This is a puzzling week in that easy jobs become time consuming chores and impossible accomplishments take little effort. At work, play by the rules, especially in dealing with those higher-up.


You have difficulty in making a point verbally, but in creative writing you shine now. Relations with people who handle your money should improve. Work done last month brings many compliments.


Despite being a restless spirit, this is not the week to get away from it all. There may be an important activity happening close to home. Starting Thursday, listen for good financial tips but don't act without consultation.


This is a transition week. Long range goals undergo change and you may be contemplating a new career. Relatives need encouragement on the weekend. Romance could become a little more complicated.


You will find this a favourable week for completing projects and for health related matters. On the weekend however, watch that an argument doesn't bring out that sarcasm. The romance picture brightens after the weekend.


A new assignment turns out to be very challenging, but it is essential you double check any work done with numbers. Catch up on rest and sign up for a physical fitness regime. You need lots of energy now.


This is a mobile week favouring travel or moves. You could be called upon to do some sleuthing on the weekend. Recreation is favoured all week, but it is a must that you dress appropriately.


You are called upon to make an instant decision. Rely less on intuition than logic. Your judgement is strong, but don't offer advice on romantic topics. Watch out for excesses in wining, dining and physical activity.


Go ahead, celebrate, whether or not there's actually an occasion. The accent is on an outdoor activity, perhaps with a Leo or a fellow Sagittarius. Money making ideas finally gain needed support by the weekend.


Family tensions ease so you can now enjoy a weekend of warmth and affection. Thursday - Friday could see you entering into a partnership - make sure you read all the fine print.


Don't take relationships for granted - if in doubt, speak up. You are in the mood to be a big spender on the weekend, but your partner may play scrooge. Children come up with practical ideas now.


It is important to look your best through the weekend, whether picking up groceries or attending an elegant function. Check that messages are completely understood - incoming and outgoing ones.

Your birthday this week

You are highly receptive to the feelings of others, sensitive to influences around you and occasionally introverted. These are your positive and negative traits. An obstacle course seems to be set up in the coming months - in a way it strengthens you for challenges.


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