Investigation involving crypto-currency company

Police were advised late yesterday of an issue involving potential un-authorised transaction activity at the Christchurch based crypto-currency trading company Cryptopia. A significant value of crypto-currency may be involved and Police are taking...... Read More

Black gold burns brightly

Glen Afton. Where’s Glen Afton? It’s a coal mine where 11 men were asphyxiated by carbon monoxide in 1939? “That’s exactly what I mean! History is disappearing.” The woman with coal dust in her DNA and the spirit of a...... Read More

Fireball seen over Tauranga identified

The fireball seen over New Zealand has been identified. Many people observed what they thought at the time to be a meteor streaking across the sky at around 8pm on Saturday. Photos and video sent to SunLive shows the object moving rapidly through...... Read More

Dare to ditch the device this summer

In a world of hash tags, iPhones, online trolls and ‘selfies’, device junkies are being challenged to take a step back this summer. Registered psychologist, coach and yoga teacher Kati Ludwig is encouraging people to take a break from personal...... Read More

Summertime inspiration about EBOP jobs

“Great opportunities right here” is a clear message from Eastern Bay Millenials and Gen Z ‘stars’ who have featured in a series of video clips by Toi EDA. The videos feature eleven young people who are working across a wide...... Read More

Kiwis’ Christmas data usage rates higher than ever

Kiwis have once again put their mobile devices through their paces this festive season, hitting record highs for data usage across Vodafone’s networks. Nationally Kiwis consumed 573 TB- (Tera Bytes) of data on Christmas Day and Boxing Day, compared...... Read More

Don’t fly your drone like a turkey - CAA

Drones make great Christmas gifts and are a lot of fun, but the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is urging people not to toy with them. “If you receive a drone this Christmas, you become a pilot and you have responsibilities,” says Clayton...... Read More

Better coverage for rural residents

Better connectivity coverage is needed for rural business and communities to thrive, says Federated Farmers. “It’s good the government pledged they will invest in delivering broadband and mobile coverage to 99.8 per cent of the population...... Read More

Facebook’s data sharing deals

Facebook's special arrangements with some of the world's largest technology companies have been detailed in the social media giant's documents obtained by The New York Times. The company's records describe data-sharing deals...... Read More

Wider discussion on proposed schooling changes

The Tomorrow’s Schools Independent Taskforce is proposing significant changes to the way New Zealand’s schools are run. Education Minister Chris Hipkins says they will also look at how schools are governed and managed to ensure every student...... Read More

Opinion Poll

Do you think the rise in tax will deter people from smoking?

Yes, it will be too expensive.
No, if people want to smoke, they will find a way to pay for it.
Depends on the person's available income.