Hunches are generally strong, especally those related to career prospects. Overseas corresponence encourages you to shape your own travel plans. A research project brings some surprises


Careful planning may help you avoid a financial snag. Watch a tendency to take risks - you are in an adventurous mood. Your creative energies are high and your efforts could win you high praise


A dull job suddenly becomes much more interesting. Your social life is livelier too. A friend may become suddenly possessive so try to nip the problem in the bud.


You may find friends to be a little argumentative. Do your best to remain objective. A loved one is more willing to co-operate in a joint venture. Academic advancement is highlighted.


Tackling large jobs is your current strength. The simple tasks may present unexpected problems. This is a good time for getting in touch with friends who have drifted away.


Transportation and communication problems are starting to end. Your independent streak is surfacing, but try to include your partner in your plans. You have a knack of excluding those who could could be the most helpful.


A trusted friend may help you out of a rut. You begin to feel more ambitious this week, but work accordingly to a plan. Romance accents its whimsical side.


You can boost your partner's sagging confidence and encourage children to realize their potential. An interesting financial option could require further research before you make a definite decision


This is an excellent week for presenting your proposals. Your instincts are sharp, especially in domestic matters. A happy romantic trend continues through the week and at the end of the week a recent mystery is solved.


Your charisma helps you avoid some tricky situations this week, at home or at work - but don't count on it exclusively. You are very popular at present and you could receive a series of invitations


Careerwise, you may find that a more traditional approach appeals to your superiors. Don't be experimental just to be different. Some good financial news may arrive this week.


Your energy level is generally high, but avoid over extending yourself. You can be somewhat gullible so don't believe every strange tale you hear right now. A reward bonus of some sort may arrive by the end of the week.

Your birthday this week

Ruled by the heart, you are sentimental, understanding and impulsive. An important alliance, personal or professional may be forged. Competitions featuring yourself or close relatives are highlighted later in the year.