The Weekend Sun Competition

Steamed mirrors, condensation on walls and ceilings, and mould are year-round frustrating home issues caused by shower steam, adding significant costs to house upkeep.

A dry, warm house is also a healthy house and damp bathrooms are the perfect place for bacteria to grow and health problems to begin.

Showerdome solves these problems, controlling steam, reducing condensation and making the house healthier and warmer.

A Showerdome shower top consists of a clear acrylic dome that prevents steam from forming when fitted on top of an existing shower box.

With no on-going costs and a saving in energy costs, it is the most effective investment one can make for a home or rental property.

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The Weekend Sun has one DIY Showerdome kit to give away valued at $299, with installation by an official local Showerdome installer available at standard pricing for one lucky reader.

Competition Results

Congratulations to our winner, Maree Moore!