Doubts clear regarding the motivations of a workmate or neighbour. Some legal affairs may require prompt and careful attention this week.


Your enthusiasm for a new project heightens, but evaluate it thoroughly before making a financial commitment. You and your partner may share a new interest. A public speaking performance earns kudos.


Your mechanical abilities may be strong, but don't tackle projects beyond your scope. A financial favour may be returned. Weigh all sides carefully before making a career related decision.


Watch out for a reckless streak that finds you saying “yes” when you should be saying “I'll think about it”. Meeting people from diverse backgrounds makes this a social and educational week.


Believing in yourself is the key if others are to believe in you. Communications improve, thanks to your more positive approach. Your love life is on a steadier footing.


You are in the right place at the right time, leading to gains in areas of career or education. Community interests appeal to you but check out how many strings are attached.


Tryouts prove rewarding this week, provided you are in shape both mentally and physically. Your partner is more reliable and more understanding - but also much busier than of late.


Tensions ease, but only after you speak your mind. Your partner may be in a surprisingly extravagant mood and eager to spoil you. A friend may be a little too curious over the weekend.


A friend is willing to admit errors. Now it's up to you not to press the point. Advice coming your way may need careful evaluation. Your sense of justice prevails in a community matter.


Leadership comes naturally to you, which is a blessing this week. Friends and work mates look to you to take charge. A family misunderstanding clears.


Friends arrive late and projects may be delayed. Be prepared with reading matter and the like. This is a good week for tackling detailed chores. Your promotional skills are sharp.


Your career pace quickens, while romance progresses gently but surely. You enjoy the limelight on the weekend.
Financial housekeeping is important before you are swamped with still more paper.

Your birthday this week

You are an excellent student, absorbing life's lessons. As a teacher, you tend to be impatient. Beautiful objects are important to you, but see you pursuing educational rather than materialistic goals. Some changes in your career path may take place.