New $18M school for Pyes Pa

Hekia Parata with Todd Muller during a visit to Tauranga last year. Photo: Andrew Campbell.

Education Minister Hekia Parata has announced Auckland, Tauranga and Canterbury will each see a new primary school opening their doors for students in 2019.  

Minister Parata today signed establishment notices for Flat Bush South East School in Auckland, Pyes Pa West School in Tauranga and Lincoln South School in Canterbury. 

Flat Bush South East School will be built to accommodate Years 1-6 students in this rapidly growing South East Auckland suburb.  

“Flat Bush has seen a growing volume of private developments as well as Special Housing Areas leading to a lot of young families moving into the area. The school’s roll is expected to eventually reach 700,” says Hekia.  

Pyes Pa West School will be built on Kennedy Road in Tauranga and will enrol students in Years 1-6 from 2019, with Year 7 being introduced in 2020 and Year 8 in 2021.

The new school is expected to reach a roll of around 650. 

“The $18 million Pyes Pa West School will help meet the educational needs of the growing number of young families in Tauranga.” 

Tauranga MP Simon Bridges and Bay of Plenty MP Todd Muller say today’s announcement of a new school is Pyes Pa is great news for local families.

Pyes Pa West School will be built on Kennedy Road in Tauranga and will be taking students in Years 1-6 from 2019, with Year 7 being introduced in 2020 and Year 8 in 2021.

“Tauranga is a real hotspot for young families,” says Simon.

“Our area is one of the best in the country for raising kids and it’s fantastic to see such big investment from our Government in educating those kids. This new school will cater to the growing population in The Lakes and Pyes Pa.

“This investment of $18 million is part of the Government’s $882.5 million education infrastructure package, announced as part of the 2016 Budget. No previous Government has pledged as much funding for modernising schools and accommodating roll growth.”

Todd says the announcement was wonderful news for the Bay of Plenty.

“With large-scale housing developments happening across the region, it’s important our schools have the necessary capacity.

“As well as increasing capacity for our growing population, this National-led Government also understands the importance of modern and future-proofed learning environments. Pyes Pa West School will have state-of-the-art buildings to make sure our kids and their teachers have the best possible resources available to them.”

The location for Lincoln South Primary School in Canterbury is expected to be finalised shortly. Formally establishing the school now enables the Establishment Board of Trustees to be appointed and planning to get underway so the school is ready to open in 2019.  

“Lincoln South Primary School will be a full primary school (Years 1-8), stage one of the $14 million project will cater for 450 students with a final roll of 700. Bringing the establishment of Lincoln South School forward to 2019 will help ease the pressure on Lincoln Primary School and will cater for the continued population growth this community is experiencing.

“Like all of our new schools, these three will have state-of-the-art buildings that enable the best possible teaching and learning environment for staff and students.” 

Establishment boards of trustees will be appointed soon and those Boards will each have responsibility for appointing a foundation principal and determining school policy and governance practices. The Boards will also play a significant role in designing the new school. 

“There are many exciting opportunities ahead for the Establishment Boards of Trustees and future principals as they develop schools that reflect the needs and aspirations of their local communities.”

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That's a bit nutty......

Posted on 04-03-2017 21:51 | By groutby

To say that there should be a school outside almost at "everyones front door"...once only in your life get real...please consider the facts. why would there be a new school(s) in Welcome bay /Ohauiti..??..for your convenience? is happening...why would you have a problem with it?.sometimes people are "inconvenievced" for the greater good...........


Posted on 03-03-2017 13:39 | By macca99

Why has the NATIONAL party waited until election year to announce a new school for the sum of $18 million,as our local MP"S know all the schools are vastly over loaded & have been calling out for help for a long time now,so to spend $18 million on a school which will have a roll of 650 children come on you can do better.


Posted on 03-03-2017 12:48 | By sangrae

Yes Overit a secondary school over that side would be logical considering the overcrowding of present colleges and roads coming from that area, What do you think Mr Bridges and Mr Muller ?

Welcome Bay

Posted on 03-03-2017 12:24 | By overit

How about a secondary school out WB or Ohauiti?

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