General Elections - September 2020

Bay of Plenty

Tricia Lawrence

Tricia is a first-time candidate for New Zealand First, representing the Bay of Plenty electorate.

She resides here after moving from Auckland to be near family and to complete her education diploma.

Tricia has a broad and expansive professional range of skills, and knowledge, gained from prior careers in various sectors including small business, global organisation Air New Zealand, and government entity Tourism New Zealand.

As a child, Tricia spent time growing up in small-town New Zealand, where rising inequality became obvious, especially during a time of major economic reform. Since then, basic life expectations for Kiwis have become out of reach for many New Zealanders. New Zealand First policies, shaped by its founding 15 fundamentals, sets out to deliberately address these issues with balanced decision making. It is for these reasons, Tricia is drawn to politics and New Zealand First.

Authorised by: T Lawrence, 17 Blanche Road, Papamoa, Tauranga, 3118.

Todd Muller

I've felt privileged being the MP for Bay of Plenty since 2014. Representing the Bay in Parliament is an honour, fighting for our region to receive the services we need to match our growing population.


As New Zealand's fifth largest and fastest expanding city, we need a continued strong voice for our key local issues. I will be working hard for rural fibre roll-out, better Police resourcing, increased capacity for addiction rehabilitation and after-hours A&E care in Papamoa East.


The Bay of Plenty needs greater investment in infrastructure and I intend to argue hard for increased central government funding for our state highways, new schools and health services.


I've lived here for nearly 45 years. Michelle and I chose to raise our family in this area because we love the Bay and we are excited about the potential for our region to lead New Zealand's economic recovery through innovation and export success.


Erika Harvey

NZ First Candidate Erika Harvey is an avid supporter of small businesses and human rights. Her action-based approach has been integral to solving an array of community challenges to date. Her experience in Small Business is extensive, crossing a number of varied areas, including ownership, innovation, human resources, labour and employment (HR), health and safety, compliance and finance.

Erika understands first hand the challenges facing Tauranga's econom and continues to champion a number of local industries, which has led her to being on TCC's Marine Precinct Advisory Committee.

Erika and her husband Dan live locally in Tauranga. As the mother of a child with autism, Erika is passionate about improving equity and accessibility for all New Zealanders. She is the Chairperson of the Board of Trustees at Greerton Village School, a Business Mentor for Mentors NZ and also on the board for Tauranga Youth Development Team. Visit for more.

Jan Tinetti

I am delighted to be Labour's candidate for Tauranga as part of Jacinda Ardern's team.

I love this beautiful city and am honoured to have had the opportunity over the past three years to represent the locals on issues that matter to them and identify areas of change to make things better.

As we rebuild after COVID-19, I will be a strong advocate for investment in Tauranga.

I am a staunch defender of our quality public education system. Every New Zealander deserves the opportunity to reach their full potential and it is the responsibility of the Government to ensure services are provided to achieve this goal.

I am passionate and energetic about the values at the heart of the Labour Party. We put people at the heart of all we do. I look forward to continuing to make a positive difference for the people of Tauranga now and into the future.

Simon Bridges

It's a huge privilege being your MP.

I'm concerned many issues are getting worse under this Government. Making ends meet, getting around and feeling safe is getting harder. In the last three years no new roads and few new state houses have been built here. Gangs and crime are getting worse.

I will stand up for the issues that matter.

My plan for Tauranga will deliver:

A stronger economy and more jobs.

Investment in transport and housing.

A safer community.

Here are some specifics from the plan:

Reduce regulation for businesses.

The Tauranga Northern Link.

Start work on Hewletts Road and Totara Street.

More four-laning to Hamilton and a solution for Tauriko.

Transforming old state houses into fit-for-purpose homes.

Free up land for housing

A Tauranga Museum

A specific police unit to manage growing gang problems.

A plan to combat begging in our shopping villages.

More support to address homelessness.


Yvette Lamare

ONE TICK for me when voting is the only way I, Yvette Lamare an INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE will become a NEW MP TAURANGA.

I'm a 2017 New Zealander of the year 'Local Hero'. A 21st Century Poet.

With passion and respect I've been welcoming and serving you to BK Tauranga for over 17 years.

My 4th General Election.

Serving you in Parliament is where I'm longing to be.

Together we can make a difference to climate change, promote good health and wellbeing. Create employment and witness a dramatic decrease in many serious problems we face today.

I'm a direct descendant of Rangatira Eruera Patuone and feel compelled to revive his enduring years of work as a warrior of peace, good health and betterment for people.

With my courage, commitment, determination and purpose your vote empowers me to represent you.

Please vote Yvette Lamare.