Driver busted doing 200km/h

Speeding drivers have been nabbed doing more than 150km/h.

A driver doing more than 200km/h on the Waikato Expressway was one of 11 drivers busted speeding on the highway.

“Our Waikato roads can be safe but it is a challenge for us to keep them safe when we have speed statistics that just defy logic,” says a post on the Waikato Police Facebook Page.

“Speaking to one of our highway patrol staff, he tells me that he had clocked 11 drivers doing speeds in excess of 130 km/h.”

The maximum speed clocked on the expressway was more than 200 km/h by a car travelling south to Hamilton.

“This was a professional man in his late 30's from Auckland and while the officer was speaking to the driver his radar locked onto another car travelling in the opposite direction at a speed of 184 km/h.

A Huntly unit got that driver who was a forbidden driver so his car was impounded.

Both of these drivers are now suspended from driving for 28 days and will be facing hefty fines in court one day.

“Come on drivers! These speeds lead to crashes which means injury and death. You don't want to be that person and you don't want us turning up at your family home with that sort of bad news.”


Time for a complete re-think?

Posted on 10-03-2017 13:15 | By Papamoaner

Instead of having full prisons, how about we do away with prisons altogether and contract prisoner care out to other countries who are interested in taking them? Might work out cheaper.Saudi Arabia springs to mind. Now there's an interesting deterrent. Or Banana Rama on an island near here might do a pretty good job. They don't like that cold bamboo up em capn Manwaring.


Posted on 05-03-2017 19:54 | By maildrop

Rubbish as usual regarding slower drivers killing people. Typical excuse for the morons who drive dangerously. Agree with all other comments. One month ban is pointless and ignored. Fines never paid. MORE prison places needed and an overhaul of the broken Justice system. As it is it's just theatre.


Posted on 05-03-2017 18:14 | By vonnie

you must be joking with a statement like it's okay to do that speed if there are no other cars around eh!!! your the cop, firemen or paramedic who have to wash their remains off the road (and live everyday/night with the trauma they have just seen) and visit their families to tell them that their loved one won't be coming home tonight or ever again.....get real!!!!! and who says they are better drivers than the rest of us...they are complete idiots, and I would love them to have to attend these accidents for 6 months to see for themselves the 'mess' they cause...

@Capt Kaveman

Posted on 05-03-2017 18:01 | By Linaire

So you think, that if you are middle-aged and drive at 200kph, everything will be fine? Are you joking??! 1. It's way over the speed limit 2. How would they stop in a hurry if they had to .. and 3. Middle-aged speedsters have accidents that kill people as well! Geez ..... watch the ads "The faster you go, the bigger the mess"! That ad does not have a clause anywhere that says "unless you are middle-aged!"

Zipping up my flame proof suit writing this....

Posted on 05-03-2017 17:58 | By GreertonBoy

But why do we need cars on our roads that can do 200+ kph? Look at other countries, like Japan, the maximum speed a car can do is 120kph (limited by GPS/computer) .... when you go to a track day, the restriction is lifted automatically because the GPS knows you are at a track. It is a no brainer, if a car is made that can do 200kph, even 300 kph+ some fool will try it out. As long as vehicles are sold that can do those speeds, people will do it. Lets see massive speeders like this have their car 'turned down' to 120kph max (and no traction loss) in the way alcohol ignition systems try to stop drunk drivers.... with a $20K fine for removing the limiter or doing that sort of speed in another 'borrowed/hired car'

golly gosh

Posted on 05-03-2017 16:38 | By old trucker

This is NO different than local plod doing 130ks down Hewllets road with a phone up to his right ear, Immmmmm,my thoughts only,Sunlive Thankyou, 10-4 out.

Thing is

Posted on 05-03-2017 12:45 | By Capt_Kaveman

even though these mid aged people may go fast and i think only at times when there is not many other cars around is that you prob find these people know how to drive, its people going slower and inattentive drivers that kill

Injury & Death of who though?

Posted on 05-03-2017 12:36 | By Linaire

This makes me angry ... I am driving along the highway, doing the legal speed limit, and some idiot is driving towards me doing 200kph!? Unless a tree walks out in the middle of the road, who do you think is going to die .... the idiot? or me and my family? Invariably it is the person in the oncoming car that is seriously injured or killed. Yep, speed does lead to injury and death, but unfortunately it is a well-behaved driver and their family that die. So how is a 28 day suspension going to help that situation, huh!? Those cars should have been crushed!


Posted on 05-03-2017 12:35 | By dumbkof2

mabee these idiots would think twice if they knew they wouldget a lifetime ban. might stop them from killing someone else

Lock them up.

Posted on 05-03-2017 12:19 | By drob

There comes a time when the actions of an adult are so anti-social that they should be removed from society. Putting innocent road users in such danger is anti-social and these drivers should be locked up. Six months in jail, loss of license and car. Sorry dumbkof2 just read your comment, we're on the same page.


Posted on 05-03-2017 11:48 | By Cliff_tga

How's a lifetime ban going to teach them a lesson? Oh no, I'm not allowed to drive anymore. Guess I won't do that again... oh wait, I can't anyway.


Posted on 05-03-2017 11:22 | By dumbkof2

crush their car lifetime driving ban $100000 fine and 12mths jail. then these idiots might learn

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