Budget to benefit Tauranga families

Tauranga MP Simon Bridges.

Tauranga MP Simon Bridges says Tauranga families are set to be the big winners from Budget 2017.

Simon, who's also Minister for economic development, transport and communication, told SunLive the budget delivers for all New Zealanders.

He says it shares the benefits of growth by improving public services, investing in the infrastructure needed for a growing country, reducing debt and lifting incomes.

“Our ninth budget shows continuing improvement in the Government's books and solid economic growth expected to average around 3 per cent over the next five years.”

The MP says the government's delivering more jobs and higher wages for New Zealanders.

“The average annual wage is expected to reach $64,300 by 2021 – up more than $17,000 since we came into office. Well over 200,000 jobs have been created in the last three years – and a further 215,000 jobs are expected over the next four years.”

Simon believes we have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to raise living standards for all New Zealanders. And Budget 2017 sets out the next steps in the plan to do that.

“Families in Tauranga will benefit from the $2 billion a year family incomes package, which will help New Zealanders get ahead by adjusting income tax thresholds, while also increasing Working for Families and providing additional support for people on low incomes with high accommodation costs.”

The average Tauranga family will get an extra $26 a week, while a couple, with both partners working on an average wage, will get an extra $41 a week in their pocket.

The changes to the accommodation supplement will also see families in Tauranga lifted above the threshold for severe housing stress.

Some families could be in line for an extra $150 a week.

“We are committed to helping families get ahead and this money will go a long way for those families in need,” says Simon.

“We're determined to seize the opportunity a growing economy gives us to permanently shift our country onto a more prosperous path. The budget invests $4 billion to help build the public infrastructure which will help drive further economic growth, create jobs and lift wages.”

Simon says that's not the limit of National's ambition. The Government is committed to improving the lives of vulnerable New Zealanders.

As part of the $7 billion new investment in public services like health, education, and law and order over the next four years, Budget 2017 includes $321 million in Social Investment initiatives to help the most at-risk New Zealanders become more independent.

“All New Zealanders deserve the opportunity to make the most of their potential, but we cannot provide that opportunity without a growing economy.”


Unsophisticated political bias, morepork

Posted on 04-06-2017 13:27 | By R. Bell

and C.S. Maori are undisputed partners in this nation. From formation to the present.$ 93 million out of a total budget around $70billion puts their "share" into better perspective. Of course the balance contains all the development money required for C.Ss. other racial groups, obvious really. You may not have noticed, from your ivory towers, but Maori are a separate group, separate language requiring funding, separate social requirements, separate cultural practices, separate educational needs, separate health needs e.t.c. e.t.c. None of that creates Separatism, it simply reflects what we've always had. One nation, two peoples.Other ethnicities fit in wherever they can, and do, very well as it happens. Robin Bell.


Posted on 29-05-2017 21:34 | By laugeo

I respect your right to your opinion too. My opinion is that he's smarmy and disingenuous, your's is that he's not. We differ on this. I wasn't suggesting anyone else should find the same as me, just expressing how I perceive him. I did say "I find him" and "he reminds me". I am not trying to sway you or anyone else to share my views - that's fair enough I think? What we do agree about is that more should be done for our pensioners!


Posted on 29-05-2017 14:45 | By morepork

I respect your right to an opinion (and said as much), however, I disagree with you on this. We all have likes and dislikes in our interactions with others and normally, I wouldn't comment. However, calling someone "smarmy" and "disingenuous" when my own experience has shown me that he isn't, doesn't seem fair, so I posted.

@ morepork

Posted on 28-05-2017 20:41 | By laugeo

I have met Mr. Bridges three seperate times now (I'm not sure why you would presume I haven't?) in various forums and have had the opportunity to discuss local issues with him and as I said, I found him smarmy and disingenuous. Hardly an ad hominem attack when you consider the disingenuous nature of the promised, inadequate increases that will not come to fruition until 2018 and then only if National are re-elected. My comment was an opinion, based on those meetings and his unwillingness or inability to talk meaningfully about local transport issues. I would also argue that if you are in a position of influence (as he clearly is) then 'toeing the party line' regardless of what is best for the country or the region (such as with the separatism you mentioned?) is not a good thing. Personally, I would sooner see Winston Peters there.

And the pensioners?

Posted on 28-05-2017 12:32 | By morepork

While the World does not owe us a living, many people on fixed incomes (I am one) find it pretty difficult to manage. In the euphoria about this very welcome investment in families and the not-so-well-off, I can't seem to find anything addressing Superannuitants. The 3% growth being touted means inflation will also increase. The people hardest hit by inflation are those on fixed incomes, who see their meagre savings being eroded even further. We need growth, but it would be nice to think there was good news for everybody, and pensioners were not excluded...

