Call for Tauranga museum designers

Tauranga City Council staff are looking for ideas from the public about how a museum and library will work in the new city centre, and the kind of role they will play.

Last year, the Tauranga community told the council it wanted a vibrant, active and safe city centre and that it believed things like a museum, modern library and performance venue would help create that.

“We listened and are now working on defining what these facilities could be like,” says heart of the city communication and engagement advisor, Amanda Weatherley

“To do this, we need to understand the type of experience people expect to have and what a new museum and the central library will do for both individuals and the city.

“These facilities will be created to serve the community's needs first and foremost, so it's important elected members (city councillors) understand exactly what you want from them.”

Those passionate about a new museum or the central library and want to play a part in their future design, can apply to participate in one of the interactive design workshops.

Spaces are limited, and registration is essential, so get in quick. Workshops are three hours long (don't worry, we'll feed you!) and will be held on May 13, 16, 17 and 19.

Alternatively, the community can share their thoughts with councillors and staff at the following times

- Friday, May 5: Tauranga Home Show (at ASB Arena) from 10am - 2pm

- Saturday, May 6: As part of the Heart of the City stand at the Street Food Festival and official opening of the Waterfront steps from 11am – 2pm.

“Our city centre is in need of revitalisation and the Heart of the City programme is taking a big picture approach, planning for not just today or tomorrow, but what our residents will want in 50 years' time,” says City Transformation Committee chair Larry Baldock.

“The community's input to the design and experience of a new museum and the central library is an important part of the programme."


A parallel

Posted on 10-05-2017 13:46 | By Papamoaner

See Sunlive article "Tauranga art gallery one of NZ's best" This award winner is and example of what could happen with a well configured museum. Naysayers wearing blinkers will never see it if we don't keep chipping away at them.


Posted on 10-05-2017 13:21 | By Papamoaner

Gosh, you would think someone as widely travelled and experienced as Roadkill would have been to Wellington and seen what a huge success Te Papa Museum is. It must surely be a gold mine for ratepayers

Would a museum benefit Tauranga?

Posted on 10-05-2017 10:04 | By Papamoaner

The things that make any town nice to visit, are firstly the arts and secondly the architecture. After that, the friendliness of the people gets remembered most. A good museum falls into the first category. Do any of you remember the public controversy over building TePapa museum in Wellington? These days they say visitors flock to it first, mostly from overseas. Some of it is inter-active, like the wee wooden house you can go into while it shakes on hydraulic rams to simulate an earthquake. Sound silly? Yeah maybe, but the masses LOVE it. A roaring success you might say.

Wise men or fools, groutby

Posted on 08-05-2017 08:23 | By R. Bell

that is the question. I think you'll agree that the preservation of Plato's quotations, is primarily due to the existence of libraries, universities and you guessed it groutby------- Museums. With just a little bit of luck Tauranga will get all three. Can't wait, bring it on T.C.C. Robin Bell.

The usual overkill from roadkill,

Posted on 07-05-2017 15:26 | By R. Bell

your now claiming I and others are " programmed" and are ignoring overwhelming evidence from Africa, presumably that, that continent hes been swamped by museums. All seems a bit whiffy, roadkill, but then you'd expect that after weeks in the sun. groutby doesn't need your support, at least he tries to put forward his prejudice without the mumbo jumbo you indulge in. Robin Bell.


Posted on 07-05-2017 14:07 | By groutby

...."Wise men speak because they have something to say....fools because they have to say something"....Plato.(but then...Plato was probably a racist or something else..:)

@ Groutboy

Posted on 07-05-2017 10:21 | By Roadkill

Actually your ideas and comments make perfect sense and are logical. many people out there also have your view. Don't worry about Bell and others they were 'programmed' in such a way that despite evidence for Africa, miles of it, the obvious, common sense and logical research, answers and science all backing you up. He thinks you are still wrong, he "just knows". Everyone else can see the gap between him and a few other blinded mates, the vast majority see otherwise. But don't stop him as these commentaries here only reinforce for everyone how left field he is. In fact it is several fields off track and some.

How blind can you be, groutby.

Posted on 06-05-2017 11:52 | By R. Bell

I suggest you re-read the above article. In short Council are asking for YOUR involvement in due process. Make your views known. Your assumption of belonging to a " vast majority" is highly questionable, to say the least. I also suggest you keep up to date on the subject of referendum. Last year Scotland and N. Ireland, both sovereign states voted overwhelmingly to remain in the E.U. Outvoted (marginally) by the depressed north of England. Yet again England gets its way. Your disgusting remarks about women in education and your dismissal of children as " emotive" puts you fairly where you deserve to be " in the minority" . Robin Bell.


