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When some people talk about the news or current events, there’s the likelihood you might switch off, but when the 7 Days team talks about what has been happening this week, you are most likely to listen.

7 Days first aired in 2009 and has been putting their comedic spin on the weeks news ever since.

The 7 Days Live tour starts at the start of December and will tour around the country, with some shows already sold out.

Tauranga is lucky enough to be one of those stops, with the 7 Days Live team putting on a show December 14 at the ASB Baypark stadium.

Paul Ego, who is one of the main faces of the 7 Days team, says the live show will be just like what you see on TV plus more.

“It’s a different beast,” says Paul, referring to the live show.

“It is just like the TV show plus 10 per cent, so if you are watching the TV show going ‘that was pretty on the edge, I can’t believe it made it in’, there are worse bits than that during the live show. They may even be better depending how you look at it.

“We can’t look into a camera and say to the editor ‘please don’t put that in the show’. Everything that happens is there and it’s live and everyone who is there will witness it and will know they were there for that moment when I said that thing, that can’t be unsaid.”

Paul says being on tour is something the team looks forward to for the whole year.

“It is a wonderful way to end the year, we already so look forward to it and pretty much once it’s over we can’t wait for the next year to tick on by so that we can get on tour again,” says Paul.

“We kind of wish our lives away, we love doing the TV show but to actually take it on the road and do it in front of a live crowd of a thousand people or more in venues is such an amazing feeling, and the fact it’s got the stand-up component as well is really nice for people who perhaps haven’t seen stand-up before or maybe not for a long time.

“The fact we can all do a bit of our own stand-up comedy to start the show in the first half and then do the live stage version of 7 Days in the second, it’s a pretty good value for money too.”

One live show on the tour is always going to be different to the next with the national and international news always changing, meaning the team will change their show according to what is happening.

“We have a couple of producers that travel with us on tour and they basically do what they would do for the TV show. We know we are in Tauranga on November 14, so on the morning of the show we will all be looking at the newspaper to see what’s been happening,” says Paul.

“We will probably include some of the big stories that have been happening around New Zealand and around the world, and then anything local in particular that is happening in the Bay that we think might be worth talking about, we will discuss how we can perhaps get that into the show as well.

“We do try to refresh it and keep it a bit more tailored to each place as we go, we aren’t going to do gigs solely about Timaru when we are in Whangarei so we do try and include local stuff if we can as well.”

The 7 Days Live tour line-up includes Dai Henwood, Jeremy Corbett, Paul Ego, Ben Hurley, Justine Smith, Josh Thompson and Jeremy Elwood.

“It will be an absolute blast, it will be loud and filthy and there is always something in each show where you go ‘I did not see that coming’,” says Paul.

“This will be loose plus 30 per cent.

“I’m always looking forward to coming to the Bay and I know they’ll put on the best weather and obviously we’ll get out during the day.

“We will probably do some surfing and maybe do a jump of the Mount, or we might just mount a surfer, we’ll see how the day goes.”

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