A chance meeting may lead to a new partnership endeavour.
A physical fitness regime is accented, but don't take on too much, too soon. Be cautious if embarking on a shopping spree.


A loved one is more assertive, thanks largely to your encouragement. Creative activities are spotlighted. In legal matters, be sure you understand all the fine print.


You may overcome hurdles on the road to romance, but a commonsense attitude is the key. Going after a professional goal requires new determination. The results should be worth the effort.


There may be opportunities this week for joining a new social group. Financial reviews and accounting chores occupy the week. A family problem should resolve itself by the weekend.


A new friendship may not be progressing according to your hopes, but don't force the issue. An open-minded approach to values or relatives, helps to ease some tensions


Vague instructions from higher-ups require clarification. If travelling, renew your itinerary early on in the trip. Try to patch up family disputes.


Property matters involve much of your time. Don't neglect health and fitness programmes. An unusual hobby may attract you, but go easy on the expenses.


Legal negotiations may take place. Some detours and re-routings may occur. New interests and perhaps a new relationship may occupy your time.


Arranging social events is a present strength. Romantic roadblocks may be moved away with help of some creative thinking. In negotiations, you gain the edge.


Being more spontaneous and more natural can lead to an enhanced relationship. Brainstorming sessions yield a solution to a difficult dilemma.  Capitalize on an opportunity to forgive a friend.


You might be enrolling in some interesting classes, while at the same time you take on the role of teacher (although in an informal manner). Relationships generally improve now.


Interesting offers present themselves. In your career sphere especially, avoid rash moves. Your willpower is stronger than it has been for a while. You may find yourself enjoying some nostalgia this week.

Your birthday this week

A quick portrait: Pioneering, adventurous, impulsive, restless, enterprising and independent. Family tensions ease as relatives start to see eye to eye. Opportunities for travel are numerous. You are increasingly sharp in business negotiations.