A euphoric extravaganza

Last week it surfaced that the City Transformation Committee now wants to totally demolish the existing library and all attached; the replacement cost said to be a massive $28 million of more debt for TCC ratepayers.

The existing CBD library building, at most 10-20 years old with significant monies spent on it since, now heading for total demolition and replacement. Why? Buildings are meant to have a life span of 50 years. This can only be a euphoric extravaganza!

Anything meant to last that has TCC's ‘Midas Touch' soon crumbles to fool's gold. It appears to me that TCC ratepayers have had about enough of this ‘spendaholic' council/councillors. Clearly, the need to spend is more important than being prudent, wise and considered as elected representatives of a community – the upper cranial cavities are now vacated!

Even the former libraries CEO at TCC acknowledged that library attendees are dropping. The obvious worldwide trend is in full swing so TCC compulsively must do the opposite? There's likely no reason to exist in 10 years or less.

Sadly none actually needs changing. A binding referendum allows all TCC ratepayers a say.

I Stevenson, Tauranga.


@ groutby

Posted on 14-08-2017 16:42 | By MISS ADVENTURE

make it "forever" binding I say.


Posted on 11-08-2017 21:52 | By groutby

a binding referendum... I Stevenson, in uttering those words you have sent the fear of God into each of the TCC councillors dreams and intentions !

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