Two issues on new mayor’s mind

Greg Brownless received 9046 votes, according to the Tauranga City Council preliminary results.

Tauranga’s Mayor elect Greg Brownless says he has a bit of catching up to do before he’s sworn in at the end of the month.

There’s two immediate issues, the previous council’s decision to pull the New Year’s Eve celebrations and the civic heart project.

“I would like to find out what’s behind it, I would like to find out what the police positon is, see what the appetite amongst the councillors is to see if we can change anything,” says Greg, who received 9046 votes in the preliminary result released on Sunday evening. Watch a video from Greg after he received the mayoralty news here.

“Of course we are not sworn in for a few weeks, I will have to look and see what I can find out about it.

“It’s counter intuitive to the whole idea of being originally told we needed to provide family entertainment there and that would help pout, and now to find that it’s the opposite,” says Greg.

“I probably would like to talk to the other councillors and try and see if there’s anything we can do. Unfortunately it’s all so late in the year.”

The civic heart project is another current issue he is eager to hear the new council’s thoughts on.

“It’s a big wish list. I would like to see that refined a bit, pick off something we can actually do, rather than too much dreaming,” says Greg.

“I think we also need to engage the feelings of the local architect and design people.”

Some of them have offered to donate skills and time, which would make it a more local project.

Greg’s been on Tauranga City Council for most of the last 20 years. He was first elected in 1995, but missed the 1999-2001 council. He was re-elected in 2001 and remained on council through the mayoralties of Noel Pope, Jan Benge and Stuart Crosby until 2010.

“All I can say is in politics its an interesting sort of a job in that you can be there one minute an gone the next – and you can be gone the next and be back again.

“I actually do feel for those who have lost their positions. I have rung them, because the first time I ran I never got into council. So I know what it feels like too,” says Greg.

“They all look a decent bunch of people. I think just about everyone who puts their name forward is a good person. And they have elected all good people.

“So I think by the looks of it we can all work together. There might be a few different opinions but there is nothing wrong with that, there need to be different opinions.”

Read here for a full list of Tauranga City Council’s preliminary results.



Posted on 22-10-2016 09:30 | By surfsup

Very wise words from Mutley. Peter understood the importance of getting the music mixed right, Under his guidance both stages had family friendly music with good local bands that created a great atmosphere that all ages could enjoy. Sadly last year that all changed and the bands chosen while good in the right environment where completely wrong for NYE, hence the toxic atmosphere and ensuing problems. NYE on the beach should be a safe place for all ages, the people charged with getting the entertainment right need to think of the event as a family friendly area not an opportunity to try and re-invent the wheel. Sadly personal objectives and friends in the chosen bands resulted in the problems caused.

only 2

Posted on 15-10-2016 22:25 | By Capt_Kaveman

there are literally 1,000s of problems this city has

Sorry, one person, one vote

Posted on 10-10-2016 20:53 | By The Caveman

The new Major has a problem - he has ONE vote at the council table - he has a problem getting past council members who have vested interests!!!!

Hangers on

Posted on 10-10-2016 19:08 | By Capt_Kaveman

shame you still have some still re elected from the last election, please look into Bay venues and the high prices at baywave

Want or need?

Posted on 10-10-2016 15:11 | By waiknot

I’d like a museum, more than an art gallery, but neither are high on my required list.


Posted on 10-10-2016 12:09 | By Jimmy Ehu

define "Museum" please?, and yes I voted for Greg!

What a relief!

Posted on 10-10-2016 09:40 | By Mackka

It will be a huge relief to all ratepayers to hear our new Mayor’s willingness to ’pick off something we can actually do, rather than too much dreaming, - in regard to the Civic Heart project.And of course NYE at the Mount must be re-instated as the mayhem that will follow the pulling out of security and police will be unprecedented!Let’s hope the old councillors will get in behind Greg and flush their wish list down the drain.It is so refreshing to have a person with common sense running things now.Just in case you haven’t got the message Mr Mayor - WE DO NOT WANT OR NEED A MUSEUM!


Posted on 10-10-2016 07:48 | By mutley

Does the present decision relate in any way to the sad loss of the late Peter Melgren ? Is there anyone left on Council staff with the drive and skills to make NYE actually happen ? I bet he didn’t need 8 people, as quoted by staff recently, to get the job done. Perhaps the event needed finetuning rather than axing - throw the baby out with the bath water ??

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