Highway opens after serious crash

Police are investigating the cause of a crash which has left two people in critical condition. Photo: Cameron Avery.

UPDATED: State Highway 2, south of Katikati, is now open following a serious crash earlier this evening.

Two people are in critical condition after a two-vehicle crash which saw the highway closed around 5.30pm.

Police say the highway, between Wright and Aongatete roads, is now open.

"Motorists are advised to drive with care and exercise patience as the backlog of traffic clears."

Police are investigating the cause of the crash.


Two people are in a critical condition after a two-vehicle crash south of Katikati on State Highway 2.

Emergency services were called to the crash, which is at the intersection of Wright Rd, just after 4.30pm.

Police say the highway is blocked.

"Motorists travelling the stretch of highway between Tauranga and Paeroa will need to divert over the Kaimai Ranges."

We will bring you more information as soon as it's released.


Capt & Wainot

Posted on 26-01-2017 20:16 | By Bop man

Get a hobby

It has been said,

Posted on 17-01-2017 10:19 | By R. Bell

that the irrational criticism of all authority, is the first sign of anarchy. Add the irrational fear of being identified you have, you know who.Robin Bell.

@ iknow

Posted on 10-01-2017 22:25 | By Captain Sensible

Maybe you need to see the Sunlive story today (Tuesday) about a serious crash, still under investigation, on the same SH2, not too far from Saturdays crash, that took 90 minutes to get the road open? Thankfully, it also was a non-fatal. Just saying.


Posted on 10-01-2017 21:28 | By waiknot

Oh dear oh dear, you so don't get it do you. But let me help you. Actually our friend By I know has already explained in very simple terms. As I have already said I do not profess to know how long is acceptable, each situation I would guess is a little different. You on the other hand do not hesitate to criticize, I have been attempting to get clarification as to your expertise in this topic. You have just clarified this, you have none. I would expect a person professing to have a first class education to at least be a little familiar with the topic before unleashing a barrage of criticism.

@ Captain Sensible

Posted on 10-01-2017 17:25 | By astex

" I can tell you that 4.5 hours for a road closure, in a First World country, for a non-fatal road accident does not happen". Sorry Captain but if there is any chance that any injury could eventually be fatal the accident investigation is the same as that for a fatal accident. This applies throughout Europe and the USA and the 4 to 5 hours taken is reasonably normal.

@ waiknot

Posted on 10-01-2017 17:14 | By Captain Sensible

If you could understand ( based on your first world education), I said one hour after the casualties were taken care of. I base this on common sense and competence and a decent work ethic. However, with some unable to be proactive, but rather reactive, then we get these long delays which need not be so long. Lazy and, dare I say it, incompetence and an inability to plan and maybe under-funding. Now, again I ask, you tell us what time you consider to be quite OK to wait for a very busy state highway to reopen after a non-fatal accident. Please stop taking this personally, it is a simple question.


Posted on 10-01-2017 14:38 | By waiknot

Once again you avoid the question this tells me the ability to continue this discussion is beyond you. As for your latest question I have already stated I'm not in a position to answer, You on the other hand have made better Ltd statements you won't or can't substantiate. Based on that I conclude I'm better off finding someone is capable of a reasoned discussion.

@ waiknot

Posted on 10-01-2017 11:36 | By Captain Sensible

. It was not a personal attack. So, I ask again, how long would you be prepared to wait for a main road to reopen after a non-fatal ( I am not taking away the seriousness of this accident for all involved, and am very pleased to be able to say "non-fatal") accident? Once the injured are taken care of, why is there a 3+ hour wait for photographs and clearing the road? I won't say who, but one of the officials at the scene totally agreed with me...and he wore a uniform too! Now there is a dilemma for waiknot ! BTW..."response". I assume your "first world education" was actually in NZ? Yes?


Posted on 10-01-2017 07:53 | By waiknot

You still avoid the question. How did you arrive at 1 hour? My comment about rubbishy comments was is responce to your personal attack on me regards my spelling. Your personal attacks on me and avoidance of the key question tells the full story.

@ waiknot

Posted on 09-01-2017 19:17 | By Captain Sensible

I have made a comment regarding a ridiculous time for closing a road for an accident that was not fatal, and your hatred and pettiness got the better of you. Having lived and worked overseas for over 20 years, I can tell you that 4.5 hours for a road closure, in a First World country, for a non-fatal road accident does not happen. Your comments re "rubbishy comments" indicate you have decided to take this personally.


Posted on 09-01-2017 17:26 | By waiknot

Yep not one of my strong suits, The ability to spell rubbishy comments does not impress me.

@Captain Sensible

Posted on 09-01-2017 17:23 | By astex

If you google the reason why you will find that worldwide, including advanced countries, 4 to 5 hours is a reasonable time for the road to be closed. You will also find detailed information as to the procedures involved and will also see the actual amount of work, in sequence that needs to be done.


Posted on 09-01-2017 17:23 | By waiknot

I don't profess to know the correct length of time to investigate the accident and never have. You on the other hand have. How did you arrive at 1 hour? Stab in the dark? Extensive study? No I do not believe everything a person in a uniform tells me. I also don't believe anything a person plucking a time out of thin air either. Again how do arrive at 1 hour?

