Trust backs potential museum sites

Willow Street in the Tauranga CBD. Photos: David Tauranga.

The Tauranga Moana Museum Trust is happy to have a bob each way.

It's pleased the Tauranga City Council will focus on just two sites for the proposed museum – that's Willow Street and Cliff Road.

“Both sites have considerable potential for a museum,” says co-chair Kelly Barclay. “And the trust's main goal is to deliver a museum for Tauranga by 2020

He says it is important council analyses technical factors such as site geology, environmental impact, exhibition logistics, visitation, parking and shared services. It will also assess public support, city planning and Maori cultural values relating to each of the sites.

“We think the right site for the museum will become more apparent once this analysis is completed.”

In the meantime the Museum Trust is working to ensure the city gets the right type of museum - one that meets the needs of the local community as well as domestic and international visitors.

“Some of the key work at present is thinking about what will engage and entertain people of different ages and interests, what will motivate them to visit and return.

“The depth of the stories, treasures and natural history relating to this region is quite amazing. We need to be sharing them and celebrating the place we live in.

Kelly says the trust is strongly focused on the museum making sound economic sense, as well as delivering a great visitor experience.

“It's got to be relevant. Our goal is that learning about our region will be heaps of fun - with activities that make people come back to explore further.”

For further information go to

Cliff Road.


A 'Bob

Posted on 14-03-2017 17:16 | By Roadkill

When you are looking to suck in the Council and that means all ratepayers to pay for you fine and dandy hobby of a few ... of course you have little concern about where. That fits perfect with the care about the losses, costs, where how anything.

Majority don't want a museum!

Posted on 13-03-2017 13:58 | By Anbob

What is the hidden agenda around TCC and building a museum that most ratepayers do not want. There must be some background deal. I hope the Councillors are aware with what happened at election time the last time councillors were pushing for a museum. I won't forget. So much for transparency.

Get rid!

Posted on 13-03-2017 13:03 | By Mackka

Yes - why not rip up the rose gardens - that is the only nice thing we have within walking distance to the CBD. Each successive council has steadily reduced any green patch in or near the city. Eyes are on Aspen Reserve at the moment - so we can kiss that goodbye! The rose gardens are in their eyes 'hindering progress'. So much for progress. The CBD is dead - smattered with shops and businesses that left years ago!!Oh - and while you are about it - why not demolish the 'Tropical House' at Cliff Road. With the museum we don't want or need being a (secretly) done deal - concrete the area and put up yet more Maori stuff.What say you Greg Brownless - our invisible Mayor who seems not to have a tongue?

Hang on a minute!!!

Posted on 12-03-2017 19:02 | By Jimmy

Why can't we have, not a " museum" but a multi faceted " Cultural Centre" placed in and around the Rose Garden/ Elms area, at least give the boat people who visit us something to see, as opposed say to concrete steps and a pontoon, or meandering around "eat street " another " $10.00 Tauranga" attempt at being hospital!!!, maybe some of the many over inflated entities (ratepayer) funded who deal with tourism could contribute!, our CBD has as much " pazazz" as road kill!

Go fo it

Posted on 12-03-2017 10:11 | By waiknot

I'm all for a museum , provided all the members of the trust are prepared to underwrite any future losses.

What part of NO don't they understand

Posted on 12-03-2017 09:43 | By astex

Time for the council to grow some balls and put this out for a binding referendum of ratepayers. Let's put this thing to bed once and for all. Look at the Sunlive poll. It says NOOOOOOOO!

What is there not to understand?......

Posted on 11-03-2017 19:25 | By groutby

most ratepayers do NOT want to pay for a museum, railroaded by certain groups including and I suspect very much by the one in this article. If you want to push a particular "message", then fine please go do it, but NOT at ratepayer your homework you know this will be yet another "white elephant" don't you? this why you keep coming back to the ratepayer because of gullible councilors happy to give away money which is not theirs?

why not resurrect the historic village?

Posted on 11-03-2017 16:47 | By missusmck

although I no longer live in tauranga I can't help wonder why you have tohave a museum close to the cbd and what's wrong withresurrecting the historic village?I got married in the church there in 1986 when the village had not long been finished and it was a fantastic vibrant place to visit for families in the weekend with the steam train working and other attractions so why not bring it back to its former glory and save money in the process?


Posted on 11-03-2017 16:38 | By dumbkof2

for goodness sake 86% of rate payers said they dont want a white elephant museum.what part of dont want dont the trust people understand.

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