Twenty 20 cricket debate

Sideline Sid  Sports correspondent & historian Ever since Twenty 20 cricket was introduced to New Zealand a decade and a... read more

Sea Level Changes

Weather Eye  with John Maunder Global (or eustatic) sea-level change is measured relative to an idealised reference level, the geoid, which is a... read more

Highway robbery

Brian Rogers  Rogers Rabbits Stand and deliver, suckers! Once upon a time,  highway robbers were the swashbuckling,... read more

Todd talks tax

Todd Talks  By Todd Muller Whilst out and about in our community last week, a gentleman mentioned to me on his doorstep that he believes the government... read more

The beauty of our flaws

Mary Parker  The Fast Track Life Coach “When the Japanese mend broken objects, they aggrandise the damage by filling the cracks with gold.... read more

The price of petrol

Angie Warren-Clark  Labour MP There has been a lot of talk about the price of petrol recently. It's clear to see that Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern... read more


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What is the issue with SH2?

Unsafe drivers
The road needs improving
Trucks not giving way
Not enough opportunities to pass safely