Young gun bows out

Matt Cowley won’t be back for a second term on council. File Photo.

Tauranga’s youngest councillor is stepping down after an unsuccessful re-election campaign.

Matt Cowley was elected to his first term in 2013 at the tender age of 30 – the youngest councillor since outgoing mayor Stuart Crosby was elected in 1986.

Understandably, the loss is disappointing for Matt. He attributes part of the problem to low voter turnout, and a crowded mayoral race.

“I do think the number of mayoral candidates put people off voting a bit, because there were too many choices,” says Matt.

“Voter turnout was really low, so that was a contributing factor.”

His unorthodox approach to campaigning might also have disadvantaged him.

“The majority of my campaign was also on digital platforms, so it wouldn’t have reached the older audience as well. But that was a deliberate strategy on my behalf. It was a risk, and it didn’t pay off unfortunately.”

Many long-serving councillors, such as Rick Curach, have made it back on council, while former councillors Larry Baldock and Terry Molloy have also returned after being turfed out previously.

“When you look at the candidates who were elected, the community shifted towards a conservative-leaning council. Obviously that’s what the voters wanted, and that’s what they’re going to get for the next three years.”

Matt says he was a centre or centre-right candidate, but his ideas for investment were a little different to those who made it on.

His focus has always been on younger residents, and hopes the new council takes them into account.

“In terms of trying to stop the tide of young people leaving the city, that’s going to take longer than three years. More career opportunities and lifestyle options are needed.”

He hopes his experience hasn’t put younger people off running for council, although he advises them they’ll need to start thinking about it sooner rather than later.

As to his own political future, Matt is remaining coy.

“I’m not ruling anything out,” he says.

“But I’m quite keen to get back to my career and earn some decent money.”


here we go again

Posted on 12-10-2016 16:48 | By old trucker

Gosh, well things happen,just have to find another job,(probably back at TCC) lets wait and see if im he probably got a pay threepennies worth,No1 Thankyou.

A sad loss

Posted on 11-10-2016 08:25 | By 1 4 GK

From my own engagements with Clayton over the past 3 years I can tell Tauranga it has lost a hard working Councillor and more importantly, a voice for the young of the City.While I accept the democratic process I’m sad to see the return of a couple of former Councillors who in my experience stood for status and not for civic commitment


Posted on 10-10-2016 14:56 | By Crash test dummies

The wrong ones have been turfed out and the wrong ones in to replace them is my view of it.

So disappointing!

Posted on 10-10-2016 12:41 | By doff

Matt’s valuable contribution on behalf of the younger residents of this growing city will be sadly missed. I had hoped that he would have been joined by more young people this time. We are back to the same old conservative middle aged males and only two women! as we all need to work for a vibrant city

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