A festival garden canvas

When Mount Maunganui-based international contemporary artists Lipika Sen and Prabhjyot Majithia were paired with an oceanfront garden for the New Zealand Garden & Art Festival, they wanted to breathe in its spirit.

Working with the elements, their art installation – The Floating Sails of Eden – was born after just a few visits.

It will grace Barby Pensabene’s Papamoa garden on the NZ Garden & Art Festival’s Garden Trail event, from November 17-23.

“A multi-media, experiential art installation, the work uses the garden as its canvas,” say the artists.

“Sailing with the winds blowing in from the ocean, the artwork embraces the skies and sea and the trees and birds into its being, floating and alive, moving with enthralling notes of the bamboo flute that invite the viewer to be part of the experience.”

Describing the philosophical aspect of the work, the artists explain: “It all started in a garden: Creation. Temptation. Contemplation. Emancipation.

“Right from the beginning of mankind, a garden has always been a creative space.

“When given a space, we kind of create around that space. With this being an ocean-side garden we wanted to do something that works with the wind” they add.

The Weekend Sun’s cover photograph is a sneak preview of the installation, which will come alive with movement of wind and music created exclusively for it by Lipika and Prabhjyot.

The complete installation will be revealed at the Garden Trail when visitors find themselves becoming part of the art.

The artists say the NZ Garden & Art Festival is a wonderful concept “because it makes the garden a canvas for an artist”.

“It’s great that it takes art out of the typical gallery environment,” say the artists.

“We quite enjoy public art – people of all ages interacting with the works, in a surrounding which isn’t necessarily limited to four white walls.

“It’s quite nice having the environment at your artistic disposal.”

Lipika and Prabhjyot create multi-dimensional works that include kinetic sculptures, 3D installations, acrylic on canvas and digital drawings as well as words, sound, music and film.

Their six-metre high kinetic sculpture has been erected at Puke Ariki, New Plymouth this month and they were named finalists at the 2014 National No 8 Wire Art Awards.

Their works have been exhibited in major shows in New Zealand and India and their travelling exhibition – Inhaling The Spirit New Zealand – attracted more than 4000 visitors at Auckland’s Aotea Gallery in 2013.

For more on the NZ Garden & Art Festival, visit: www.gardenandartfest.co.nz

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Art for Arts sake!!!!

Posted on 03-11-2014 09:45 | By Jimmy Ehu

a little bamboo and a couple of white sheets????, each to their own, then again racing a V8 around the streets of the Gold Coast could be considered an "art" as well!!!!.

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