Faster browsing for rural Western Bay

Shaw Rd and No 2 Road have benefitted from the new upgrade

Thirty four local residents in a rural cabinet in Western Bay of Plenty District can now access improved broadband, after a recent Chorus upgrade.

Under the Government's Rural Broadband Initiative and Chorus' own separate cabinet upgrade programme, this latest work means Chorus has now upgraded 44 cabinets in Western Bay of Plenty District.

Chorus Network Strategy Manager Kurt Rodgers says he looks forward to residents and businesses receiving better broadband performance as a result of the upgrades.

“Unreliability in particular, and slow internet speeds have been a source of concern and frustration for businesses and residents in these areas, so it's great to be able to provide substantially-improved infrastructure.”

“Consistent and reliable broadband speeds at any time of day over fixed line will provide quicker upload and download speeds of all types of digital multimedia. Enhanced video conversations with friends, family and business associates is another advantage.”

“More importantly, the upgraded cabinets are fibre fed which means people are connected to a congestion free network with no data caps.”

Before the cabinet upgrades, residents and businesses in these areas could generally only access broadband speeds of 5Mbps or less.

Following the upgrade, residents and businesses should now be able to experience speeds of up to 25Mpbs on ADSL2.

About 80 per cent of customers are able to upgrade to VDSL broadband for even faster internet. Average speeds on VDSL connections is 45Mbps.

“There's absolutely no doubting the benefits of reliable connectivity to the lives of rural New Zealanders. We're passionate about ensuring as many Kiwis as possible have access to this world-class technology,” he says.


All smoke and mirrors?

Posted on 20-08-2017 16:02 | By stokey

Despite what Chorus say this is nonsense. Not only don't we have fibre available, the existing service is continually failing because of chorus poor service record. I think this article is only 'sucking up' to the National Government in an election year. More fake PR?

What about Whakamarama ?

Posted on 19-08-2017 16:06 | By mutley

We have got the fibre but no cabinets so the service is rubbish. Cut the fanfare and get on with providing real service.

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