Councillor or comedian?

Is Steve Morris a councillor or a comedian? He's suggested to bring in “high quality homes prefabricated in China”. Haha Steve, Stevo can I call you Stevo? Quality and China should not be used in the same sentence. If you flood the market with cheap crappy homes it will crash, just like it did 14 months ago in Christchurch when a couple hundred spec houses were dumped on the market by a big player when the market already plateaued. As a tradie, like thousands in the Tauranga area who earn their living off the industry, Tauranga was hit hard during the recession, which seemed to drag on. Now it's booming and you want to send all our work off overseas? There are more complicated issues that drive up the prices. SmartGrowth has all the statistics and advice from all the experts available on the website to help decision-making, rather than quick-fix, duct tape reactionary solutions. Hopefully you councillors will be making educated fact-based decisions.

R Nelson, Tauranga City.

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Posted on 05-01-2017 08:32 | By groutby

Re. Cr Morris re. "high quality homes prefabricated in China", but I would be cautious using "high quality" and "China" in the same sentence. Nonetheless, central/local government are being pressured to provide "affordable" housing solutions and fast. You can bet the opposition will be all over this as we approach the election. My thoughts are based on observation only. The building industry is being stretched in all directions at the moment, and skilled locally sourced labour hard to find. We have "imported" much needed labour to help cope with demand during this "boom" period,adding to the accommodation "crisis". Just maybe there is a need for at least partly built (read as "kitset") homes to be assembled fast at reasonable rates perhaps in China, finishing to assure quality by local tradesman would continue employment until basic housing needs are met, then reducing "kitsets" and resume local building as needed.

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