Posted on 06-05-2017 09:29 | By R. Bell

I appreciate your comments but the issue of minority v majority is not so easily definable. On any given issue we can all belong to either. The reference to the Act I make is primarily in regard to the responsibility Council have to the provision of welfare to the community it serves. Welfare in the context of a museum, library,information centres etc, is self evident. Modern Museums are interactive as well as informative. Ratepayer makes the point, "build it and they will come"that not only applies to tourists, but a large segment of society in general. No one suggests the museum is a stand alone attraction, it simply adds to the whole. Prudent management is critical but within such constraints we must have vision and a level of risk, or we don't progress. Robin Bell.


Posted on 05-05-2017 19:38 | By groutby

.. I am not familiar with the Act 2002, however I could imagine that within the picture painted for me, that it doesn't actually matter what the "majority" (vast majority in the case of a musuem I would believe) thinks, they (TCC), can use this Act and do anything they want, or feel they want anyway? where is our voice?..."consultation"..such as it is, is very, well "covert" isn't it, not necessarily in regard to the museum topic either. In regard to the stretched comment re. Scotland, they VOTED for devolution in 1997, as as result is what they have..better or worse that isn't the topic here, but had a Democratic for children (always emotive) we hardly teach genuine history in schools anyway, feminist nimbys have subdued that..but a day off school , no, tourism is important, but a museum is not the answe


Posted on 05-05-2017 14:47 | By Anbob

The minority argument is used far too often in NZ. The principles of majority rule are a necessary functional convention to achieve the greatest good for the greatest number and have an ordered social life. Here, in theory there is no minority group as the library is for all to use and pay for. Therefore, any decision to proceed should be a decision of all ratepayers. The Local Govt Acts purpose is to promote the accountability of local authorities to their communities and meet the current and future needs of their communities for good-quality local infrastructure. The Act dictates they should be transparent and accountable. I believe there are more critical priorities for TCC to spend ratepayers funds and if vested interests want a museum then they should pay for it. I appreciate your view. If TCC did not have such a large deficit then my view may be different

Council have the mandate they require,

Posted on 05-05-2017 09:09 | By R. Bell

via The Local Government Act 2002. They are not required to only cater to "so called majorities." They are required to cater to all. They are required to consult, this they have done, many times. Referendum can deliver injustice, as it can justice. Ask the people of Scotland. Children in general will be the main beneficiaries of any museum, they have no vote, relying on adults to deliver, or not. Groutby seems content to send tourists to Rotorua. What kind of defeatist nonsense is that? This City badly needs a VIBRANT centre and will have, in spite of those who oppose all development. Robin Bell.

Actually Robin...........

Posted on 04-05-2017 21:29 | By groutby

.....understanding is of of the attributes I have, however it is a practical, logical and an understanding of realism, unlike yourself. Your opinion is welcomed of course but not accurate, except in your world. Rotorua Museum is not iconic, (by knowledgeable world travellers), however because of the local culture has significance at least, tourists are going there anyway, and, coupled with the beautiful European Elizabethan building, of "Tudor" Towers, makes for a very reputable place for a museum housing mainly local Maori artifacts, understandable and suited to Rotorua. Non "world wise" people such as many living in our wonderful city believe everyone else wants to "see our stuff"..not so, for tourists as long as they have a "taste" for example of Maori Culture by way of a museum (Rotorua), show, or geothermal experience go away satisfied they have seen what they want, and move should we here.

@ Anbob

Posted on 04-05-2017 16:30 | By Roadkill

There is no mandate, in fact there is a Councilor resolution that any proposal for a Museum must be a zero cost to ratepayers as to the setup and annual operational costs. However the very small group are constantly harassing Council for a freebee all out full noise sponge of TCC ratepayers when in fact there is no money to pay for it, record debt levels and a lot more to come already.

Where is the mandate?

Posted on 04-05-2017 13:45 | By Anbob

I am against the museum, I believe it should be way down on the TCC priorities list. I would prefer ratepayers funds to be used for emergency housing, and elder care, for example. What annoys me is TCC always dictate that spending must be evidence based when it comes to crucial infrastructure, but they have produced little evidence regarding their wants like this museum or TCC office building options. I personally think TCC should be operating out of Tauriko, for example. Jeancraven (below) mentioned the New Plymouth museum, has that got/had a cost to ratepayers, initial and on an ongoing basis? What is it? There are enough museums for TCC to forecast costs. I also believe in democracy and anything contentious should be put to a referendum to resolve the debate, not obtained through deception.

