Online district plan tool unveiled

The new Line of Enquiry online tool makes it easier for people to search for information contained in the Thames-Coromandel District Plan. Image:

A new online tool will make it easier for people to search the Thames-Coromandel District Plan to obtain property specific planning information using an address or a zone as a starting point.

District Plan manager Leigh Robcke says Line of Enquiry online tool can be accessible via the main District Plan page on the Thames-Coromandel District Council's website.

“It's exciting to see the Line of Enquiry running off the new District Plan - it customises planning information for individual properties and projects.”

After using Line of Enquiry's simple search function to find your property or zone, the relevant District Plan rules are extracted, such as rules for building a house, subdividing a property or rules that apply to a zone or overlay in the District Plan, and provided in a printable document.

Customer Experience manager Brian Robson says the council has been moving to make more of its services available online, as part of TCDC's Digital Strategy.

“The District Plan Portal is the latest offering in TCDC's digital services program. It will be a valuable self-service tool for our customers but, as always, the Customer Services Team are happy to provide support for first-time users that need guidance.”

The District Plan controls the way land is used and subdivided on the Coromandel Peninsula and what natural and cultural features should be protected.

Line of Enquiry also shows the planning maps for the selected property generated in TCDC's SMART Maps system.

Alongside Line of Enquiry, residents can also find council's ePlan, which is the electronic version of both the old Operative District Plan and the new Proposed District Plan (Appeals Version), which is searchable and printable.

The Proposed District Plan was notified for appeals in 2016 and 72 were submitted. So far, 15 have been resolved and progress is being made on the others via Environment Court processes.

As appeals are resolved, the Proposed District Plan is updated and made available via the District Plan Portal. Until all the appeals are resolved, some areas of the old Operative District Plan may still apply.

For more information or to use Thames-Coromandel District Council's new Line of Enquiry


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