Don’t hose mud & silt into drains

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Whakatane District residents and businesses, including those in Edgecumbe, are strongly urged not to hose or wash mud and silt into drains and the stormwater system.

Civil Defence Controller Paula Chapman says it is understandable residents will want to wash mud and silt from homes, driveways and gardens, but this could block pipes and cause flooding when further rain comes.

“This message doesn't just apply to Edgecumbe – the whole district's stormwater system depends on it being free of mud and silt.”

Residents are advised to pile mud and silt on the berms outside, or near, their properties and it will be collected over the next few days, adds Paula.

From today, the Civil Defence Centre that has been operating in the Whakatane Memorial Hall will be relocated to the Edgecumbe Hall contact centre.  All current services will continue to be available and residents should go here for assistance in the first instance.

The Rautahi Marae Civil Defence Centre will also move to Edgecumbe on Sunday at 12pm.

Horizons Energy is continuing to work to restore power to outlying areas of the district following the passage of Cyclone Cook.

While some 20,000 properties were without power yesterday, as of Saturday morning the number was reduced to 1500 with further properties expected back on today.

Whakatane District residents and businesses, except those in Whakatane town, Coastlands, Ohope and Matata, are also urged to continue to conserve water until power is fully restored to pump stations around the district. Residents should also flush toilets sparingly until wastewater pump stations are back in action.

“Although water has been restored to much of Edgecumbe, we are continuing to ask people to conserve water as the network remains fragile, and a boil-water notice remains in place,” says a Whakatane District Council spokesperson.

The boil-water notice also remains in place in Taneatua.

The Whakatane Transfer Station is also full of mostly storm-related rubbish and debris, and residents are urged to delay their deliveries until Sunday at the earliest to allow staff to clear Saturday's input and make more space.


Tankers of drinking water will be at the following locations by 3pm today – people are asked to bring their own containers to fill:

  •   •  Ruatoki – at Ruatoki School

  •   •  Taneatua – by the school, and by the skate park

  •   •  Waimana – by the shops

  •   •  Edgecumbe – tankers by the Riverslea Mall and by the War Memorial Hall.

For more information contact the Whakatane Civil Defence Public Information Manager on 07 306 2012

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That would be utterly stupid, but maybe some do it

Posted on 15-04-2017 16:07 | By Papamoaner

Visualise what happens when it dries out and leaves a "plug" in the drain. Then the next lot adds to it and builds up because the original dried out plug of silt doesn't get a chance to dissolve. And so, it builds up and up until the drain is completely blocked. They built houses out of mud in some places, and they don't fall down in the rain. TAKE THE OFFICIAL ADVICE SERIOUSLY, or suffer the consequences when the next rain comes.

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