Labour still hiding its real plan

The Labour Party needs to be much more upfront with New Zealanders than it is being in its so-called 100 day plan, National Party Campaign Chair Steven Joyce says.

"What's most noticeable about this piece of paper is the things Labour has failed to mention," Mr Joyce says.

"For example, there is no mention of its plan to legislate to remove $1060 annually from the pay packets of middle income earners from April 1 next year.

"These tax reductions are in the law now. They would have to pass a law in the first 100 days to remove them - why aren't they making that clear?

"Similarly they have failed to make it clear their plan is to delay National's support for low income families for another three months. They need to be upfront with lower income New Zealanders that if they vote a Labour government in they'll wait longer for support.

"There's also no mention of the fabled tax working group which Kelvin Davis said was their top 100 day priority. Now not only their tax plans are shrouded in secrecy, so too is their plan for the group that will design their new taxes. Are they just too scared to mention it?

"Labour also need to be much clearer about what their 'legislation to improve fairness in the workplace' is. Is that the return to industry-wide wage bargaining that they are trying not to talk about which would turn the clock back 40 years on wage bargaining and make Kiwi companies less competitive?

"New Zealanders have a right to know what they are being asked to vote for and the Labour Party are not treating them with respect.

"Only National has a clear plan that will keep our economy growing and keep New Zealand heading in the right direction. 

"The Labour Party has spent much of its time hiding its plan. It needs to be much more upfront with New Zealanders."

SOURCE: Office of Steven Joyce

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Oh.. no !!

Posted on 11-09-2017 16:55 | By Marshal

National curtainly don't do fear well.. Will it be that big a loss.. They have feathered there rich mates , 5% maybe of the population's bank accounts for longer than I care to remember. Let the poor people have a little bite of the pie.. Just once. For a while.. Make New Zealand a wonderful place for all Kiwi's.. Yay. The low income earners are sick of picking up the tab for parties they weren't invited to.Cheers, Hard working Kiwi..

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