Understanding, groutby

Posted on 04-05-2017 12:04 | By R. Bell

is not your strong point. Rotorua Museum is iconic, along with other " unique " attractions. Tauranga cannot compete with those but we can create an equally iconic, modern Museum, coupled to our own " other unique attractions". They will contribute to the desired effect of keeping tourists, and others in and around Tauranga. It is high time we put our money where our mouth is. NOW. Thanks Ammonite. Robin Bell.

Visitor Levy would help

Posted on 04-05-2017 10:51 | By manbearpig

I agree, groutby, that tourists should be able to afford (and be happy to pay) a fee to enter any museum this city sees fit to build. I think tourists expect to pay for these sort of things, so we should take advantage of that. But I don't consider it necessary for the museum to be 'profitable' - self-sustaining should be enough for something of cultural value (i.e. if they can cover their annual costs, who could complain about that?). I would hope the council looks carefully at other museums around the country, how they're funded, as examples of successful museum models. The great thing about museums, galleries, and tidal stairs is that they can make CBDs a point of difference to their chief competitors - large shopping malls situated on cheap land on the outskirts of town.

@ manbearpig..

Posted on 04-05-2017 10:32 | By groutby

....I have never been on the understanding that tourists go to Rotorua bacause Tauranga has no museum..that's just plain nuts..they are sold Rotorua before they well before they get off the boat...we do need to be in a poition to promote this along with Rotorua to at least retain some cruise boat tourists, for me I don't think a museum would maje a jot of difference, but if the tourists were genuinely interested, like anywhere else, would be prepared to pay a small sum to enable the privately funded venture to keep "the doors open" wouldn't they?


Posted on 04-05-2017 10:05 | By manbearpig

Museums, like art galleries and libraries, aren't designed to make profits. They create the impression that a city has a cultural heart, and provide people with reasons to venture into the CBD, where they will then spend money in cafes, restaurants, and perhaps even some of our other stores. Think of the Paradox Art Festival - this has been a huge success, with lines out the gallery doors on some days. I wonder how well our local businesses are doing thanks to the increased foot traffic from the festival? Tourists love museums. When they find out we don't have one, off to Rotorua they go. Alternatively, we could focus on resealing perfectly good roads every six months. That's a great use of the ol' rates. More tarseal! More road cones!

Oh Ratepayer...

Posted on 03-05-2017 22:21 | By groutby

.."build it and they will come"....but only if it is for free ! yes, let's have a musuem, built with funding from those not wishing to continue to suck on the teat of the ratepayer. Let them wallow in the vast amounts of cash profit from such a venture...but wait..there isn't any is there ?....oh well, let's bleat on about a museum and I am sure the council have one planned....Councillors, tell me I am wrong....I expect absolute silence....

Unless I have missed something..........

Posted on 03-05-2017 21:55 | By The Caveman

EVERYTHING that I have read, or heard tells me that 90% + of Tauranga RATEPAYERS do not want a bottomless hole called a museum. But it seems that the PAID staff of the TCC do not get the message and are still pushing a museum !! The paid staff work for the RATEPAYERS, not themselves, and the are not spending their own money - they are spending RATEPAYER money. It's about time that the PAID employees of the RATEPAYERS took note of what the RATEPAYERS are saying about council expenditure - and that goes for the COUNCILERS as well that promised all sorts of spending restraints during the recent elections, and who now seem to have forgotten what the promised. It's time the CEO and below took note of RATEPAYER wishes...............


Posted on 03-05-2017 20:54 | By Minib



Posted on 03-05-2017 20:27 | By tga resident

This is an example of what I would cal "fur coat and no knickers". We are dressing the city up and spending money we don't have on a poxy museum, when it is well documented that people, including children, are sleeping in cars in our city because there is no housing.. and the council's priority is to spend money on a museum. They should hang their heads in shame.

Well said Robin Bell...

Posted on 03-05-2017 20:01 | By Ammonite

... the usual knockers who could fit into a phone box have had their day. Tauranga is leaving them behind.

The I want it mob don't understand

Posted on 03-05-2017 19:02 | By Dazed and Confused

This has nothing to do with Culture it has nothing to do with re booting the City nothing to do with any thing but economics .If you want it you fund it . Very simple Its a numbers game .If 51 % of rate payers (voters) don't want it ...You cant have it ....There's a word for that I just cant think of it...Begins with D So lets have a referendum and put this to Bed.

