You can make important gains now, provided you resist impulsive moves. Your popularity dips before the weekend, but by Sunday you are the top name on the social roster.


The beginning of this week is frantic. Plans are rearranged and it seems that cancellations are unavoidable - but dig for a solution and you will find it. Children are in  the picture on the weekend and you will enjoy  their sense of humour immensely.


This week you seem unusually clever in financial matters. Still major risks should be avoided as your intuition is weak. News from a distant corner could cheer you and your whole family.


This is a great week for putting on those finishing touches. Money matters may improve after the weekend. Weekend plans may be cancelled - the reason is legitimate, though not completely understood.


A barter system could be the answer to decrease costs. A family deadlock is broken by the weekend. Simplicity is the key this week in everything you do, including your dress.


Don't be secretive or coy with your worries. It's easy to be accident prone in the work environment so take a more relaxed approach. There should be some financial gains after the  weekend.


Messages seem to be weighted with hidden meanings, but only because they really are so simple. This is the weekend for entering contests, attending sports events and taking on a new physical activity.


For health's sake, make balance your present keyword. Balance work with recreation and a balanced diet. An unexpected expense may be required on Thursday, meaning the delay of a longed-for luxury.


A phone call from a relative may answer an important question but open up a new area of concern. Don't get carried  away with recent success at the workplace. Your love life brightens by the end of the week.


The trouble this week is that every problem has two good solutions. The best plan is to aim for long-range success. You are extremely popular Wednesday - Thursday, enjoy the company, but watch out for rich foods.


Expect to be called on to assume a family related obligation, but consider all the implications before committing yourself. This is not the week for shortcuts. Everything taking a bit longer is best.


Be more careful in choosing words and phrases. If you are not prepared with the facts, embarassment could follow. Friday favours financial gains. The weekend features outstanding entertainment.

Your birthday this week

The first impression you present is a lasting one. You are determined, supportive, reliable. ambitious and slightly aloof. In all realms - romance, finance and friendship, there are a lot of options in the months ahead. It's your choice.