What is the fuss about gaming?

Concerns over the addictive nature of online gaming and its effects will be addressed by a national expert at a free event in Tauranga. Psychotherapist, and New Zealand’s leading expert on gaming addiction, James Driver will be hosting Gaming...... Read More

Plans for online voting ’dangerous’

An Australian IT expert says New Zealand would be crazy to adopt online voting for local government elections and would be opening itself up to widespread electoral fraud. Nine councils including Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton and Tauranga want to...... Read More

Eight tonnes of supplies shipped to Kermadecs

The New Zealand Defence Force is taking about eight tonnes of supplies to the Kermadec Islands this week to sustain scientific work in the remote islands over the next six months. Commodore Tony Millar, the Maritime Component Commander, says offshore...... Read More

Mount Surf Club embraces new donation technology

As it builds for the future the Mount Manganui Lifeguard Service is also embracing the future as it looks to a new donation pay system to help cover the costs of the rebuild. Traditionally, small change donations have been collected using collection...... Read More

Survey shows game development industry’s rise

New Zealand’s game development industry earned a record $143 million in the last financial year. The annual revenue represents a 43 per cent rise on the previous year. The survey of 41 New Zealand Game Developers Association studios found 93...... Read More

Schools line up for national robotics challenge

A robotics completion for primary schools that began in the Eastern Bay of Plenty, has become a national event. Twenty-three primary schools will compete next month in four regional challenges to qualify for the National Robotics Scrimmage in Whakatane...... Read More

Improvements to sharing information

A new automated system that improves the sharing of information between Immigration New Zealand and New Zealand Police went live yesterday. The system allows Police 24/7 access, making it easier for police to identify a person they are taking enforcement...... Read More

Final call for travel departure cards

That last minute burden of filling out a departure card before taking flight for overseas will be a thing of the past come November, when travellers will no longer need to complete the bothersome documents, says Immigration Minister Iain-Lees Galloway...... Read More

Scientist devise new way to count dolphins.

Scientists have come up with a more accurate way of counting dolphins, by identifying them using photos of the unique pigment patterns on their fins. National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research marine mammal biologist Krista Hupman is the...... Read More

Have your say on city reserves

Should drones be allowed to fly in local parks? What sort of sports would you like to see played in your local park, if any? These questions and more are being asked as part of Tauranga City Council’s consultation on the Tauranga Reserves Management...... Read More

Opinion Poll

Who or what is to blame for all the crashes on the roads of late?

Drivers in general
The roads
A combination of the roads and drivers