A pox upon ostriches and knockers !

Posted on 03-05-2017 17:26 | By Ratepayer

"Build it and they will come". The museum will become a magnet for tourists seeking out the Bay of Plenty Maori and settler heritage, let alone ALL the culture hungry children of the Bay who will pour in by the thousands. It is about time the hundreds of tonnes of heritage items under storage was dusted off and put on show ! And the money ? The knockers writing in havn't noticed the long parade of tourist ships whose passengers are spending millions of dollars locally, the huge increase in year round Bay tourism in general, and our impressive port generating welcome revenue. Money is pouring in. Colin !

Well said Jean.

Posted on 03-05-2017 16:49 | By R. Bell

the old fogies on here are against everything. Thankfully the more they whinge, the more Council ignore them. I had hopes they would work it out for themselves, but no, seems not. Tauranga badly needs a Museum, looks like its coming soon. YEAH!! Robin Bell.


Posted on 03-05-2017 16:31 | By

At last it is progressing - a city the size of Tauranga is years behind other smaller cities. I was initially against the museum in New Plymouth but it has been one of the city's best assets - I was wrong. Definitely support this project.

Design:- Easy

Posted on 03-05-2017 16:18 | By CC8

Just a huge hole in the ground , chuck in a couple of dollars , so everybody knows what to do.. Then we can all just walk past and tip our excess wheelbarrows of cash in the hole. every now and then pour in some dirt , and add a couple of bureaucrats for good measure, it should all decompose quickly enough so that it is not always full to overbrimming, after all council has so much excess cash that they will be the biggest contributors.


Posted on 03-05-2017 14:41 | By Dino

We need a Museum like we need a hole in the head! Come on Council, u gotta see sense on this one...there is so many more important things to be doing with "our" money.....

@ mutley

Posted on 03-05-2017 14:33 | By Roadkill

Stealth, there has been no consultation on it at all, yet and as usual TCC staff are charging off to do all and sundry. But dont worry Councillors will fall into line, have their little rubber stamp on it without even a question and well there you have it, a rort of democracy and some.


Posted on 03-05-2017 14:25 | By surfsup

Interesting, I thought the majority of people said they didn't want a museum, so who is spinning who??

Get Real!

Posted on 03-05-2017 14:09 | By Mackka

What is it about these 'Wallies' that they don't understand the fact that 90% of the general public do NOT want or NEED a museum ??Why are handful of loud voiced devotees given such credence over the majority.We can't afford a bl ......dy museum - isn't that obvious?Why are the council staff looking for ideas from the public? The staff appear to be the tail wagging the dog. The dog being the councillors. Where is the mayor in all this? Why do we only hear from mayor 'presumptive' Baldock all the time?

More BS

Posted on 03-05-2017 13:39 | By rastus

I cannot believe the way in which these bureaucrats work - their stealth and cunning is beyond belief - the elected councilors should take serious notice that unless a proper poll is taken of the ratepayers wishes in all these matters then it would seem to me that the courts will be the only option left for ratepayers to state their desires - Enough of this smoke and mirrors rubbish - lets resume true democracy for those who pay the piper!

I getting sick of this sh%t

Posted on 03-05-2017 13:13 | By Dazed and Confused

Why are the elected officials letting STAFF look in to what the people keep saying we don't want?We have told them over and over again we are not able to fund a Museum.

No musuem

Posted on 03-05-2017 12:36 | By Angels

We voted against the musuem, now no one is listening.Want our votes at election times,yet no one listens to what the people say, can you legally go against the referendum ???We the people should have the say, not the very few Rich who want us to pay for it. If the rich, musuem committees want to pay and support the centre in the future fine, not with tax payer money.

What about democracy

Posted on 03-05-2017 12:25 | By Angels

I though we had a referendum and the people voted for NO museum.Does the council any other parties not pay attention to what was voted , no musuem.No money from tax payers.We are funding an art galaxy that is a farce. We got lied to about it prior to it being put in place, enough draining cash cows in the city.

What museum ?

Posted on 03-05-2017 12:03 | By mutley

Has a decision been made to build a museum ? or is this just more local government by stealth ??


Posted on 03-05-2017 11:36 | By Tassie

We don't have the money for fanciful dreams like a museum at the moment, when our core services are not coping.

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