Tauranga Art Gallery closed to public

Tauranga Art gallery is closed to the public until the Paradox: Tauranga Street Art Festival opens on March 28. Supplied Photo

Wandering about the empty and bare spaces inside Tauranga Art Gallery is a “rather odd sensation” for marketing and media coordinator Martine Rolls.

TAG is currently closed to the public as its exhibition team prepare for the Paradox: Tauranga Street Art Festival which takes place at the gallery and around the city from March 28 to June 15.

“There's nothing to see here at the moment, but that is going to change very quickly.

“We're uninstalling all the previous shows, emptying the gallery spaces and getting them all ready for the Paradox Inside installation which will take up the whole space.”

Paradox Inside will feature bespoke works by acclaimed international artists Askew One, Lucy McLauchlan, Sofles, Charles and Janine Williams, Jacob Yikes and Fintan Magee, plus an amazing virtual reality experience showcasing works by Melbourne based street artist Rone.

“We don't know exactly what the installation will look like, but we know it's going to be amazing. The artists involved are all world class and at the top of their games. Plus, Rone's virtual reality experience also promises to be absolutely fantastic, so we just can't wait.”

The installation will also complement the Oi You! Collection which includes 22 works by acclaimed street artist Banksy – the most extensive assembly of his works in the Southern Hemisphere.

“The entire gallery will be dedicated to street art for the full festival period, which runs until June 15,” says Tauranga Art Gallery director Karl Chitham.

“The festival features the Oi YOU! Collection including the most extensive assembly of the works in the Southern Hemisphere of the acclaimed street artist Banksy.”

The Paradox: Tauranga Street Art Festival is expected to be a one-of-a-kind event and is run in partnership between Tauranga City Council, Tauranga Art Gallery, and Oi YOU! 

The Tauranga Art Gallery is closed to the public until March 28.

For more information about the Paradox: Tauranga Street Art Festival visit: www.taurangastreetartfestival.nz


One of the portraits created by famous Melbourne street artist Rone. Photo: Rone

If you want to be involved in the Paradox: Tauranga Street Art Festival and virtual reality tickles the curiosity in your brain, then Tauranga Art Gallery wants to hear from you.

As part of the Paradox Inside installation the gallery is hosting a VR experience created by world-famous Melbourne street artist Rone.

The 360 degree VR experience features a series of unique female portraits which Rone created especially for his highly acclaimed show Empty which opened in Melbourne last October.

Volunteers will be required to give the public instructions on how to use VR in three hour stints.

To learn more about volunteering call the Tauranga Art Gallery on 07-578 7933 or email Raewyn.Baker@tauranga.govt.nz

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Posted on 15-03-2017 09:16 | By nerak

Two weeks at least, the behemoth is closed, while the ratepayers continue to feed it. And is it likely any costs of being closed will be recovered in the 'collection' of 'donations' for this event when it finally opens? Doubt it very much.

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