the week. Perception skills seem uncanny. In romance, take the initiative - even if it isn't your turn.


Your management skills are impressive, but don't give instructions all the time. A friend's romantic success may upset your own week - your patience and humour will help you through.

Your birthday this week

You are down-to-earth and dependable and your taste is inspiring. On the flip side, you are stubborn and self indulgent. Good companionship and surprise travel could highlight the rest of the year. You may be less successful at reaching short term goals than planning long term ones.