Friendship, the platonic variety is featured now. Career promises are not fulfilled, yet. Family life can be hectic throughout the weekend. Don't fight it, join in the fun.


Certain new pressures could be on you this weekend, at work and in the home. Don't compensate by over-eating, or over-shopping, rather concoct a novel solution - it may be the answer.


It could be a little difficult to express your ideas right now. Everything you say seems to have a deeper meaning. Extra caution is important when shopping. Be sure guarantees are in writing.


Your life suddenly seems to have new pizzazz. You feel like a beautiful person and your new look wins admirers. Long distance communications highlights the week.


This is a creative stimulating, financially bright week. Perhaps this combination suggests that you turn an artistic project into a money making venture.


A surprise reunion and an uncanny coincidence are the week's highlights. A friend may seem unusually aloof. It's important that you remain concerned, but be careful not to pry.


Praise from a higher-up is offered with sincerity and even love. Watch your own words - a mischosen turn of phrase could offend a touchy friend or relative.


 Expect to be in the limelight for some time this week. While you may be recognized by many, plan to enjoy several ego satisfying gestures. Romance wise it will be a subdued time.


This is an excellent week for joining an organisation and or being elected to a responsible post. An intriguing family related phone call leaves several questions unanswered.


If you have been holding off on a decision, you may be forced to commit yourself now. There may be possible mix ups during the weekend, but earlier in the week, jobs proceed with breathtaking speed.


An important goal continues to be right out of grasp -but you are on the brink of realizing it, so don't compromise now. The weekend can be a warm family time. Just don't bring up touchy topics.


There will be numerous distractions during this energetic, lively week. Travel planning is favoured. A new personality in the neighbourhood may turn out to be more facinating than you believe.

Your birthday this week

Your generosity is legendary, as is your need to be on centre stage whenever possible. Career advancement is likely over the next six months, but you must share the spotlight more than you would like. Your philosophy on life is slowly changing.


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