This is a week of puzzles and you need to draw on the wisdom of an older person to solve a mystery. If traditional approaches don't bring expected results, opt for a more experimental style.


Your natural charm shines and your social life will begin to sparkle. Your temperature may rise over a small crisis. Strive for more independence on the weekend.


This should be a quiet week, but a good time for getting in touch with yourself and mapping out short range goals. Recent uncertainties, especially regarding your domestic situation are favourably resolved.


Casual visits turn into memorable occasions and spontaneous calls touch you deeply. This the week for self pampering. Treat yourself to a warm soak after a hard day.


You switch back and forth between hectic and lazy days during this curious week. Friends may approach you for advice and/or sympathy.


You are about to catch up - and about to be overwhelmed once again with work and people - but - and it's an especially important 'but' for singles, don't miss out on social functions.


Family members decide to show their devotion. It's been a while since they have shown their affection. A VIP may be visiting your home or office so some homework on his/her field.


Your intellectual powers are strong and the week offers the potential for a major accomplishment. Friends may return old favours and beg new ones. Noisy surroundings may drive you out of your home on the weekend.


Suggestions you give are always 'on target', that you are regarded as an inspired advice columnist. Oddly sometimes you doubt your own counsel. A financial mystery is solved by Thursday.


Competition is your present keyword. You are in the mood to go after everything. First place is all you are interested in. Some may find your attitude refreshing, others intimidated.


You could find yourself untangling a web of conflicting ideas at the workplace and in the community. Pay attention to financial details and don't be so easily convinced you are wrong.


This week has a carnival feeling. Children, laughter and a buzz of excitement are all part of the scene. Two special areas of caution: Clothing (it's easy to dress inappropriately) and diet (it's easy to forget meal-times)

Your birthday this week

Practical is everything you do and you are able to create beauty wherever you go. With loved ones, you are kind and attentive, but when love is not returned, you can grow moody and silent. Life seems predictable until you realise that some of your faraway goals are within reach.