Cadbury classics to be made in Australia

Jaffas and Pineapple Lumps are manufactured in Cadbury's Dunedin factory which is set to close. Photo: Cadbury / Pascall

The production of Pineapple Lumps and other Kiwi treats will shift to Australia early next year, Cadbury has confirmed.

The chocolate treats were made in Dunedin at the Cadbury factory, which is due to close next year.

A last-ditch bid was launched to keep the manufacture of the quintessential Kiwi treats in Dunedin.

The factory was an icon in the city for more than 130 years, and has been producing chocolate for Cadbury for more than 80 years.

Cadbury confirmed its iconic Kiwi confectionery products, such as Pineapple Lumps and Jaffas, will be made in Australia.

No local manufacturer was found to take on production of the products when the factory, owned by Mondelēz International, closes in March.

The food giant said it would make an exception for Jaffas and Pineapple Lumps if a manufacturer could be found in New Zealand.

Mondelēz New Zealand head James Kane says the technology and production processes were too hard to match.

He says the sweets would be made to the same taste and quality standards as now.

Production of the products will shift to Australia early next year.



My sources in the

Posted on 18-10-2017 00:27 | By The Caveman

tell me that the reason that NO New Zealand confectionery producer took up the opportunity to manufacture the products (Pineapple Lumps, etc, etc.) is because "Cadbury’s" wanted "royalties" to a level that made the manufacture of the products totally un-economic for the small New Zealand confectionery producers.

Damn shame

Posted on 17-10-2017 17:55 | By overit

That’s life in the 21st century.

They can eat them in Australia too

Posted on 17-10-2017 14:24 | By Papamoaner

Being a staunch patriot I’m a Whittakers eater. A NZ family company making beautiful superior quality chocolate since around 1900. Maximum cocoa, minimum sugar, no kangaroo poo. Struth cobber, next thing it’ll be pavlova and Pharlap steak if we don’t keep an eye on them.

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