@Captain Sensible -NO Kiwi apartheid.

Posted on 28-05-2017 12:25 | By morepork

I completely share your concerns over Separatism and will be voting based on this. We have NO CHANCE of a better future WITHOUT Social Justice and equality FOR ALL. There is no longer any financial reason why Maori should be getting a better deal than anybody else and all it does is sow discord and resentment instead of the goodwill that is actually needed. Fortunately, there are people (like Hobsons Pledge...) who are spreading the word and raising awareness. It ISN'T Racist to question what is happening; and some of what is happening is reprehensible and even outrageous... ALL NZers should receive help and support when it is needed; we are an affluent nation and can afford to take care of our people. But it has to be seen to be FAIR. Secret backroom deals, mostly for political gain, are just unacceptable and all of us should vote accordingly.


Posted on 28-05-2017 12:10 | By morepork

We all have our opinions about politicians in general, but your ad hominem attack on Simon is really unwarranted. If you speak with him for 5 minutes you will find he is genuinely committed to a better NZ and is far from being "Tim Nice-but-dim". I don't agree with many National policies (mainly over the increasing Separatism they are supporting, which is dividing our nation) and won't be voting for them (because of that), but it isn't personal. Simon Bridges has served Tauranga well and is a very good representative for us. ALL politicians have to "toe the party line" or they don't stay in positions of influence very long. We should be thankful we have an honest man, who actually cares about the country, representing us. NZ is #3 on the World list of least corrupt countries and Simon reflects that.

Simon Bridges

Posted on 26-05-2017 23:00 | By laugeo

is only interested in Simon Bridges. He's towing the party line to further his own interests and it seems to be working for him. I find him smarmy and disingenuous. He reminds me of the Harry Enfield character 'Tim nice but dim'. As others have said here, this is a thinly disguised bribe for votes and is way too little and way too late. The arrogance of the National party is staggering, treating voters like ignorant fools. At election time I'll cross my fingers and hope that the general public don't prove them right!

Well Done

Posted on 26-05-2017 19:03 | By Dazed and Confused

Thank you Simon and your Party


Posted on 26-05-2017 16:05 | By Laurie

As I've said elsewhere - BOLLOCKS - by the time April 2018 rolls around these miserly increases will have been eroded by increases in the cost of food, power, gas etc. They've been telling us for 9 years that there's no housing crisis, no issues with our health system & now they want to spend a whole lot of money to fix the problems. How stupid do these conceited politicians think we are?? Also why aren't the Tainui & Ngai Tahu etc tribal corporations that are now multi million $ businesses (created from treaty settlement $$) paying tax like other businesses - this lost revenue could be put back into Maori development instead of making the tribal elite even more wealthy.

Just a joke

Posted on 26-05-2017 15:30 | By roseh

Why so much for Maori development,they say they don't get enough But to me shouldn't get any more than the European people I thought we were all New Zealands.Funny how National all of a sudden can find some extra money.Election year of course. I Still wont be fooled


Posted on 26-05-2017 14:53 | By Corwen

$93,000,000 for 15% of the population (Maori)Based on percentages:$ 55,800,00 for 8% (Asian)$ 421,600,00 for 68% (Pakeha - European New Zealander's)$ 49,600,00 for 8% (all others)Just can't see it happening!


Posted on 26-05-2017 12:57 | By By Jimminy

Giving people a few crumbs will not buy my vote.The Government sat on their hands too long on housing and record immigration and the horse bolted.Screwed the health and other systems to get surplus and now does a a big spin to get votes. Let us hope the voters can see through Government.


Posted on 26-05-2017 12:55 | By overit

Exactly, and hey you wont get it unless you vote National. So you may not get it at all-its a bribe.Its our money!!

Election Bribe

Posted on 26-05-2017 09:15 | By overit

You overly fleeced tax payers will only get it as long as you vote National. No thanks.

Yeah but! ..

Posted on 26-05-2017 09:08 | By Linaire

None of these changes take effect until April 2018! .. why not earlier?

Spending those dollars

Posted on 26-05-2017 08:29 | By hapukafin

Its good to see some of our hard earned taxes is going back to the people.I hope it is just as good for them to spend it wisely where their kids will benefit from it.

$93 for

Posted on 26-05-2017 08:02 | By Captain Sensible

There was $93 million from taxpayers for "maori development". Maybe Simon can tell us why there was nothing in the budget for "Asian development", or "European development", or "African development" etc, as maori are not the only race living here. National actually promotes separatism so maybe Simon can explain how separatism benefits Tauranga.

Simon says.....

Posted on 26-05-2017 07:34 | By Captain Sensible

Simon says....whatever he's told to say.

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