Your thrift and resourcefulness will win you praise from high places. You and your partner may agree to disagree. Be careful of a tendency to divulge information to the wrong party.


Your positive traits are prominent. You excel now in the roles of student and teacher and cheer a friend with your infectious enthusiasm. In finance, the keyword is restraint.


Your fashion sense is high. This is a good week for planning a new wardrobe. Don't fish around if seeking answers. Take a direct approach both at home and in the workplace.


Rough ideas become much more concrete through this constructive week. This is a good week to rummage through old treasures and hand some of them down to your loved ones.


playing the waiting game in romance, you will continue to wait. Bargain hunting may pay off on and after the weekend. A home improvement project may finally get under way.


If signing any document, be sure to read the small as well as the large print. A new project may be favourably launched now. Intellectual and creative endeavours are highlighted.


An unusual hobby could pay modest dividends by the end of the week. Reports may be less than reliable. Be sure to have all the facts before making any key statement.


This will be a good week for reminiscing, planning surprise outings, visits and writing sweet notes. Educational events are spotlighted through the weekend.


The ability to negotiate is strengthened through the week. Travel and promotions are spotlighted. A partner is more optimistic and older relatives more realistic.


Community involvement is highlighted though this week. Your responsibilities increase and prestige is enhanced. In the workplace - watch out for that someone who may be out to steal your thunder.


An important business alliance may be forged, but be sure that all questions are answered before you sign on the dotted line. The romance forecast is favourable, thanks to your partner's generosity


Your sense of humour sets a new relationship on the right course. A deceptive streak may surface after the weekend - don't believe everything you see. A new source of income may appear.

Your birthday this week

You are a reliable and a life-long friend and patience is your middle name. Being stubborn is your most famous trait, and there could be key opportunities coming your way this year if you take control of your stubborn streak. It is no coincidence that you may be meeting an enthusiastic individual with a very wide range of interests.