Govt to halt equal pay legislation

The Government has released a statement reaffirming its commitment to halting the Employment (Pay Equity and Equal Pay) Bill that was introduced by the previous Government.

“All three Government parties were clear during the Bill's first reading that we were opposed to the legislation, and that we would not rest until New Zealand workers have genuine opportunities for pay equity,” says Minister for Workplace Relations and Safety Iain Lees-Galloway.

“While both sides of the House seemed united in lauding the TerraNova decision in favour of care and support workers and Kristine Bartlett, the previous Government immediately introduced legislation that fundamentally changed the ability of anyone else to achieve the same result.

“The current legislation diminishes the opportunity for people to make a pay equity claim, and we were clear that if we were elected then it would be the end of the line for this Bill. We were, and it is.

“The Government will stop progress on the Employment (Equal Pay and Pay Equity) Bill and start work on new legislation that adheres to all the principles of the Joint Working Group on Pay Equity,” says Iain.

Minister for Women Julie Anne Genter says National's legislation was deliberately designed to put barriers in the way of women who wish to make a pay equity claim.

“Women in New Zealand should know this Government is committed to women getting a better deal, that's why we are halting the National Government's legislation,” says Julie.

“The care and support workers settlement would not have gone ahead if National's legislation had been in place. It put significant hurdles in the way of women trying to achieve pay equity. This is not acceptable in New Zealand in 2017.

“This Government commits to valuing women in the workplace and valuing vocations that have traditionally been women's work: the work that provides for others, cares for people who need care – the work that for too long has been mostly around minimum wage standards.

“The existing Bill aimed to apply retrospectively, which would have been unfair to the up to eight groups of women currently making pay equity claims. We will do better by all women,” says Julie.


@By the Hobbit

Posted on 01-11-2017 19:33 | By Abobsworth

The issue here is that where they are doing exactly the same the pay is lower proven by statistics.

The previous government

Posted on 01-11-2017 13:15 | By Abobsworth

The previous government lost a case so changed the law to prevent further cases of equity and equal pay bill.So pathetic that was.Thank god that lot have gone.We do not need that type of politics.

All well and good.............

Posted on 01-11-2017 12:17 | By The Hobbit

but equal pay should also mean that women perform exactly the same tasks in the workplace as men. No more asking men to lift something heavy because it's too heavy for a woman. Women should also get the same time off for having a baby and after having a baby as men!! Equal has to be equal in all manners of the term.

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