Ten is the new 30!

Vanessa Dodunski  from Enable Me When you celebrate a birthday that has a zero at the end of it, people reassure you it's the new 30! Be it 40, 50... read more

Cruising into a record season

Kristin Dunne  Tourism Bay of Plenty Cruising through Tauranga Harbour and soaking up the breathtaking views towards our majestic Mauao and Pilot... read more

More advice from Auntie Roger

Brian Rogers  Rogers Rabbits Readers may recall that a few weeks ago The Sun received letters asking for wise and sage advice.... read more

On regional fuel tax

Todd Muller  National MP   On July 1, the government's Regional Fuel Tax came into effect after Labour put the House into urgency so they could... read more

Free speech isn’t free

Straight from city council  A personal view,  by Councillor Steve Morris The night Winston Peters announced he'd selected Jacinda Ardern to... read more


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