Regional rates rise reduced

Regional council rates are increasing 6.6 per cent this year. Photo: Google maps.

The regional council's rates rise for the 2017/18 year has been reduced from a projected 8.5 per cent increase, to 6.6 per cent in the Annual Plan approved by regional councillors last week.

Overall, the regional council's planned operating expenditure has increased from $123 million to $124 million, and capital expenditure has increased from $25 million to $46 million due to capital expenditure projects being rescheduled.

The information document states the reasons for the 6.6 per cent increase are mainly:

▪ Increased resources for core environmental planning work to meet legislative requirements and community engagement expectations

▪ More work protecting the region's natural resources, especially biosecurity, responding to pollution complaints and managing and monitoring resource consents

▪ Increased delivery of work across the catchments to improve water quality and protect our environment While the total real rates revenue increase has reduced. There are some variations between general and targeted rates.

The document updates what was identified for year three of the 2015-2025 Long Term Plan and explains the differences.

Bay of Plenty Regional Council chair Doug Leeder says the information document outlines what the council plans to deliver across the region for the coming financial year and how it will be paid for.

“Along with our ‘business as usual' activities there are a number of exciting projects planned for 2017/18 that will improve regional infrastructure, core environmental work and water quality,” says Doug.

“The information document explains what these plans look like in an easy to follow booklet and we really encourage people to check it out.”

Because the Regional Council's plan for 2017/18 is very similar to what was set out in the LTP, it will not be running a full formal submissions and hearings process. The document can be viewed online at

The Annual Plan 2017/18 is due to be finalised in June 2017.


Did I miss something?

Posted on 17-03-2017 10:03 | By The Caveman

Rates have NOT gone down by 1.6%. They have gone UP, yes UP by 6.6% over last year. Did I get a 6.6% wage rise - YEAH RIGHT....................

Get your facts right

Posted on 16-03-2017 20:16 | By nccc1

Ah, the usual "council are doing something, let's all say how bad it is" comments.Rosscoo, what has any of your post got to do with the Regional Council?Mackka, your maths is flawed. Let me demonstrate. If Council A has rates of $100 and increases by $10% and Council B has rates of $10 and increases by 10%, that's an increase of $10.10, which is barely over 10% and not, to use your maths, 20%.Our councils may or may not do a good job, but if you're going to criticise it helps to get your facts right.


Posted on 16-03-2017 15:25 | By rosscoo

If know money then why are council trying to push for this new building on willow street. it is unnecessary expense. Rate payers have paid for a stretch of road between Tauranga and Te Puke several times. Why the need to dig up seal week later dig up and seal. do it once do it right. It seems Higgins/Downers are taking advantage of councils to get more money out of them. council does not need to have office in centre of town go back out to Barkes corner nothing wrong with that building. If windows leak in CBD council building stop water blasting, the pressure of water getting in where leaks you deliberately making worse to push for new office.

Rates Robbery

Posted on 16-03-2017 13:41 | By peecee09

Stop this nonsense ! Just get rid of some of your ivory tower investments you never tell us about and stop fleecing us all the time. If you can't get sufficient funds from Port of Tauranga (51 percent) , and your other income producing investments then you are overspending.


Posted on 16-03-2017 11:05 | By Kaimai

I'm guessing there will be more consultation, more consultant fees, more independent commissioners fees (God I'd love to be on that gravy train!) and then ignoring submissions that don't fit with vested interests.


Posted on 16-03-2017 08:56 | By Captain Sensible

Here's a tip that the rest of us must abide by.....LIVE WITHIN YOUR MEANS!!!!! I know of only one person who has had a pay rise in the last 8 years, and even then it was miniscule. Stop stealing our hard earned money because you "need it". We NEED our money too.


Posted on 16-03-2017 08:44 | By Mackka

So we have a 'reduction' from 8.5% way down to 6.6% overall rise in Regional council rates.Add this to our Tga City Council rate rise of 3.8% and we have a rate rise of over 10% GST!! Then we get all the other additional costs on top of the 10%. How in hell can they imagine that we rate payer's can afford to pay this money?Still no word from our silent Mayor regardless of requests for him to come forward.!

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