Revitalising Elizabeth and Wharf Streets

Tauranga City Council is encouraging the community to have its say as it looks to revitalise Elizabeth Street east and Wharf Street east.

Council has identified Durham Street, Durham Lane, Elizabeth Street east, The Strand Extension (southern end), Wharf Street east and Aspen Reserve as key city centre streets and open spaces in the heart of the city that will be revitalised during the next three years.

The community is encouraged to share their thoughts (and free cake) with Elected Members and Council staff on Tuesday 16 May 2017 between 11am to 1pm, outside Farmers on Elizabeth Street.

Elected Members and staff will also be on Wharf Street east from 11am to 1pm on Thursday 25 May to gather feedback on how on how the community would like see the waterfront end of Wharf Street revitalised.

The community feedback will help Council to design these areas. If people cannot make it on Tuesday or the following Thursday, they can email their feedback to

City Transformation General Manager Jaine Lovell-Gadd said the eastern end of Elizabeth Street is a priority area because of the private and public development in this area.

“The James Pascoe Group intends to redevelop the Farmers site on the corner of Devonport Road and Elizabeth Street, and further along the street, Bay of Plenty Regional Council is carrying out major refurbishment of Regional House.

“These developments provide an opportunity to work together to improve the link from Elizabeth Street to The Strand, create a natural area in the city centre, and reconnect to the harbour.”

Wharf Street east has been trialled as a shared space with more opportunities for outdoor dining, and the streetscape project is an opportunity to consider its long-term future.

“We would like to develop the waterfront end of Wharf Street as a shared space to attract more people and provide greater prominence to dining and other outdoor activities. We could potentially re-connect Wharf Street to a new town wharf,” Mrs Lovell-Gadd said.

City Transformation Chair Larry Baldock said: “The interest and quality feedback Council has received from its recent community engagement events on Durham Street and The Strand extension indicate strong support for investing in and revitalising these key streets in the heart of our city.”


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