Luck is with you but you can't count on it exclusively. You take on new challenges with great determination. Be careful not to leave projects half completed.


There may be a dip in self confidence, but by the weekend you find yourself responding to challenges with renewed zeal. Later in the week could find you involved in a teaching role.


Small mix-ups are dotted through the week. Travel ideas may be developing into realities. In romance, a less conservative approach may appeal to your other half.


A loved one seems almost too easy to please, but there's no cause for alarm. A friend shares some good news that involves you indirectly. Any friction among workmates should end abruptly.


Romance wise, this can be an upbeat week. The key is to make most of all situations. Make an added attempt to simplify your life.


This is a favourable week for assigning projects to others and assessing your own future prospects. A friend may introduce you to a new hobby that is interesting but unexpectedly costly.


Guard words carefully. It's tempting to divulge information to the wrong parties. Best friends now are of another generation and an acquaintance who is trying to be helpful may be a little too helpful.


Some frustrating delays are offset by a productive cycle. Romance shows its sentimental side this week. Self improvement plans are highlighted.


Travel is indicated, with the accent on spontaneity. A family member may be surprisingly stubborn, then suddenly co-operative. The weekend includes touches of glamour, humour and confusion.


Distractions can put you behind schedule. You may be re-shuffling plans after the weekend. Your ideas will benefit from refinement. Discoveries around the house could solve an on going mystery.


Expect to meet several quite different people this week. Best allies now are of the opposite sex. A loved one may misinterpret your intentions. Home improvements may be delayed for a little longer.


Friendships generally are spotlighted, with well established relationships becoming even more important. Detail to work should not be ignored, especially where numbers and dates are involved.

Your birthday this week

When you give your attention to something, you give your all - until another interest comes your way. This trait may prove frustrating to friends, but it keeps you young. Personal relationships and renewed compliments are spotlighted. Educational interests continue to expand.