Rushed cancer announcement underwhelming

Leader of the Opposition and Tauranga MP Simon Bridges. File photo.

The Government’s announcement today about cancer treatment is nothing more than business as usual and will leave New Zealanders feeling underwhelmed, Leader of the Opposition Simon Bridges says.

“This will be bitterly disappointing for thousands of cancer sufferers who would have been expecting a lot more today,” says Simon.

The Government has today announced new cancer treatment services for three regions of the North Island but has not committed to setting up a National Cancer Agency.  

“This is little more than business as usual that any government has to do, replacing machines that need replacing,” says Simon.

“While it’s good that some patients won’t have to travel for treatment, there is no additional funding for more oncologists and radiographers who will be required to carry out the treatment.

“There is still no target for treatment timeliness and no certainty that treatments will be better or faster.

“The Government said it would fund a National Cancer Agency but it has failed to deliver on its promise. It also hasn’t committed to any new funding for cancer drugs.

“If today’s announcement is about eliminating postcode cancer, then why are the regions that don’t currently have facilities the last places to get them?” says Simon.

“This is a desperate attempt from the Government to look like it’s doing something while it continues to have no plan, no National Cancer Agency and no additional funding for drugs. Two years into Government, New Zealanders expected more.

“The reality is this Government has wasted billions of dollars on Shane Jones’ slush fund and Fees Free tertiary and so isn’t prioritising lifesaving cancer drugs

“The Government is a million miles away from the world class cancer care it promised at the election.

“National has committed to a National Cancer Agency and $200 million more for cancer drugs. The Government has just broken more promises and once again failed to deliver for New Zealanders.”



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Posted on 05-08-2019 10:18 | By Told you

It’s about time Simon announces his parties policies instead of running down the opposition.

Question for Simon

Posted on 05-08-2019 09:04 | By nerak

Why, when you had 9 years to do it in, did YOU not ensure "additional funding for more oncologists and radiographers..."??? Nine years Simon, New Zealanders expected more. You don’t come across as ’opposing’ just, simply moaning. So many so sick of it.

Nine years

Posted on 04-08-2019 15:28 | By Astoreth

Simon needs a reminder here that National did NOTHING for the nine years they were in power. Now he has the gall to criticise the current mob for not doing enough? Oh yeah, criticising is all he seems to be capable of.


Posted on 04-08-2019 14:34 | By Merlin

Leader of the negative Party.The Government has a lot of things to fix up from the last government and now they go on about it when they had three terms to do this stuff and expect it to be done at the drop of a hat.There smear type politics is not my cup of tea and not doing Simon’s preferred Prime Minister polls in my view.

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