More rain on the way for dry parts of the North

Rain is falling over the northern half of the North Island, and MetService is forecasting further periods of rain today. The remainder of the country... Read More

Rain for North Island expected this week

MetService is forecasting rain ahead for the North Island this coming week. "A subtropical low approaches the North Island from the north Tasman... Read More

What‘s on - council open day, sport, art

Good morning and welcome to Saturday. Ko te ra tenei i hanga e te Ariki. Ka koa tatou, ka koa hoki ki reira. MetService are forecasting a mainly fine... Read More

Stunning sunset snapped + pics

Photos of last night's sunset are being shared far and wide this morning. SunLive has received a number of pictures showing the stunning colours... Read More

Drought predictions for top and bottom of NZ

Parts of the country may have to prepare for a drought for a third consecutive year. Although spring rain may be keeping some hopeful, it is getting... Read More

Rain clouds open up over Tauranga

Rain is finally falling in Tauranga this afternoon, but it looks to be short-lived with fine weather being predicted for most of the weekend. MetService... Read More

Tauranga’s fourth hottest day ever

Tauranga’s scorcher start to the week made it the hottest location in the country, according to NIWA. Not only did Tauranga top the heatwave charts... Read More

Increase in bites and rashes as weather heats up

Warmer sea temperatures and a changing climate could be what is causing more ocean-borne bites, stings and rashes, a marine scientist says. Ocean swimmers... Read More

Cold front to sweep up from the south

  As Cyclone Cody moves away, swell and wind are still expected to impact New Zealand.   It was a busy weekend for meteorologists as they... Read More

Tonga eruption could cool global temperatures

The Hunga-Tonga-Hunga-Ha'apai volcanic eruption is unlikely to have a significant cooling effect on temperatures globally, say NIWA scientists. When... Read More

Council plea after removal of Mauao warning signs

Tauranga City Council are asking members of the public not to disregard safety advice surrounding Mauao and Moturiki/Leisure Island amid turbulent water... Read More

Blistering heat for BOP but large swells remain

Tauranga residents can expect some blistering heat throughout Monday, and the rest of the week, with the sea not providing the usual respite for residents. MetService... Read More

Cyclone Cody expected to stay clear of NZ

MetService meteorologists advise that the risk of heavy rain has diminished as Cyclone Cody looks to track east of New Zealand. However, the risk of... Read More

Wind watch in force as Cyclone Cody heads to NZ

A strong wind watch is in force for the Bay of Plenty tonight. The MetService says Cyclone Cody, currently over waters to the northeast of New Zealand,... Read More

Cody sliding east but remains a powerful storm

Cody remains a serious storm but latest tracking to the east reduces the risks to more parts of the North Island, says a spokesperson. "As... Read More