Two cars and bus crash in Welcome Bay

The crash scene on Welcome Bay Road. Photos: Bruce Barnard.


No injuries have been reported following two crashes, earlier this morning. 

A police media spokesperson says that a call was received about a crash at 8.55am involving two cars which went into the back of a bus. 

“No one was injured and the scene is being cleared. 

“Both cars needed towing and traffic is moving through. 

“Enquiries are ongoing.” 

Following this police were also called to the scene of a crash near Bayfair. 

“Two cars crashed on Maunganui Road at 9.08am,” says Police. 

“There were no injuries, the road is clear and the occupants were advised to exchange insurance details.”


Police are at the scene of a crash between a bus and two cars near Welcome Bay School.

A witness at the scene says the crash happened near Welcome Bay School and Oteki Park Drive, while she was dropping her children off to school.

“The police have just showed up, I didn't see it happen as it occurred just before I came around the corner,” she says.

“There is a bus that has been rear-ended by a people-mover, which has been rear ended by a four-wheel drive.

“Everyone looks ok, there's minor damage to the bus compared to the van which is damaged at the front and rear.

“The four-wheel drive is partially blocking the road, which is slowing traffic because they have to go around it but now that police are there the traffic is settling.”


Reports are coming in of a crash involving two cars and a bus in Welcome Bay.

The crash is reported to be near Welcome Bay School, by Oteki Park Drive.

There are also reports of a three car crash on State Highway 2, near Te Maunga.

SunLive is working on getting more information and will update this story soon.

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What bus?

Posted on 19-10-2017 13:18 | By clingon

Those buses need to be more visible- it's so hard to see the back of a bus...

No surprises there!

Posted on 19-10-2017 12:42 | By triplediamond

Once again our NZ drivers dont look ahead more than in front of their nose.Rear ended crashes are the result of that.This will continue until a drivers licence is considered a privelidge rather than a god given right. Crashes occur thanks to our uneducated, unskilled licence holders!

Yee haw

Posted on 19-10-2017 12:00 | By maildrop

Usual stuff, tailgating and not looking. Idiots.

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