@ waiknot

Posted on 09-01-2017 16:23 | By Captain Sensible

You claim a First class education yet you said "If you know 4.5 is to long than....". I believe the 'to' should be 'too' and the 'than' should be 'then'. Just saying.

@ waiknot

Posted on 09-01-2017 14:47 | By Captain Sensible

From the time the casualties are taken away to hospital, an hour. Now tell us what you think is a reasonable time. Oh that's right you are gullible and believe all that people in uniform tell you.


Posted on 09-01-2017 12:57 | By waiknot

P.S: questioning is good. You don't. You make clear statements. So you must be able to back your statements up. My above comment was made using the benefit of a first class education.

Captain continually unsensible

Posted on 09-01-2017 12:49 | By waiknot

If you know 4.5 is to long than you must know what an acceptable time is and how you reached that figure. Please enlighten us all.

@ waiknot

Posted on 09-01-2017 08:10 | By Captain Sensible

Are you also the result of a third world education ? I have said 4.5 hours is too long and not good enough. What part of that do you not understand? What is "silly" about expecting a reasonable time? Maybe you should rethink who you call silly....I think silly people just accept without questioning.


Posted on 09-01-2017 07:43 | By waiknot

Exactly how long should it take anyway?

Captain Sensible

Posted on 09-01-2017 07:42 | By waiknot

Why is it the silly who always proclaim thems clever and prove the opposite.

@ Colleen Spiro

Posted on 08-01-2017 23:05 | By Captain Sensible

Oh dear, Colleen, maybe you are still on standard time....clocks advanced an hour in October I think. Why not try reading what I said. Of course I don't like to see anybody hurt or worse in any accident. But 4.5 hours to clear a state highway, possibly the busiest in the country that day, is ridiculous. And all that emotional stuff...." I was very happy to wait, being grateful that we were safe"...I would be too if that was the choice....but it was not. Over 4 hours is just not good enough.

@ waiknot

Posted on 08-01-2017 18:28 | By Captain Sensible

Don't know if you got a 3rd world education or not but I clearly stated that the injured should be the first priority.... but to take 4.5 hours to clear the road is not good enough. There is just no good reason why it took that long....which led to my comments about 3rd world NZ.


Posted on 08-01-2017 17:16 | By Colleen Spiro

Apparently the accident happened about 5.30pm...we left Tauranga about 6.15, came across the accident and reached Waihi Beach about 8pm, so you do the math, taking into consideration our normal travel time. Whilst we were waiting we were talking about the crash bars on the side of the road at Aongtete, where there were no power poles, no banks, just shelter belts....WHY. Would they not have been better placed in the middle of the four lanes.....also I was very happy to wait, being grateful that we were safe....also.....we rang people to find out alternate routes.......there are none...so if we have a natural distaster....every little township is cut off....SHOCKING.

I hoped, Captain Sensible,

Posted on 08-01-2017 15:39 | By nerak

that you might have had a change of heart with the change of year, and would make an effort not to grumble so much! I live in hope.... Don't quite see the sense of decrying so many stories.

Captain Sensible

Posted on 08-01-2017 14:06 | By waiknot

Be sensible, in a third world country the road would not be closed at all. The injured would get minimal attention and the cars would just get pushed off the road. Is this what you want?


Posted on 08-01-2017 11:00 | By Captain Sensible

First priority is to help the injured. While that is happening, the investigation should have already started. The clearing of the road obviously is required too. Keeping the road closed for about 4.5 hours is just lazy policing. It should not take that long. Third world times is what we expect in third world NZ now.

Road Safety

Posted on 08-01-2017 10:59 | By phoenix

SO another serious accident at the Wright road intersection. A few years ago when the close bridge was earthquake strengthened,locals tried to get the powers that be to move the sides of the bridge to the extremities of its support structure, to allow enough room for a turning lane into Wright road, this safety measure was ignored,even though huge cranes,machinery and personel were on site for weeks. These highly paid chair warmers need to pull their heads out of their fundamental orifices and fix this, or will it take a bus load of school children to be wiped out by a fully laden Logging truck to get some action?

@Captain Sensible

Posted on 08-01-2017 10:15 | By JimM1

It's not quite that straightforward. The Serious Crash Unit has to be activated first and get to the accident scene, probably from Tauranga. Amongst other things, they need to assess the scene, the vehicles, the road conditions and secure all the evidence and interview witnesses - all needed for their investigation and final determination of how the crash occurred and why and which driver if any caused it - and only then can the road be cleared and released for traffic.

too long

Posted on 08-01-2017 08:54 | By Captain Sensible

Over 4 hours to get one of NZ's busiest roads moving again is ridiculous. More evidence that we are really a Third World country pretending to be First world.

3rd World NZ

Posted on 07-01-2017 21:40 | By Captain Sensible

It takes over 4.5 hours to clear a crash on a state highway???? Only in Third World NZ.

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