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With health and wellness being front and centre of so many people’s lives at the moment, we’re all on the hunt for something that will track our activity.

I love the idea of tracking my health and habits, and I’ve all but been glued to a smart watch since buying my first one a few years ago.

I was getting frustrated, however, with shortening battery life and being overwhelmed by too much data.

So you can imagine my delight when I first saw the Leaf.

Created by feminine wellness company Bellabeat, the Leaf is a wearable activity and wellness tracker that does more than just throw data  at you.

First of all, it’s stunning. The Leaf looks like jewellery and it’s versatile; it can be worn as a necklace pendant, a clip or brooch, or  as a bracelet.

Who doesn’t love a bit of choice?

Secondly, it doesn’t require charging. Powered by a small battery, the Leaf should work constantly for six months before needing a battery change, meaning you can wear it all day and all night for a more complete picture of your activity and sleeping habits.

Finally, it brings a level of simplicity to wearable technology. The accompanying app collates all of your data in one place, but it’s not front-and-centre of your life.

I personally find I don’t need all of my wellness data at a glance (I know some people prefer to see the time, their daily steps, their heart rate, the weather and more on their watch screen), and I liked the idea of having to deliberately seek it out when I wanted to see it.

So I went ahead and got my hands on a Leaf Crystal.

Inside the box, you’ll find the rather eye-catching Bellabeat Leaf, a necklace chain, a bracelet attachment and a tool for changing the battery.

There are a few designs to choose from, but let’s be honest, they’re all very pretty.

Right off the bat, the Leaf Crystal is elegant and feminine.

With Swarovski crystals and metal detailing, it catches the eye without crying out for attention.

The Leaf is lightweight and comfortable, meaning when you wear it as a necklace it’s not weighing you down. It is a bit thick though – a little over a centimetre – so be aware of that if you are wearing it as a bracelet.

My favourite way of wearing it is as a clip.

It is so convenient being able to clip it to my waistband or pants pocket, or wear it like a decorative brooch, but I appreciate the bracelet and necklace options when wearing it as a clip  isn’t suitable.

I was a little concerned that the clip would loosen with use, but so far so good.

You can buy additional clips online should they loosen too much or you want a change in colour, so that’s a good option too.

I found the best place to clip it was in the little pocket on my jeans – who would have thought there was a good use for that little pocket!

This meant I didn’t worry about my Leaf falling off and getting lost.

I had a number of comments when I wore my Leaf as a brooch and as a necklace, and thoroughly enjoyed watching peoples’ reactions when I said it was an activity tracker!

The accompanying app is easy-to-navigate and gives you all of your data in one place, but when you want it. Tap your Leaf to sync your data and you’re away!

With data collection for activity, sleep, hydration, mindfulness, stress sensitivity and your menstrual cycle, the free version of the app offers plenty to users who just want to track data.

I particularly appreciated the stress sensitivity section of the app. It was very interesting to see how my activity, sleep and cycle contributed to how stressed I might find myself on any particular day.

There is also a paid option for the app, which offers additional coaching in fitness and mindfulness, articles on nutrition, beauty and stretching, and a meal plan if that’s something you’d like to add to your experience. There is a free seven-day trial available for you to get a taste before you commit to a monthly or yearly plan.

All in all, if you are looking for an activity tracker that requires little maintenance, offers insight into female wellness, fits any of your outfit combinations and at the same time looks gorgeous, the Bellabeat Leaf is a fantastic option.

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Life + Style has three Bellabeat Leaf sets to give away to three lucky readers.

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